Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chibicon 2013 summary

Okay, I know it's really about time I post this summary but you see, I wanted to wait for Sairu-chan to post hers so that we don't have the same picture. No it's not an excuse :'D Thing is, I only have decent Internet if I go freeze in the corridor so go figure.

So about Chibicon this year. It was held in Oulu the 9th of November, and it was to be my last con in 2013, meh. I will face the terrible con withdrawal syndrome until February... Aaaaaanyway, my journey to Chibicon started on Friday the 8th although Oulu is not very far away, but I took the bus with Valkoinen Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli to go to Sairu-chan's place and sleep over, yay! <3 We were lucky because as we were walking to Tornio's bus station with a surprisingly heavy yet small suitcase a wild bus appeared and it happened to stop at Kemi, double yay! The bus ride was a lot of lag and trying not to have the suitcase escape to go back to wilderness... in a bus. Oh well, you all know that suitcases are weird things.
We arrived in Kemi and called Sairu-chan, but she was actually standing a few meters from us :'D It felt very nice to see her, but also sort of weird to see her not in cosplay, if you ask me. x)
Her mum drove us to her place and we settled in what would be our place to sleep: a house wagon. Swag. It was actually rather comfy, a bit cold but very funny crammed to be the four of us in here. I can say it was one of the weirdest nights of my life. XD

We woke up early on Saturday to put on cosplays before Sairu-chan's grandma drove us all to Chibicon. The amount of lag was too damn high, people. x) Valkoinen Samurai and I already had our con tickets; I think I had a picture of the ticket somewhere but I don't know where it went. Maybe I'll edit this post if I find it. Maybe. So the challenge was to put on the armband ticket without having it too tight so that I could take it off without killing it after the con was over. Quite the task if you ask me! But I won, hoho, Chibicon ticket you are mine! >D
So when we got to the con we first walked around to check the merchandise and the artist alley. Have a random con picture ~

Quality is "meh" because this was taken with my own camera and unedited.

I saw a familiar table and it brought a smile to my lips because I had bought something from these people at the previous con, and I still need to make a post about it, heheh. You will know in time. ~
There was some cool stuff but I didn't buy anything and soon enough SOON we went outside to... surprise, surprise, photoshoot! Supplies, motherfucker.
I didn't take part in the photoshoot because I already have quite a lot of pictures of my Chizuru cosplay, and with Valkoinen Samurai as Ryunosuke Ibuki and Sairu-chan as Kosuzu, well I was from the wrong season. Period. But seriously, go check out the pictures on their blogs, they're awesome :'D
I only had one picture but I won't post it because I look way too derp. Hello hair blocking my face. D<
If any, I would say...
Bonus pictures: 

I don't remember what happened and I know it looks bad when I'm trying to stifle a laugh ^^;

I was freezing so much, how do you people do it? ;_; Kosuzu saved my life ;A;

I insisted a little to go back inside because I was really cold, and so we did. Jäätynyt Enkeli (who was the photographer) also wanted to go back inside. He was cosplaying Uryū Ishida from Bleach by the way, and totally did meme faces to troll while we were photoshooting. I'm sad we couldn't get a picture of these because seriously, how does he do this with his face? 
We were starting to get hungry but... I was like not sure if want to go outside and walk in this cold and with zori; besides none of us really knew this location well and it looked like there was no cheap food possibility close by... So we trolled to the con cafeteria and saw that there was a MEGASIZE bakery that was surprisingly cheap for its size so each of us had one, yay!

Feat. metsämansikka drink. Because it's one of the flavors I can recognize in Finnish.

It was surprisingly good I must say. After this fika episode, we went to troll some more and re-check the merchandise. We had planned to watch the cosplay competition but it seems that pretty much all congoers had had the same idea, so... we gave up. Sorry CissyDella! But your Ahri cosplay (League of Draven Legends) looked cool, you know! :'D 
We also met this one guy whom we saw at Oulun animeseminaari and Kemin mangapäivää and had a random bathroom joke, it was very nice to talk to him again! 
Also at some point Jäätynyt Enkeli pointed at a plushie and I realized that it was... dun dun dunnnnnnn... Piggie! (from Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite) I kinda wanted to buy it, as well as a small Pinkie Pie plushie hello bro! but I had pretty much no cash and the seller wouldn't take credit cards. I was sad and rather pissed because I didn't want to walk to the closest hole-in-the-wall (yeah slang, problem?) but Valkoinen Samurai cheered me up. It was getting a bit late and after going to check the artist alley again, I played some Monster Hunter in a corner with him (hunting corner for the win, hohoho) and not long after this Sairu-chan's grandma came to pick us up. 
It turned out that we couldn't go home on the same evening so we slept over at Sairu-chan's again. Soooo... have a random after-the-con house wagon picture!

Tired Chizuru is tired...

With this my cosplay year 2013 ended! I am a bit sad but don't worry, I will still post about random home cosplaying >D I have plans.
I'm outta here, see you! :D

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