Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh. My. God. Finland.

Hi guys!
Sorry, I haven't been cosplaying lately due to university exams and being pretty busy and/or depressed, but I still have good news :)
I've been keeping it silent for a long time, but I am moving out of mum's place. I'm not going to Strasbourg to keep studying, I'm actually stopping my studies in France after the first university year, for the simple reason that I'm leaving France...
And I'm moving to Sweden!
I'm moving with my boyfriend, actually, and he's also a cosplayer so as soon as I have a job can speak Swedish properly and have a driving license we'll go to scandinavian cons together ~ <3

I won't be at many cons this summer because I didn't think about it early enough, BUT. There is a but.
I'll be with my awesome boyfriend Valkoinen Samurai at Animecon in Kuopio, Finland! <3
I can't understand or speak Finnish yet but I'll be very happy to talk with other congoers in English or Swedish, although I'm not very good at Swedish yet. Feel free to talk to me in French ;) 

And here come the cosplay plans! >D


Sweet Chizuru from the Hakuouki series ~ 


Not-as-sweet Oni Chizuru, still from Hakuouki of course :D

Basically, I'll be Chizuru all the time.
I'm so happy about going to Finland, and so happy about meeting cool people there! :'D
See you all at the con! <3


  1. Aghjdsgj! <3 I can't wait!
    Hakuouki time it will be indeed! >8D