Friday, January 4, 2013

Chizuru's sword

Okay, I've been super lazy and really busy with university lately but I finally decided to finish Chizuru's sword I had started working on months ago. A friend of mine comes to my place tomorrow and we'll cosplay so I had to finish le sword in one day :'D
I had done a first try for the blade but had screwed it up >_<

Plan of attack.

 I first wrapped paper round the blade to make it 20% cooler (I so don't know how to explain that) and started doing color tries with the paint. I found some metallised gold paint and mixed it with brown to make it darker, I ended up with a pretty copper-ish color that fit just well for the 20% cooler part.
I then mixed yellows with brown and white but didn't get the perfect color so I just rolled with dark-ish yellow for the handle. While the handle was drying I painted the tsuba black. No complicated colors mixing here XD 

Tsuba close-up, sorry that piece of cloth I used to avoid staining the table is dirty...

 Fresh paint. The fight is not over yet. 

 I waited for the paint to dry (read : I played with my brother and friends for a while and met my dad) and then did tsukamaki (handle wrapping) myself using a method I learned on the Internet... ^^
I have no picture of tsukamaki progress because I was in a hurry so here's the finished version, after I battled with the evil tsuba for a while

 I re-painted the blade too and mum helped me with that red tie-thingy (I first couldn't find anything fitting for that and considered using a shoelace until mum came up with a better idea.)

I still need to make a scabbard but that won't be as easy; for tomorrow the sword will do! 
Bye ^_^   


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    1. Thank you :la:
      Btw I couldn't cosplay demon!Chizuru today because it was getting dark too fast and bleh... But I'll post Chizuru pics later :D