Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kitacon 6: I tried to be serious...

I had one job: doing my con summary in time.
Yeah. Kitacon 6 was held on the 1st and 2nd of March in Kemi, Finland and I am only writing about it now. I'm sorry folks but you know the deal: Internet laziness, monsters to kill jobs to apply for, Internet that dies just when you're about to start writing... like, every single time, really. 
So instead of trying to excuse myself I'll summarize finally :'D

On Friday evening I left Sweden with Valkoinen Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli to go to their mum's in Finland yay. We were to stay at her place the whole week-end, which is packed with awesome!


I woke up pretty early after a night interrupted by the thundering of snow falling from the roof, giving me free paskahalvaus. I showered, ate some breakfast and then changed to cosplay. I'm very used to cosplaying Chizuru now No shit, Sherlock... so I was pretty fast and was done waaaaayyyyy before Valkoinen Samurai a.k.a Sannan, who took forever battling with make-up :') Why did I wake up so early anyway?
We headed to the con approximatively one hour after the planned time but I ate an orange and it was k. We trolled around once before we bumped into Sairu-chan as Sieni Moriyama Shiemi from Ao No Exorcist. We hugged and trolled around some more, which led us to come across Karri (a.k.a werewolf guy whom we met at Oulun Animeseminaari) and he is too epic to have his picture here, sowwy :')
Valkoinen Samurai went to photoshoot Sairu-chan's cosplay but I didn't tag along because I didn't want to freeze my ponytail off. Oh and by the way, the dealer's all and artist alley were both in the same... big... room, whatever... and there were many artists, including a Discord cosplayer! (from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) I was pretty mindblown because it was a very good gijinka and I had never seen anyone cosplay him to begin with. And c'mon, Discord ~
Have a random picture of the big room (my English is beautiful I know)!

I was looking for some specific stuff but I didn't find it here, so I guess I will have to wait for a bigger con or buy it online. 
There wasn't so much to do so at some point we did the huge effort of climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor, pulled out our PSPs and went to kill a Kushala Daora. That's Monster Hunter for you ~ At this point I wasn't feeling all that well because I had some weird pain in my side that was only getting worse (it was so bad I couldn't play at first, I really don't know where it came from) and Sairu-chan worried about me. I'm sorry for causing trouble! *Chizuru-ish bow* But I felt better after some time sitting and when we went out to hunt for food eat, it was not so much of a hindrance anymore. 
We went to a Chinese restaurant Little Dragon II hohohoh and then (t)rolled back to the con. It turned out that the new con building (Kemi's Sauvotalo) is pretty close to Kulttuurikeskus, where Kitacon was held the previous years. I'm happy that Kemi's Sauvotalo is bigger and all but... No. Photoshoot. Location. Seriously, it's so bad when you're cosplaying from a historical series and there are only modern buildings around, with the bonus not of cars and random passers-by photobombing... So no photoshoot for us, and no creepy!Sannan + ochimizu = frightened Chizuru pictures. Damn, I was looking forward to this. (Behold my Hakuouki maths!)
There wasn't really anything else to do except...
Tracon. Now.
In other words, Valkoinen Samurai and I bought our tickets for Tracon and I got DEM TRACON FEELS ohmaiglehrb it was beautiful. I really enjoyed Tracon last year and when I was friendly told "Welcome to Tracon" after buying my ticket I could have danced on the ceiling with joy! (ask the Khezu how to do this <3)

Chizuru is going to Tracon ~ <3
Yup. And that's about it for Saturday ~ What I did after the con day cannot be revealed. 


Oh damn not even halfway done with this summary, why is it so long for such a little con? 
Not even halfway done because Sunday was a busier day - it was our Bleach day! nostalgy day
So seemingly the guys were extra laggy in the morning and for a dreadful moment I feared there would be no cosplay at the con. [insert a big fat NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO here] I didn't want to be the only one to cosplay and I couldn't roll with "normal" clothes either because it's just not ~fab~ enough for a con day, I'm sorry )': Eventually Valkoinen Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli decided to cosplay, respectively Ichimaru Gin and Ishida Uryū. I was really happy about it! 
So we put on our cosplays and after some more make-up rage (and wig rage for me) we headed to the con. We met Sairu-chan who was cosplaying as Matsumoto Rangiku and our small Bleach group was complete! :D It was time to photoshoot!
So since Rukia was the first character I had ever cosplayed, and I finally got to cosplay her properly I wanted to be serious and look in-character (despite the lack of Shikai...)! Yeah! I had the spirit!
I don't have any pictures but you can see here and above all here that it didn't really go as planned. I tried though but got infected by the derp and could only get one serious picture :')

Taken and edited by Valkoinen Samurai, thank you!
I was a bit cold, but luckily Rangiku was here to comfort me <3

Rangiku: "It's okay Rukia... and nevermind Ishida discretely photobombing :'D"
Yeah. XD So after this I was so hungry that I walked to the closest food store along with Rangiku and Ishida, and bought a snack and there was a sale on chocolate so I bought some and gave half of it to Ichimaru, who had stayed at the con <3. My lack of knowledge in Finnish doesn't affect my ability to recognize a chocolate sale! 
Soon it was time for the improvised FFFight and we all attended. Some parts left me a bit "meh" because I didn't understand what the fighters were saying but one of them was seemingly foreign. He only said "I don't speak Finnish, sorry" and was then re-named Sorry. I felt less alone! Except for the Finnish lines, FFFight was hilarious and I'd love to attend one again! I'm too shy to participate ;_; 
I did jump in during the final fight opposing The Dubinators to The Challengers, and it was total chaos but total awesome <3

Random FFFight feat. Karri :D
After FFFight we just trolled around some more without really doing anything, and at some point someone started a... line? Train? Derpi-di-derp?

The leader was playing "What is love" and the line became really big! I was too shy to join though and I didn't want to risk tripping on my too long hakama. 
When the line dissolved it was getting late-ish and we were all tired and laggy so we thought we should leave soon. I bought a mega-surprise-bag before this though and got a T-shirt and a decorative flower in it! 

I tried the flower on everyone, and Okita is wearing it pretty well ~
Need I mention I was carrying this plushie with me both cons days? It's so very needed <3 severe addiction going on
Sairu-chan left first with CissyDella and Jennysja, cosplaying as Buddha and Jesus OMG. CissyDella will always impress me with her Ahri cosplay though!

I think I got all the con feels again with this summary; now here comes the con lag again! 
See you folks ;)


  1. It was so fun to hang out with you again!
    Thank you for your company! :3 <3

    1. Thanks to you! <3 Let's derp together again next time ~

  2. Dang now I also remember that mega snow-coming-down-the-roof that happened in the middle of the night. Best part was that I hadn't even fallen asleep and it was pisslate. But yeah, it scared the shit out of me as well. xD
    La la la I know what happened after the Saturday con day.. ~

    Oh, and Ichimaru thanks for the chocolates. *smirk*

    1. It was bad. XD
      *looks at Ichimaru and bows warily*

  3. Have fun at Tracon and thanks for the company. I really like you as Rukia, you fit her very well! :)

    1. Thank you! :D I just have to remember that I'm Rukia, I'm so used to acting as Chizuru x)

  4. It was nice to see you there, though we didn't talk really. Your Chizuru and Rukia cosplays were pretty, I like them. X3

    (And Buddha & Jesus cosplays were total random derp idea xD)

    1. It was fun to see you too! Hope we have time to talk some more next time :)
      Thank you! ~
      (Much fab. x) )