Sunday, March 17, 2013


I am addicted to coffee. I can't wake up in the morning without my cup of coffee and drink some whenever I have a little break at university. I definitely need coffee. Coffee is so great that I have a T-shirt with it. Mum made it for me so I could have one too (my brother has one already). And I thought, man, this T-shirt is cool enough for me to spam the Internet with it. Because I can.
It's the caffeine molecule. As I mentioned my brother has the same T-shirt and it suits him so well because he is currently studying chemistry. For some reason I thought that kind of chemistry-thingy was more suited to guys, so I wore the T-shirt as a guy.
I can see you people yelling at me : "Crossdressing, again?!". Well, you're right. It's part of why I didn't post these pics on the day they were taken (which was two days ago). But I think it's okay to show them now. I dressed as a guy to fit the T-shirt (yup, it's one of the actual reasons), because I was in a challenging mood a friend of mine implied that I couldn't be a guy because I have a female body and for some personal reasons too. I'm consequently wearing no make-up at all. Unlike on my previous pics, I did not draw my eyebrows bigger and did not try to draw me some shadow of a moustache or whatever. I am not wearing colored contacts. I just "styled" my hair in an explosion-like way so it's just me.
Careful, I have many pics, and they all equally suck. You're warned.

Had a nice light that day...

 Just what's with that look...

 I'm not the best at framing...

 I'm a geek. Deal with it.

 Problem, officer?

Pffff...'s hard. Yup.

I see what you did there...

Okay, someone will throw something at me if I go on spamming Internet with more shit... /facepalm
I forgot to mention that this is my real hair and no wig like last time, and all pics are self-taken. I was home alone.
Because I'm a troll, here's a bonus pic!

 Where I tried to smile and failed... 

I know your eyes now hurt from my degree of derp. I'm not responsible, I warned you in the beginning of this post and if you are reading this now, it's because YOU decided to scroll down. :)
I'm outta here!  


  1. That shirt is cool. (and your smile isn't fail)

    It's a bit disturbing how you look like a guy I knew in a kendo club, haha. Especially on the two first and two last photos. (yes, that means you pass)

    Also now I know what color your PSP is, hohoho.

    1. Thanks! (I'm sure it is.)
      Haha, really? XD Double win ~
      The color of my PSP was no secret... x)