Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow bunny

Yesterday I was bored and a weird idea struck me in the afternoon. It's Hakuouki-related of course.
Remember that Saitou and Chizuru thing?

Pic from Zerochan.

I decided I would make my own bunny! :'D 
I'm only a beginner for whatever concerns sewing so I drew plans before cutting out fabric pieces. I used soft plushy fabric, I don't know what it's called in English but it's funny and it totally looks like snow to me. 

Let's begin with the start, or start with the beginning. Fabric pieces. 

I wanted to use the smaller piece to make the bottom of the bunny and the larger to shape it like a "dome" over it or I don't know how to explain... OTL 
So I started pinning it... it was an interesting experience. 

... no
I didn't really know how to do this because sewing something incurved isn't easy in the first place and for a beginner like me it was close to hell... It took many tries. 
 Ewww certainly not! 
 I had to admit I was crap at sewing. I did one attempt of stuffing the bunny and it looked nice but my seam wasn't good and I had to undo it all. In the end mum helped me finishing it *shot* 

Eyes sewn.

I took small pearls for the eyes and mum showed me how to get them sewn neatly. For the ears I used thick fabric and glued two layers of it to make thicker ears, I didn't want to have floppy ears/leaves/things. I tried to draw the leaves "lines" with a fabric pen but it looked awful so I sewed them, with mum's help. It was hard but looked very nice in the end! 
 Leaves + ears = lears. 

Sewn on le bunny.

So I pretty much suck at sewing because mum finished it for me. OTL I have to try harder next time! 

 So this is a snow bunny. Cute, isn't it? ^_^ 

And this cute little thing will become a cosplay prop hohoho ~


  1. OHMAIGERD I totally did not see this coming! Love it! <3

    But I must admit that I lol'd at those sewing derp photos.. XD

    1. I thought you'd have guessed, I'm happy I could make it a surprise! <3
      Yeah, I know I'm derp at sewing... XD