Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bought some stuff for cosplay ~

I went to town yesterday mainly because I really needed shoes. So I went to a store that has a permanent sale, a.k.a cheap shoes, and after painful searching found some cool stuff!

And yeah, the biggest pair is size 36. I have ridiculously small feet so I have to look in the "little girls" section. No comment... (triple nipple dot)
I was looking for this kind of flat-soled summer shoes because I plan to use them for cosplay and also something that has yet to be revealed ~ I'm very happy because I got all three for very cheap! I'm planning on modifying them too, like adding ribbons, or flowers, or pom poms. I'll need one of these very soon but shh, it's still a secret! For maximum one week. 

I also bought some make-up from another store also cheap because I will use it for the same still-secret-but-not-for-long purposes than the shoes.

This is actually quite the challenge for me because I've never really dressed in a very girly way or done any girly make-up... Like, I've never applied lip shine or nail polish, let alone false eyelashes. As far as eyelashes are concerned though, I have this sweet tutorial to help me! <3
I'll probably do some cosplay preview with this stuff as soon as possible, so until then! ^_^

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  1. Those shoes are so fabulous!<3 Can my pink crocs join them? :'DD

    Looking forward to your preview! :'3 If any help needed just ask! c: