Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello frozen feet: Okita and Chizuru photoshoot

Okay, I know it's reeeeeaaaaaally about time that I post this because this photoshoot happened on the 6th of October... Go figure. But I'm not here to justify myself, I'm here to spam the Internet with cosplay pictures, deal with it! <3
So, after Kemi's manga day that took place on the 5th, Sairu-chan stayed at Valkoinen Samurai's place and the three of us decided to troll and have a photoshoot on the following day. Yay ~ We had originally planned to have Sairu-chan as Chizuru, Valkoinen Samurai as rasetsu!Hijikata and myself as oni!Chizuru but because Valkoinen Samurai couldn't cosplay Hijikata because of a drastic lack of swords, he decided to cosplay yukata!Okita instead. Yay! <3 I remained a human and saved my transformation into an oni for a future photoshoot hi hi and here are the pictures we got! Have some spamming ;)

Cosplayers: Valkoinen Samurai as Okita Souji (wearing the yukata he has when bedridden) 
Hasakitsuki as Yukimura Chizuru

Photographer: Sairu-chan

Okita your hands are so cold ;A; 

We had the photoshoot outside the building where Valkoinen Samurai lives, and yes it was cold. My feet were turning into icecubes but I wasn't the one to complain because I had socks. Okita didn't have any and I felt sorry for his frozen feet... And his hands were really cold as ice so I had a little bit of in-character'dness (I know this is not a word, now it is one ~). I'm really happy we had Sairu-chan as a photographer, but she did deserve her time to shine so we had a Chizurus swap and I let her be in the spotlight :D The pictures can be seen on her blog.
I must say that I got really emotional while we were shooting, because Okita is my favorite character in Hakuouki and other historical series and it wasn't nothing to see him with blood on his face and touch his cold hands and I got a little carried away. We rushed back inside quite soon though because both Chizurus were worried about Okita who was only wearing a yukata...
And we had some hot chocolate. <3 life savior
But I will let you with this picture spam for now, I'm out ~


  1. Well, I can't help having the curse of forever cold hands but yeah.. xD It was still enjoyable. ;w;

  2. I really enjoyed photographing you two! And I'm really happy for these pics! So happy they turned out so good :'3