Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finally got my wig!

Remember I had borrowed Valkoinen Samurai's Ukitake wig to cosplay oni!Chizuru at Animecon? Well, the wig I had ordered for this character finally came. Actually there was a problem because I now live in Sweden, and my name wasn't on the mailbox and as the owner of the young people's house I live in didn't know I was here because she was on vacation, I hadn't got my package. Yes, it is complicated. But I have my wig now and as I had thought when buying it, it needed to be shortened a little.
As Valkoinen Samurai has wig scissors for left-handed people and is left-handed whereas I'm right-handed he cut it for me.

Before cutting

 After cutting

We did try to take a front picture but my face was too derp to appear on the Internet, seriously. 
Nothing more to say, I'm out! 

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