Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oulun animeseminaari summary

I came back alive from Oulun animeseminaari two days ago and now that I have a moment and working Internet it's time for a con summary!
My journey to Oulu started already on Friday evening, when I took the train with Valkoinen Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli. We took the train at Kemi's station (we had been driven there by the guys' mother) and arrived about one hour later in Oulu after some train derp, namely language problems I can't speak Swedish very well but I have to learn so I was switching between English and Swedish but also Angry Birds candies and Moomin lemonade. I can say by tasting these that Finland is an awesome country. There isn't much more to say about the trip because it wasn't very long except maybe that the train was 10mn late because another train had to pass and when we arrived in Oulu we just walked to the guys' aunt because she lives very close to the train station. It turned out that said aunt speaks very little English and Swedish, and since I can't understand Finnish I had a few language problems but it was okay because she was very kind and welcoming to me.
We gamed pretty much all evening and I must say playing New Super Mario Bros was quite a lot of fun, though I kept on dying ALL THE TIME and turning into a bubble.


I didn't sleep very well but I was still the first out of bed on Saturday because Jäätynyt Enkeli had decided to wake up a little later (and he could afford it because Valkoinen Samurai and me took our time) and when Valkoinen Samurai woke up he was a zombie as usual
I then went first to change to cosplay but after a look at the sky, Valkoinen Samurai and me decided to change our cosplay plans to Bleach on Saturday and Hakuouki on Sunday due to a high risk of downpour rain and our Hakuouki costumes are more sensitive to rain and could take more water damage than our Bleach cosplays. So I went to change into my Shinigami uniform and came back as Kiyone, then let Valkoinen Samurai go change. I can tell it felt pretty weird to suddenly see Ukitake walk out of the bathroom; I might have stared with my mouth half-open because I had been dreaming to see him cosplay Ukitake - I mean, actually seeing him, not seeing only the pictures on the Internet. I felt like he was the real Ukitake and had a sudden urge for role-playing but I was too shy to do it. 
When Jäätynyt Enkeli had changed into his Ishida (Uryū) cosplay we left for Oulun animeseminaari - but it turned out that we would have to walk across half of the town in cosplay. Pretty much everyone was staring at us, but the best was still this biking guy who had a straight face until he saw us; an awesome wild smile appeared at our sight.
We reached the seminar without much trouble because we had a map; Uryū was guiding us. We first walked around to check the con merchandise and some things were quite cool but I didn't buy anything because:
- I really need a purse and a bag; and there were none.
- I have no income and no financial help from the State, I'm living on my savings for now.
- It was rather expensive.
- I will buy only what I need or what reaches an over-nine-thousand level of awesomeness because I have very little space to store stuff.
We then walked out to go photoshoot with Sairu-chan, who had joined us as Retsu Unohana.
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

Unohana was not the only one having her
Zanpakutō's spirit ^-^

 I must say... DEM feels.

But I also got my time to shine!
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Bonus pictures:

It was windy.

 Very windy.

 I don't even.


Hakama what are you doing? Hakama, stop moping the ground!

Oh well the pictures are eloquent enough, this photoshoot contained a lot of derp. 
When going back to the con we came across a strange guy who said that he didn't need a cosplay because he was epic himself. It was actually true and we went on a treasure hunt with this guy and one of his friends, they were really funny to be around! My only regret is that I understood very little of what he said because he was speaking Finnish most of the time but it still was funny.
We then went back to the building where the seminar was held and went to the "dancing room" where people were playing... dancing games. It was pretty funny to watch them play, but I wouldn't have tried myself because I so suck at dancing. It would have been utterly ridiculous and I would have stepped on my hakama for sure...
One other thing wasn't so funny but go ask Ukitake if you want to know.
When we were in the dancing room though we noticed that Unohana didn't seem okay and she said she wasn't feeling well so I gave her a hug and we went outside the room so that she could sit. I was pretty worried about her, I must say...
We didn't stay much longer because there wasn't so much to do at the "con" and as soon as Ukitake had called his aunt and we found Ishida, we left to cross half of the town in cosplay again. It then started raining and I guess it was an unusual sight to have three cosplayers walking across the town with umbrellas when the rain wasn't that strong and half the people didn't have umbrellas. The guys' aunt had lent me a Regenschirm  an umbrella, luckily.We made it back to their aunt safely, changed out of cosplay and gamed, yay!


 I got up and was the first to change into cosplay again, to Chizuru this time. Later, Saitou joined me and I gamed a little more before going to the con, because there was nothing on TV except for Pokémon anime, but I don't know what shocked me more: that it was the 5th generation or that it was dubbed in Finnish.


If anyone wonders, I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I really like the Legend of Zelda series and I hadn't played Skyward Sword before, had only watched my bro playing. We had played it already on Saturday evening and it turned out I wasn't so bad at this game! except when I had to fight Skulltulas. 
Jäätynyt Enkeli then joined us as Yamato "Matt" Ishida from Digimon and we walked to the "con" to attend a panel which I think was called "Men and cosplay" or "Guys and cosplay". The three guys talking were cool and the atmosphere was good but otherwise I can't say I enjoyed this panel because I couldn't understand shit. Every time people laughed I smiled awkwardly because I couldn't understand. Well, Saitou translated two or three things for me but I still didn't have quite as much fun as everyone else.
We then went to the piano concert that took place right after the "Guys and cosplay" panel and almost missed it because Saitou had gone to take pictures of a cool cosplay and was late. We also met Sairu-chan as spoiler!Unohana on the way and hugged! I really enjoyed the concert even though I didn't always recognize the songs that guy was playing, but I almost cried when he played "Marble Garden" because it brought so many memories to me. I last heard this music years ago when I watched my bro play Marble Garden and in this moment I couldn't help but miss him. Of course I am happy I came to Scandinavia but I am far from my family and at times it makes me really sad... this was one of these times. But I felt better afterwards because this piano guy was really cool.

The epic piano guy.

We then went outside for a quick photoshoot of Sairu-chan's cosplay. After this we walked to town to hunt for food and ended up eating cheap pizzas. I didn't mind it but the pizzas were so MEGASIZE that Unohana and I could easily have ordered only one pizza for the both of us...
After having eaten we went to a small park to photoshoot our Hakuouki cosplays. For some reason, half of the pictures were derp, and we had a real lot of fun!
Photographer: Sairu-chan

Protect me, Saitou! T^T

Try holding a Japanese sword with only one hand. It doesn't go well, I can tell you.

I know you want them...
Bonus pictures:

 Saitou!! D<

The secret of Ochimizu: it comes from Finland and tastes metsämansikka.


Also when we went back to the guys' aunt's place...
More Ochimizu derp!

I don't approve of stalker photos, Saitou... and no, I will NOT drink it! D:


We were in a hurry to take the train back to Kemi and had to walk superfast to the train station... to find out that the train was late. Guess if I was happy about that... Oh well I wasn't pissed for long because I fell asleep in the train... like a derp. With my contact lenses on. Guess if I could see something when I woke up...
The guys' mum came to pick us up at the station and drove us back home and so our journey ended!
I want to thank Valkoinen Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli's aunt and mother again because they are awesome, thank you for all that you are doing for me! ^-^ I also hope to see Sairu-chan again soon, you're awesome my twin! <3

Oh well this post turned out much longer than it should have been, and I guess my super coffee  is cold by now... OTL
See you! ^-^ 


  1. I had a feeling you were awkward during the panel (yes, I looked at you every now and then) but I tried to translate some of the shorter/funny things but you know, it's hard to translate when there's constantly coming new information.. oh well, if you don't want to go to future panels just say so, I understand it's not so cool when you don't understand what people are saying.

    Oh, and I have no damn idea what you mean with " One other thing wasn't so funny but go ask Ukitake if you want to know.". xD Like, seriously, no idea..

    But good to hear you found the "con" enjoyable.

    Ah, also, when we went out to town with that werewolf guy it wasn't a treasure hunt. xD He asked us earlier though if we wanted to be on his treasure hunt team, it was a con activity. But we went out with his gang just for the sake of it.. and because he wanted to buy energy drinks. lol

  2. I'm so glad to hear you had fun at the "con". <3

    And just saying, you don't have to be worried about me, I'm fine! ^^

    Hopefully we'll see soon! >8D <3