Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let's do Lolita!

As most of you probably know, yesterday was the first day of Walpurgis, and since I follow the Finnish traditions because I am living with a proud Finn, the 30th of April was the perfect occasion for free clothing experimenting!
I had started taking interest in the Lolita style several months ago. It was pretty unexpected of me actually because for most of my life I've been this tomboy who doesn't care about more girly-looking clothes or make-up... But I took genuine interest in this style, and after some research I flagged the Sweet Lolita style as my favorite. Yay!
Pretty recently I started feeling like I really wanted to try this style, so I spent hours looking for stuff on the Internet, and finally bought a very cute outfit from Ebay. (A Lolita outfit usually includes a dress, a blouse and a head bow, but you can sometimes find some neck or arm decorations.) Of course you also need mega-socks, shoes and a cute handbag! To be really cute and look like a doll, you need to use make-up and a wig too. :)
So I had my outfit, I had bought a handbag and socks from the same seller, I had found myself somes shoes and make-up here in town, and had bought an overly fabulous wig not so long ago... Plus special contact lenses I will write a review about soon. And yesterday was the perfect occasion to go shoot in town.
So here we go! :D

Photographer is Valkoinen Samurai.

Doing Lolita style was pretty much getting out of my comfort zone, but it was funny! It was a nice experience, and I'm sure I will do it again for a con. ;) I have yet to master false eyelashes and try to walk like a lolita girl (I tend to take big steps and walk fast OTL) so I need the practice.

Something happened that really made my day while I was outside wearing this outfit. At some point I was standing next to the bonfire that was lit on the beach (because that's how they do it in Sweden); I was very cold because it was around 4°C and I didn't have a jacket or anything (and yes, there is ice floating in the river behind me on the pictures). Suddenly I felt a light tap on my arm, turned around and saw a little girl who started talking to me in Swedish. (I'm so happy it was Swedish because I don't speak Finnish. ^^; )
She said I was super pretty, and then asked where I had bought the dress, and if I liked YOHIO. I was really really happy to get such compliment, and it was very cute of this little girl to come talk to me although she was shy! (I think she was under 10 years old...?) It really brightened my day and gave me a lot of self-confidence! I wonder if I will be some inspiration for her when she grows up...?

I'm very happy I found courage to start with the Sweet Lolita style, and I intend to keep on with this, so be prepared for more cuteness and ribbons. ;)


You thought you would get away like this?
Bonus pictures:
Because there is more than cuteness; there is derp. 

Blinking + great timing = megadrug face.
Vappu means party, means Star Wars balloons.
This is my rapeface, run for your ass life!
 I'm outta here! :D


  1. Y U SO CUTE? ;w; Don't make me melt like this...........

    Oh and little kids comments/compliments are some of the best! I've had some adorable comments from younger peeps at conventions and I still remember them fondly; one of these experiences might even be one of my most memorable con experiences so far. :)

    1. I'm sowwyyyyyyy ~ *shy_run_hide*

      I know right :) They're so cute and make your day!


  3. Sometimes you find styles/clothes you never expected yourself to wear to be quite cool! You should definitely do more Lolitas even to cons.

    Kid moments are really great I also have one I remember fondly.

    1. Heheh, I'll definitely go to cons as Lolita. But it's true that I didn't see this coming myself!

      They are. :)

  4. ERMAHGLERB you're so adorable! ;___; <3