Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Animecon X: Get off the stairs!

On Friday the 12th my journey to Animecon X with Valkoinen Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli started. After meeting a young elk on the road we made it to Kuopio after some hours, went to buy food and prepared mentally for the con in our hotel room.


We were driven to Animecon by Valkoinen Samurai’s mother, Jäätynyt Enkeli as Kratos, Valkoinen Samurai as hakama!Saitou and me as Chizuru. 

 The place of all awesome <3

 The place of all awesome - 2

Once there, we bumped into Ri-tan as Kyo and then Sairu-chan as Chizuru.
OH MY GOD twin Chizurus! 

I also met characters whom I would never have expected to find in Finland, i.e. Astérix characters! I ran to them for pictures because seriously, I come from France and Astérix was one of my best childhood cartoons :’D
And here come the pictures along with the French names because I have no idea of the Finnish names of these characters, deal with it. x)

                                                                  Astérix himself.

Obélix. In French, "a wild boar" is "un sanglier sauvage" :D

 Cétautomatix, who did awesome roleplay for us :')

 Cétautomatix again ("Your fish is not fresh!"), with Ordralfabétix ("My fish is fresh!") and Assurancetourix in the back ("No, you will not sing!")

But then, Saitou decided he needed a hat. And a cat.

 Kratos' awesome hat

Who randomly hugged Kyo? And why so serious?
As there was a nice green location right in front of the building where the con was held, we went there for a cosplay photoshoot with Valkoinen Samurai’s super camera. I can tell that having twin Chizurus made the derp level increase… a lot.

 Cosplay hugs make the world a better place :'D

Chizuru will not come out.

 This is where Valkoinen Samurai was the fastest photographer ever; I was blinking.
We then went to eat at Hesburger’s because we had spotted the place while walking around in the town earlier. While ordering some food I had a major problem, namely language. I am unable to say anything in Finnish (except putosin pepulle but this doesn’t help) and people don’t always understand my English because I have a weird accent. Well, I did what I could while being very awkward because of language derps and being stared at. I realized only later that there was no problem with walking around in cosplay in Finland, but in France there is, hence my awkwardness. I’m happy that Finnish people are more tolerant toward “different” people though; they only stare. In France or at least in the town I’m from, people can get aggressive toward someone with unordinary clothes – it has happened to me.
But enough with the awesomeness of Finland now, after having eaten we went back to the con and chilled. I bought an overly cute Espeon plushie although I’m not really a Pokémon fan *coughthismightchangecough*. I had also got myself some Pocky and an awesome T-shirt, yay! :D
At some point we also met…

 Scary, isn't he?

Slendy following people.

(Whom Sairu-chan chased to hit him on the head. I can understand her feeling because we have the same taste for horror games and Slender was one of those we played… and never completed. At least I’ve never been able to collect more than half the pages.)


Sunday started very badly because we had to take the bus to Animecon. You will tell me that taking the bus isn’t bad, right?
-          The bus was late.
-          Neither Valkoinen Samurai, who was rasetsu!Hijikata, nor me who was oni!Chizuru had our swords because they were in the car. You can tell what you want, but Hijikata without swords is like a potato salad without potatoes, so:
-          We had to wait for Valkoinen Samurai’s mum to come back to the hotel room so that she would unlock the car and give us our swords, and actually drive us there. Jäätynyt Enkeli was cosplaying as Ishida from Bleach and didn’t have a weapon so he had taken the bus.
-          Once we were finally in the car and Valkoinen Samurai’s mum was at the hotel reception I nearly died from the heat and Hijikata’s fan saved my life.

 Random hotel picture taken while waiting

When we finally arrived at Animecon, it was past twelve already. We met our Hakuouki group (Sairu-chan, who was my (demon) sister, western!Chizuru, Harada, and Ri-tan as Saitou) and all we wanted was to go for a group photoshoot.
It started to rain and Hijikata had to run inside because his silk kimono wouldn’t like rain. I followed him and used rain as an excuse to go and get me some food because I was starving. When we went back outside we saw that the sky was very cloudy and we heard random thunder rumbling every now and then, and decided that the risk of rain was too high for Hijikata to come out and have a photoshoot. Silk kimono is serious business. Really.
We basically sat on the stairs with friends for most of the time and we could hear from time to time this random security woman shouting in Finnish: “Get off the stairs so that people can actually use them, thank you!” in such a voice that it was a running joke during the entire con. I can’t understand Finnish either so Saitou translated for me. 
By the way, I want to thank all the awesome people who talked to me in English because I was feeling pretty lost being the one unable to understand Finnish. Of course I don’t blame the people who didn’t speak English because they couldn’t, there’s nothing wrong with that and they were nice to me although I couldn’t speak their language so I’m still happy about it. ^_^
At some point Ri-tan decided to change out of cosplay and came back with a hat. Said hat got stolen right away by my twin Chizuru, then by Hijikata, and here come the hat pictures!

 Sairu-chan is in demon mode.

Random Ri-tan photobombing :D Oh God my face.
After this, the rain started again but it was much worse than before and everyone rushed inside. 

 And I decided I would steal the hat too!

They said something at the con information and everyone commented it and I had no clue before Saitou translated for me; they had just said that it was raining outside. No shit.
I was rather annoyed at the shitty weather because we couldn’t get our Hakuouki photoshoot, but when I saw this it lifted me up a little:

But the con would be ending soon so we went to check if there was any new merchandise and there wasn’t so I didn’t buy anything more (not because I was broke, no…) except an Animecon T-shirt because hey, first Scandinavian con needs a souvenir T-shirt :’D
We then cosplay hugged each other as a goodbye because the con was ending and everyone had to go. I was so sad when we had to walk out, and I really hope I will see these awesome people again! Soon, if possible :D
Valkoinen Samurai’s mum then came to pick us up and it was a miracle that the rain had stopped for a few minutes because Hijikata was able to get into the car without having rain problems. He snatched a random car picture somewhere on the way back North, we had awesome music and Finnish food so the journey home, although long, went okay.

 le random car pic

Except for the shit weather, I can say that Animecon X was really cool and I enjoyed it very much ^_^ I’m so happy I met awesome people there and I really hope to go to another Scandinavian con with them soon :’D


  1. Asdasdadsaf I'm so happy you enjoyed Animecon! <3
    The Sunday weather sure was a boomer but otherwise it was pretty great! Let's go to more cons in the future!

    By the way, those folio signs everywhere were just too great. xD

  2. asdfghjklöä~ You were great company! Just thank you for letting me hag out with you! :D <3

    You're awesome sis! ~brofist~

  3. It was nice meeting you! Good to hear you had fun and I hope we see in other cons too sometime~ ^_^

    And after Närcon vinter I totally know the feeling of not understanding the language!

  4. I´m glad that you enjoyed the con, and those Aterix cosplayers were just too cool! Especially that guy who did the roleplay to us with the hammer.