Friday, January 4, 2013

More Chizuru cosplaying!

Hi hi !
So today as promised I cosplayed Chizuru with my friend as photographer. It was a nice photoshoot although it was slightly cold and the place we were in wasn't the best. At some point a big spider climbed on my hand and I couldn't help but scream because I'm scared of spiders and this one wasn't exactly little. I managed not to let fear get to me and went on cosplaying so it was not that bad, but still not cool... ^^;
Ah, also pretty much all photos contain a fail, namely the two wristbands I'm wearing but they're Brazilian bracelets which means they're tied tight round my wrist and I can't take them off. Sorry about them photobombing all the time but there was no way to hide them either.

Time for photospamming now ;)

Sword ~ ^_^

Chizuru actually drawing her sword? O_o

I challenge you! (OOC)

Clouded sky, clouded heart...

 Ooooh funny plant!

 Epic breeze here.

 Like a dried flower...



Ah, I love wearing hakama! ... so much I'm still wearing Chizuru's clothes. I only took off my wig because it was being annoying but right now I'm sitting in half-cosplay <3 
Hmm that's it for now, bye everyone :)  


  1. Hrghfhjd;afgsad stop being such a beautiful Chizuru!! ;A; <3 The sword looks great, love that "challenge" photo! Chizuru could kick some ass someday.. XD