Thursday, July 18, 2013

Contact lenses: F*CK THIS SH*T!

On Tuesday the 16th I cosplayed a random yukata version of Chizuru just for the lulz of it - sorry, I don't have any pictures. I will take pictures the next time.
I won't be able to cosplay Chizuru for some time because my brown contact lenses decided to troll me. While I had them on on Tuesday I noticed that my right eye was constantly hurting. It had been stinging when I was cosplaying Chizuru at Animecon already but it wasn't bad to the point of making me cry so I dealt with it. Can't cosplay without contacts anyway (at least not for me, but I wear contact lenses every day).
When I took off my contacts I understood why it had been hurting more and more: there was a small tear in the right lens.

Can you see this little bitch?
For those who aren't familiar with contact lenses: DON'T, and I mean don't wear damaged lenses. It hurts like f*ck. If a contact lens is damaged, don't use it because there is a real risk it will damage your eye. I'm lucky this didn't harm my eye.
Later, this lens ended up completely torn because I had pulled it to show the tear.
Here. This is dangerous.
Now I can only buy new contacts; until then, I won't be able to cosplay Chizuru. 
I'm so pissed. 


  1. Nooooooooo! D: So sad your contacts decided to troll you like that! ;_;

    Hopefully you'll get the new ones soon.

    1. Yeah... I was so angry D<
      I have yet to order them but I sure will do it. Can't stay without cosplaying Chizuru for a long time...

  2. This is pretty helpful but it sucks that it tore.. :( Let's buy new ones right?

  3. Thanks for the information, good to know. Hope you get new lenses soon.