Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lens review: GEO Mimi Cafe Latte Brown

Hi! What's up? :'D

Two days ago I checked my cosplay stuff for contact lenses that I have had for a long time but haven't worn in ages, and I found them! I just wanted to try them on to see if they would fit for a future cosplay (mysteryyyyyy) but when I opened my lens case I saw with horror that both lenses were dry. I didn't think about taking a picture but they were really all dry - all the solution had leaked or dried or whatever.
It had already happened to me once and so I knew it is possible to revive dry lenses. I pretty much drowned them in lens solution and waited until the lenses looked normal. They didn't only look normal, they were perfectly normal as I put them on; not damaged, no longer dry and it didn't hurt at all to have them on. On the contrary they are quite comfortable to wear (even more than my contacts for Chizuru).
So here comes a little review!

- EDIT -  
Please don't be as stupid as I was and don't wear contacts that have expired. Don't wear contacts that have dried out even if it feels okay. I did something very reckless and I could have done very bad damage to my eyes. I was lucky because I didn't get any infection but now I know better. 
One pair of circle lenses costs about $20 but your eyes and sight have no price. 
Treasure your eyes.

The brand is GEO Mimi Cafe Latte Brown from Pinky Paradise.
The pictures were taken by Valkoinen Samurai with indoors light and the flash.

I had originally planned to use these lenses for an OC but they turned out to look more brown than I thought and my OC has golden eyes so I can't use these for her. But I just might find further use for these lenses anyway; this should be revealed soon if my cosplay intentions are confirmed!

18/08/2014: New pics! (yeah these contacts are still alive.)
Photographer is Shiro Samurai (aka Valkoinen Samurai, same guy! <3). 

Taken outdoors on a cloudy day.
Same same but slightly different light.
Outdoors. I'm looking right into the sun and it burns my eyes. ;(
Outdoors, during the evening. Taken with the flash!
Outdoors during the evening, without flash.
From a distance
In short:

Color: 6/10
They let a fair amount of my real eye color show. It's not bad though, but the contacts don't have a solid color. The brown shade is pretty though.
Design: 9/10
Pretty pattern! It looks artistic. <3
Opacity: 3/10
Very natural looking. Only the very edge of the lenses has slight opacity.
Enlargement: 8/10
Big eyes with these. :) They look very natural if you consider how big they are. ;)
Comfort: 10/10
Surprisingly comfy.
Naturalness: 6/10
Though the pattern looks fancy, they are actually rather natural when worn. But the size crashes the score.
Immortality: 10/10
This is only half a joke. They had completely dried out and there wasn't a drop of solution in the case. But after bathing soaking in solution for a while, they were back to normal! What's more, I've had them for more than two years now (currently writing in summer 2014, oops) and they are as comfortable as newly bought contacts. Dafuq.

Are you curious about other lenses from the Mimi Cafe series? Check these out! <3

That's all, bye! ~

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  1. Never ever wear lenses past one year. The lenses are only $20! Why would you risk your eyes over twenty bucks? Ridiculous. Be responsible, weeb. Buy a new pair when they dry out.