Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chizuru in the snow ~

Hey guys!
I had a snow bunny and snow outside, I had to do snow cosplay! I had been waiting for such an occasion for weeks, but it wasn't snowing enough. Yesterday there was just the right amount of snow and I begged asked my stepdad to take pics for me!
It was getting dark rather fast so all the pics are taken with flash. They needed editing as such and Valkoinen Samurai did all the editing for me, thank you! <3 I suck at Photoshoping pictures. OTL
 Sorry about the fail on every pic, namely my wristbands but they're too tight for me to take them off and even if I could I wouldn't do it. ^^;
My brother was with me when I cosplayed and he made fun of me saying I'd get sick from cosplaying in kimono in this cold. I said it wasn't cold. Today he's sick and I have the same mild cold I already had before the photoshoot. *trollface*
Oh well time for pics spamming ^_^ 

  le snow bunny <3

 Saitou, I have something for you. XD

 What's with that smile seriously...

 I lost the sense of touch here. No joke. 

 Look at my feet. There was a fair amount of snow.

 I really like this glass bottle.

After the photoshoot we went in a store because bro wantd to, and I went with him in cosplay. People made fun of me which made me angry and sad. Seriously, what's the problem with "not being dressed normally"? I don't mind stares, but I mind people laughing at me. 

That's it, bye ~


  1. "Today he's sick and I have the same mild cold I already had before the photoshoot. *trollface*" <- Troll irony anyone? XD

    Those photos are nice. :)

    And I agree that people who laugh at you, especially behind your back, are douchebags.

    1. Yup, it's totally ironic. XD
      Thank you, it's thanks to you ~
      Yeah... but I can't really walk to them and hit them in the face lol