Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tracon cosplay plans!

As you geeky people who are reading this blog know it, Tracon 8 will be held in Tampere 14th and 15th of September and thanks to Valkoinen Samurai and Ri-chan who have fixed the tickets, carpool and hotel I will be able to tag along, yay! I'm really happy to go and looking forward to the hype although I am a bit worried about language blocks because I still can't understand or speak Finnish. I know I should really take a Finnish course.
But here come the long-awaited or not cosplay plans!


 Sohma Momiji - Fruits Basket
Valkoinen Samurai told me that there will be a Fruits Basket group and I really would like to be part of it; but my progress for Momiji is close to zero and I need a bunny! and Tracon is veeeeery close so I might have to change this at the last moment but I will really try finishing this cosplay in time, I really want to cosplay him! And if I manage to cosplay him at Tracon, there will be a surprise for you guys hohohoh...


Yukimura Chizuru (Oni version) - Hakuouki
Hakuouki is back!! And Oni!Chizuru from Animecon is back! *evil smile* Be prepared, humans, I am going to poke scare you! >D
I will only be kind to Hijikata, who will be with me. :'D

That's all, see you guys at Tracon! ^-^


  1. Momiji~!! You can do it sister! :'3

    And Chizuru <333

  2. You better hurry up (like hell~) if you plan to get Momiji done in time, but I really hope you do because it would be awesome!

    Also oni!Chizuru ajkfhjsakj yessssss! >8D

  3. Well, at least Momiji's clothes change quite a lot so you can choose an easy one? I hope you get him done!

    We'll see in Tracon~~