Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tracon cosplay plans change

Everything's in the title. As I feared, I couldn't get Momiji done (hell there was no way at all...) and so my cosplay plans for Saturday are changing from:

Sohma Momiji - Fruits Basket
Sohma Kyo - Fruits Basket
Why Kyo? Well the first reason is that it's a very easy "closet" cosplay to make for me; I bought fitting pants in a secondhand store, I will borrow Valkoinen Samurai's Ichigo wig and the rest of the cosplay will be lent to me by the awesome Ri-chan, I am so grateful to both of them! ^-^ I still will be able to be part of the group, and I must admit... Kyo is cool, and I love cats. 
I am sad that I couldn't cosplay Momiji though, but just you guys wait, it is only put off >D
And don't worry, I will still be Oni!Chizuru on Sunday <3
See you people at Tracon! ~

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