Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not sure if this was successful...

... but I've been crossdressing today. I even bought a wig because I haven't cut my hair in a loooong time so it's way too girly for me to pass as male. Mum helped me to re-cut the wig cause it was too long and didn't look natural; I think it still is a little too long. It'll be cut again tomorrow if I have time, which isn't sure OTL *coughuniversitycough*
 I bought new jeans pants too because mine were... um... not mine, they're my brother's and my own guy trousers are pretty boring so I found cool new jeans. Had to buy them in the part of the store where they sold boy's clothes, not men's clothes but boy's. Yup, I'm a dwarf. It's one of my main problems when crossdressing, I'm too short to actually pass as a dude. I always look much younger than I actually am I look like I'm 14 when I'm 4 years older...
I didn't really think much about what shirt I would wear because I already had a guy's T-shirt on so I just binded my chest and ta-daaa :'D
Well I'm not sure if I really look male, I don't think I actually pass as a guy, but I keep on trying ~
Here are the few pics my bro took for me, the quality is rather poor but it was night so they were taken indoors with a not-so-good lighting, sorry 'bout that...

That's it, as I said we couldn't take a lot of pics and I'm not super at ease taking manly poses, wich irritates me. Well I won't go into details here on why I'm crossdressing and stuff, I just like it even if I'm not really good at it, leave some feedback! :)
Bye ~


  1. Hmm I think you could pass for an adolescent/androgyne guy. :) Also, maybe it's just me but I feel whatever you did to your eyebrows they seem a bit.. overdone. But overall pretty good!

    1. Yay ^^ I know my eyebrows are always fail but I can never get them right... OTL
      Thank you :)