Sunday, September 22, 2013

Better late than never: Tracon 8 summary

After much too long recovering from major con lag and fixing pictures having Valkoinen Samurai fixing pictures for me (because my lagtop is so crappy that it doesn't even have a software for editing pictures </3) it's time for the long-awaited or not con summary!
I traveled mostly with Valkoinen Samurai and our journey started on Friday morning already, because we had to basically cross Finland to go to Tracon. Jäätynyt Enkeli was with us when we were driven to Kemi by his and Valkoinen Samurai's stepdad who was very kind to take time for us. I thought we could have biked to Finland, but with a f*cking suitcase? My brain sure was fried when I came up with that. In Kemi we had time to go to Prisma to buy provisions necessary for survival, namely Moomin lemonade and candies.

Prisma. (no shit, Sherlock)

Deal with it <3

We then waited for the person who was to drive us to southern Finland and she turned up after a little while. She drove us first to Oulu, where Jäätynyt Enkeli parted ways with us to take the train on his own, as the driver picked up her cousin in Oulu and seeing the amount of luggage, there was no way to fit 5 persons in the car.Without counting the 3 big suitcases and additional stuff.
Nothing more happened during the trip; as you people know (or don't know), driving across Finland means that you'll see some forests and lakes, and pretty much nothing else. We arrived in Orivesi in the evening, where we had to pee take the train to Tampere.

Orivesi train station.

It was a little cold to stand here and wait but oh well, I'd better get used to the cold since I'm living in Scandinavia now!  When we got into the train, we just sat and waited for the guy-controlling-the-train-tickets to arrive so we could buy our tickets but... said guy super-speeded past us and our train trip to Tampere was free! Yay! ~ 
We met Ri-chan at Tampere's train station and exchanged greetings and hugs. We then walked to our hotel (an Omena hotel super close to where the con was held) with a quick detour to a nearby food store. Jäätynyt Enkeli joined us after ten in the evening and we had some hotel derps! The best of these, and by far, was when Valkoinen Samurai was eating Pantteri candies and found one of them half-molten, glued on his computer by the heat (of the computer of course). 

I don't approve of stalker pictures D<

We went to bed much too late and regretted it afterwards! ~ 

Our alarms rang at 8 Finnish time but no one woke up at this moment because we were all braindead :) We ended up getting our asses out of bed though and got ready for the con! I was cosplaying Sohma Kyo from Fruits Basket but half of my cosplay was borrowed from Ri-chan, as I had not time to get my own cosplay done. Thank you very much to Ri-chan, who kindly lent me their T-shirt, wig, bracelet and cat! I plan to cosplay Kyo again with my own stuff though. 
In the morning I was quite worried because this would be my first time cross-playing for an entire day but it turned out to be unnecessary worry. When we headed for the con, I was Kyo, Valkoinen Samurai was Sohma Kureno (also from Fruits Basket), Ri-chan was Kaidoh Kaoru from Prince of Tennis and Jäätynyt Enkeli was Luka Crosszeria from The Betrayal Knows My Name. We walked to the con without having too many people staring at us because our cosplays were kind of casual. 
At the con, Valkoinen Samurai and I waited near the information place because the Fruits Basket group was to meet at eleven, but for some reason I didn't understand (because everyone was speaking Finnish, duh), the group met at almost twelve. Meanwhile, I found Sairu-chan who was cosplaying as Arisa Uotani (Fruits Basket) and we hugged! <3 And I transformed. It was still super cool to be part of a cosplay group, I was really happy despite the language problems ^-^ And guess what we did? Photoshooting! ~ 
I don't have any pictures of this photoshoot but the ambiance was really good and I was feeling surprisingly comfortable as Kyo, I could even get myself to be in-character at times. Cross-playing wasn't a problem at all. 
Our group then split up and I went to check the con merchandise with Valkoinen Samurai. At three, we went to attend the symphonic wind ensemble with Ri-chan, Jäätynyt Enkeli and Sairu-chan and oh damn it was good! 

I was smiling when they played Pokémon Red/Blue medley because even though I don't have so much Pokémon knowledge it still sounded pleasantly familiar. I was very happy when they played the Ghibli medley because I am a great fan of Ghibli movies, I want to watch them all someday! <3 At the end they played Chocobo-Chocobo and I only regret that my bro wasn't here to listen because he has played many Final Fantasy games and so I was like: Bro, you must teleport here right now ;A;
Oh well, after the concert we walked outside the con building to go eat, but Sairu-chan left us to go help a friend who wanted to cross-play. We walked around a little while and then found a kebab place, hohohoh ~ I had some problems ordering my food because of language, and Valkoinen Samurai had to help me as usual because the people there weren't speaking English. I still ended up with something to eat and that's all I need! 

As far as I'm concerned, the food was much better than expected! I approved of the meat, but not of the random stalker pictures when my face is derping so much D<
After this little kebab episode, we went back to the con half-walking half-rolling to photoshoot, yay ~ 
Prepare for pictures spam! >D

Cosplayer: Hasakitsuki (Sohma Kyo)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Ri-chan's cat <3

 Kyo is not amused >_<

Immah gonna kick your ass. :)

Thanks photographer ~ <3

I feel like I stole pretty much all the pose ideas from Ri-chan (along with half the cosplay) and I'm sorry about that, but I swear it wasn't my intention because I was in-character at that moment and I just had to climb a tree. Because hey, I'm a cat! 

They see me chillin', they hatin' ~

I was actually surprised of how comfortable I felt as Kyo, and  I sure want to cosplay him again! 
Bonus picture:   


The guys then did some more photoshooting and I sat there watching them while Ri-chan went to walk around to look at cosplays. I was a little bit cold although the day had been quite sunny and warm (considering that this is madness Finland) but hey, my pants were thin and I only had a T-shirt. And I'm not a viking yet
While walking around we bumped into Sairu-chan who had changed into a speed-made Shiemi cosplay (Ao no Exorcist) and I don't have a picture of her cosplay but she was a very cute Shiemi! She hugged me because I was cold and I transformed again D< <3
After some more photoshooting we walked back to the hotel and I couldn't be bothered to change to normal clothes so I remained Kyo until I changed to sleeping clothes. It sure was the origin of some derps.

Random evening food (surprisingly good), feat. a plastic spoon.

Also at some point I had totally forgotten that I was in cosplay (you get used to it, duh) and for some reason exclaimed "I'm a girl!" and right after this facepalm'd because Kyo plz!! It was totally out of character and quite hilarious. 
We tried to go to bed a little earlier and I rolled in bed for some time before falling asleep. And I dreamt of the hotel we were in. 

We woke up at 7 quite laggy because we all had complicated cosplays and needed more time to put them on. Yes, we had super chill casual cosplays on Saturday and complicated time-consuming ones on Sunday. Don't ask, the thing called logic died when we fixed our cosplay plans. 
By complicated cosplays, I mean that I was Yukimura Chizuru from Hakuouki (oni version), Valkoinen Samurai was Hijikata Toshizou, also from Hakuouki and Rasetsu version, Jäätynyt Enkeli was Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia and Ri-chan was Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit. The worst part for me was to clip my horns on my wig; it took three tries before I got them right! 
But as I said... we were quite laggy. And four cosplayers in one hotel room + lag = derps <3
And so I got to see Hijikata in underwear (read: juban). Random fanservice!Hijikata anyone? :'D Chizuru approves! The amount of derp then skyrocketed as we tried to imagine what would happen if this situation was reversed, i.e. having Hijikata see Chizuru in underwear. As there was only one way to know his reaction, I stepped out of the corner I was changing in without having my hakama on and so Hijikata got to see Chizuru without pants. His reaction? "Chizuru, put on some clothes!! *turns away*"
Dat laugh! Ri-chan teased that Hijikata would say this but that he would actually be like "Me gusta", which caused our underwear!Hijikata to go hide in a corner. 
Errrrm we eventually became kind of serious again and after a long time struggling with horns, foot hairs, wigs and Hijikata (with clothes on) sitting on the suitcase while Chizuru was trying to close it we walked to the con with our luggage. Once there, I stayed with Hijikata to help him fix his ponytail and headband and when this was done he disappeared into the toilet for... quite a while. I was starting to wonder if his hakama had fallen down and he had had to re-tie it when the door suddenly opened and I got to see him all bloody. I must say it was quite a shock; I hadn't seen this one coming! Seemingly my face was priceless, but seriously, you must understand me. I am the poor Chizuru who -spoil alert- and therefore has horns, golden eyes and white hair and I see a bloody rasetsu!Hijikata appear in front of me through the toilet's door asking me for help! How would YOU react to this?
We then went to walk around with Kratos (Jäätynyt Enkeli) and my twin Chizuru Sairu-chan, yay! And to my horror surprise, we bumped into Kazama!! (Both the cosplay and cosplayer were awesome, but when I say "horror", I speak as Chizuru. I went to hide behind Hijikata <3).
I bought an awesome Akatsuki bag from the con, along with a Pikachu wallet, MLP FiM figures and Japanese candies that were super-tasty! I approve of green tea toffees ~ The only problem with all that STUFF is that I had to carry it all alone, because Hijikata couldn't carry anything as he would have smeared blood on everything </3 But it wasn't so bad except that whenever I was asked for a picture it would take half an hour to put all the STUFF down and I was happy to help Hijikata. C'mon, I was only carrying four bags and two cameras! 
We went to photoshoot at the wooden dock near the con, and except for a little rain and a shitlot of ducks it was very cool!

Cosplayers: Hasakitsuki (Yukimura Chizuru, Oni version)
Valkoinen Samurai (Hijikata Toshizou, Rasetsu version)
Photographer: Sairu-chan 

Feat. landing duck photobombing 
Wiping blood. ~
After a too-damn-high amount of photobombing ducks, Hijikata went to photoshoot Ri-chan's cosplay and scare random people walking by. I stayed with my twin Chizuru (Sairu-chan) and we talked, it was nice ~ :3 When Hijikata and Bilbo came back and we walked to the con building again, we realized that we had missed the Zelda concert. I was really sad about it because I do like the Legend of Zelda series! So we just sat somewhere and chilled for a moment. Bilbo, Chizuru and Kratos left and I bought something to eat because I was about to faint </3 
 Om nom nom ~
Oh well I felt better very soon and we then walked around for the rest of the day taking pictures of cosplays (more like, I was taking the pictures half of the time because I was carrying the camera and Hijikata had blood everywhere). It was a problem at some point because one of the cosplayers I wanted to take a picture of seemed to have problems understanding my English. I apologize to all the awesome cosplayers from Finland but I can't speak Finnish :'( 
We had to leave around five in the evening because a long journey back to the North awaited us and so we went to change out of cosplay in the toilet that we kept locked for about an hour. We didn't get to say goodbye to Sairu-chan and Ri-chan and I am sad about that but I hope to see you again as soon as possible, my friends ~ 
The car trip back to the North was long and highly laggy but we made it back home safe and sound! Thanks everyone for an awesome con and awaiting the next one! <3 

Here is the video of the cosplays I took a picture of during the week-end; made by Valkoinen Samurai (because my lagtop will crash if I try making a video </3).

Because it would be boring without them...
Bonus pictures: ~ <3

I don't even.
 Immah makin' Ochimizu MUHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA - ahem.
 And I'm proud of myself.
 Insane!Chizuru: Now DRINK IT! 8D
 Braindead and outta here! <3


  1. Oni Twin! <3
    It was so nice to see you and hang out with you at Tracon! QwQ You're so awesome!!

    And btw, those Bonus pictures are awesome! xD

  2. I had forgotten our Sunday morning derps were that funny. xD

    And don't be bothered by the Kyo pose thing, just proves that we think of him the same way. (Seriously, I climbed the tree mostly for "Yo, I'm a cat now!", too.)

    It was nice to hang out with you again!

  3. Seems like you enjoyed your con and it´s always a pleasant read to hear you enjoying our Scandinavian cons ~

  4. The Sunday morning derps were pretty golden. xD
    Tracon is my favorite Finnish con and so it's nice to hear you enjoyed it as well.