Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oulun animeseminaari: cosplay plans!

Hello everyone! ~
It's with awesome memories from Animecon X that I plan my return to Finland with Valkoinen Samurai who has bought train tickets today to Oulu for Oulun animeseminaari. *double-checks that the name is written correctly* because I go to Finnish cons but I can't speak Finnish </3
Oh well here come my cosplay plans for this northern event! 


If anyone remembers the smiling Chizuru-who-spoke-English from Animecon, here I come again :'D And I still speak English. I know I need to learn Finnish...
Well, the reason behind this choice of being Chizuru again is that I have very few of my cosplays here (I have moved to Sweden recently and couldn't take a shitlot of luggage with me in the planes) but also and above all that I want to be with my Saitou! <3


Let's take a few ghosts out of the (cosplay) closet, shall we? :'D I know this was the shittiest joke ever, considering that Bleach characters technically are ghosts.
Kiyone was one of my very first cosplays and I've always enjoyed cosplaying her. I still do, although I haven't cosplayed her in a long time. But for Oulu's anime seminary, my dreams will come true at last: I will have Ukitake with me!! :'D
Prepare for a real lot of fangirling kukukukukukukuku...
Also we will meet our awesome friend Sairu-chan as Unohana there! I am really happy to see my twin sister Chizuru again! ^-^

Oh well, now that I have spammed the Internet with pair cosplays and I am on a real sugar hype, see you people from the North in Oulu! :D

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  1. Twin Chizuru's will strike again! >8DDD <3
    AND KIYONE <3333333 Can't wait to see you again!