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Voice of Cosplay: Cosvision summary

Cosvision was a brand new event held in Turku the 10th and 11th of May. And as ever I'm shit late writing my summary, I hate you bad Internet. The con was held in Logomo, the building hosting Voice of Finland... hence Voice of cosplay because Cosvision was a cosplay-centered con, so as a cosplayer I really really wanted to attend, and I did! <3
My journey started already on the 8th because the trains were cheaper on this day... heheheh. So I left home with Valkoinen Samurai and we dragged our suitcase to the bus station after having eaten... hamburgers. Because the horrible con diet starts before the con. </3
Oh well, first we took the bus to Kemi, where we were to mold quite a while waiting for the train. I had been feeling very sick in the bus body, please but I felt better when we arrived in Kemi. We headed for the train station and were greeted by some random spurgu (read: homeless drunk) but none of us talked back because, well, Valkoinen Samurai didn't understand right away and I didn't understand at all. We waited for a while, but the train would come much later so we decided to go buy some provisions for the journey and escape the spurgu for a moment.
Finally our train came and there started a long, long journey.
We had a change in Tampere but our train arrived there at 4 in the morning or something, and the next train would leave at almost six. Guess what this means? Yeah, molding time! </3
We hadn't had much to eat during the first train ride and didn't sleep much either (I woke up every 5 or 10 minutes to check on Okita Valkoinen Samurai, and people were snoring and the seats were really uncomfortable and blöööaaargh) so when we arrived in Tampere I was hungry like a Titan, and I really needed some coffee. But nothing was open at f...ing 4 in the morning EXCEPT... *drum roll* McDonald's. At first I really didn't want to go but it was the only thing open so we went anyway and I tried to speak Finnish to order some coffee but I ended up speaking English anyway. I ate some random donut but it felt like it was only fat and sugar, ewww. But I was really really hungry. And I drank a huge coffee cup and it wasn't even good but I needed it.
Walking out of the train station into Tampere strongly reminded me of Tracon last year and I got DEM feels. :') I'm eager to attend Tracon again this year! Also, it felt weird to be in such darkness... We have very clear nights a.k.a midnight sun here in the North.

It's so dark... ;_;
When we went back to the train station to wait in the underground tunnel the actual train station was still closed, two random guys appeared and went to talk to us. I felt bad vibes coming from them and I could tell at least one of them was drunk. They were obviously speaking Finnish so I didn't pay attention but seemingly this drunk guy was swearing a lot, but even without noticing this I felt anxious and uncomfortable. So when they talked to us I didn't let Valkoinen Samurai speak and I handled the talk... in French. I said I couldn't understand Finnish and repeated this every time the guy was answering, and in the end they left us alone. I was really relieved when they left! I was very scared, and for a short moment I was happy to have French as my mother tongue. Valkoinen Samurai told me later that when I spoke French, the drunk guy answered something like "What kind of Russian are you speaking?". I don't even.
When the train station opened at 5 a.m., another random guy came to talk to us and I was about to answer in French again but he didn't give off threatening vibes so Valkoinen Samurai spoke English to him and it was fine. He was surprisingly not drunk, only social. Why not. *shrug*
But we saw yet another spurgu in the train station, who looked and sounded very... well, drunk. He also got yelled at by the woman opening the R-kioski. It was funny. I was scared although he was probably too drunk to be a threat, so we soon went to wait for our train.
The second train ride was much more comfortable and I could rest a bit, which was very welcome because for some reason I was coughing a lot Okita infected me but it got better quickly. I bought food in the train because I was still starving, and then we were in Turku in no time! At last. :')

Turku train station, feat. Finnish flags and le laggy me.
 We met Ri-kun at the train station and went to their place after buying random provisions. There, we slept much longer than planned, lagged, ate random food and watched the first episode of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). I didn't know anything about the series, especially not how dark it was, and I got a bit of a shock but I still want to watch the anime. I was very surprised by the amount of crack made by fans too... I mean, it's so dark and bloody, and people make stupid videos out of it, WTF? (See Valkoinen Samurai's post and you'll understand.) But I guess Ri-kun was right, the darker a series, the crackier the fan work... and the other way round. Just see My Little Pony and the bloody stuff fans make out of it.
Being at Ri-kun's place was really comfy and we ended up going to bed too late... as ever during a con, like all congoers know. </3


We woke up in the lag, but knowing that it was finally time for Cosvision made it better. I was really excited because I was so curious about the con and its cosplay label. We ate some breakfast, put on cosplays and headed for the con! My cosplay was the oni/demon version of Yukimura Chizuru from the Hakuouki series (No I haven't become Chizuru... yet.) and I had to call Valkoinen Samurai (a.k.a Saitou) for help because I was wearing pointy ears for the first time and I had all trouble in the world glueing them on. ;_; I raged with my horns, too, as ever. 
But finally we were ready to go, yay! Oh and by the way, Ri-kun was cosplaying as child!Armin. Arm in, arm out.

Here we traded our paper tickets for the con's wristbands. <3
Random Cosvision photo. <3
Geeky stuff. c':
I trolled around with Valkoinen Samurai; we bought Pokémon plushies (I now have a fabulous Sylveon stealing my bed space I want to do a gijinka of this thing <3). We also met some of his friends, and went to photoshoot Hitsuwa's impressive cosplay - this is when we discovered something unexpected and terribly awesome...
Perfect. Photoshoot. Location. <3
Indeed, there was this area behind Logomo building where a small cliff offered a perfect background for epic pictures! Woo-hoo! :'D There was even a dark and scary cave... I want to cosplay from Amnesia: The Dark Descent here hohohohohoh...
Yeah. Epic.
After the photoshoot we went to troll around some more, saw super-amazing cosplays and I found some mega-pretty stuff in Artist's Alley!

Sffhgsffh ;u;
I bought a cupcake pendant, which I intend to wear for a future cosplay (read: SOON) and I actually came back on the following day to buy more super-fab pendants <3 I actually wanted to buy more stuff because I got an idea for an OC but I was out of cash I decided to wait for the next time I would see this artist. I want to support her and buy her stuff because I love it, it's so pretty and well-made ;A; So I promised her we would meet again. I'll be back. Oh and by the way, here is her blog, go check it out! :'D
Yup. At some point we all got really hungry I had only eaten candies since breakfast </3, and I felt pretty bad because of lack of food and all so I just sat and waited for someone to ring the let's-go-hunt-for-food bell :'D I felt like I would faint but it got better.
Ri-kun showed us the way to a cool restaurant named Kerttu, which had a pasta dish called "Student's end of the month". It was the cheapest meal you could order. Well, I've been a student (once, long ago, in a southern land lost in heat and darkness... like Mordor, if you want) and I know how it feels to eat pasta because you're cheap. But I was mega-hungry and I wanted the sweet potato fries so I ate a burger. Horrible con diet. </3

Om nom nom... Saitou, stop paparazzi-ing around O_o
The food was very good, and after this Saitou could be reassured: oni!Chizuru would have no need to bite him and drink his blood. Huehuehue.
We then walked back to the con and had a quick photoshoot but it was getting late and cold... and it started raining when we were done. But the creepy cave offered some protection...

Photographer is Ri-kun, this handsome young man here is Saitou Hajime, also known as Valkoinen Samurai and the white-haired weirdo is no other than my derpy self, Hasakitsuki... but I went by the name of Yukimura Chizuru then (oni version).

Saitou please ;_; <3
Ehem. After the photoshoot we headed back to Ri-kun's and spent the evening watching Eurovision song contest! I was really amazed by the Austrian artist Conchita Wurst (Why U so pretty? ;A;) and I kept my fingers crossed for her all evening. I was very very happy when she won and I got emotional tears from her song, Rise Like a Phoenix! All my love. <3
And as a consequence, we went to bed way too late.


7:30. Such lag. Such eyebags. Woah, hardcore.
But yeah. We went to eat breakfast and then put on cosplays - which was only for Valkoinen Samurai (cosplaying as Okita Souji from Rurouni Kenshin OVA) and Ri-kun (cosplaying as Will Graham from Hannibal), since I wasn't cosplaying on Sunday. I had planned on turning into a Lolita girl instead though, and so I battled with girly make-up and called Okita for help when I needed to glue on false eyelashes. Yeah, I'm only getting started with false eyelashes (thanks to Sairu-chan's tutorial <3) and I still have problems glueing them on. I'm trying my best but it's just so easy when a kind samurai is helping you! <3
Well well. Putting on cosplays took so long that by the time we were done, I was hungry again no I'm not a food well so we stopped to buy random cheap sandwiches on our way to the con. And all the normal people stared at us. Can't handle fabulousness, normies? :'D
Shortly after we arrived to the con, we ran into Kenshin, a.k.a. Aniilaugh (your cosplay is so well-made ^u^). We were planning on a photoshoot, but our Okita ran to attend a panel so we decided to meet again later. I went to troll around on my own, looked at stuff and had an awkward moment talking to an artist and then running away without buying anything. Yeah, it happens to us all. I felt like a sugar-coated ass, but I'm not rich enough to buy stuff I'm not actually interested in, even if it's good and well-made. I'm sorry.
-One minute of emo corner.-
Okay, let's go on with the summary now.
I found Kenshin again and we waited for Okita who was just done with his panel, and then we went to shoot! I was the one holding the camera, and honestly I was nervous because I have very little experience in photography and... well basically I'm a bad photographer, so when I get a good picture it's luck. OTL
Our shoot beat records of epicness though! Go check out the pictures on Okita's Valkoinen Samurai's blog and Aniilaugh's Tumblr! It was a really good moment and I strongly hope to photoshoot such a battle again! :'D I just can't say how awesome it was but I have DEM feels. <3
We were planning on shooting with some fake blood too but before this, a break was needed. I was starving. It was Mother's Day in Finland so the closest store was closed and we ended up in the train station buying stuff from R-kioski.

Om nom nom... Okita, don't take stalker pics! O_o
Yeah. We walked back to the con and it turned out that Kenshin had to leave soon, so there was no bloody photoshoot for us. :c But next time, it will be different! *insert creepy smile here* I'm really looking forward to another Kenshin and Okita photoshoot hihihi.
After Aniilaugh left, we found Ri-kun again and lagged for a while... until something happened that changed the course of our lives forever. Fate was altered by a third party, a.k.a one of the Guests of Honor and amazing cosplayer KANAME☆ from Japan. It all happened in a flash, so fast that the human eye could not follow. The aliens came, took Valkoinen Samurai and did something to his brain, then returned him to planet Earth but something in him had changed...
He had turned into a fanboy.
I swear I didn't see this coming, and it was very cute funny! <3 So I followed him when he went to talk to KANAME☆ (Oh my glehrb, actually talking to him! Yup, our Okita was dying before the second season oops, wrong anime...) and take pictures with him. I was entrusted the highly honorific task of taking a picture of the two cosplayers together, and I was delighted to see Valkoinen Samurai so happy. <3 And yeah, I got infected by his fanboyness too. x)
After this beautiful fanboying moment, it was sadly time for us to change out of cosplay and get ready to leave the con. Indeed we had to take the train back to the North, and one does not simply miss the train back home (even if one wants to stay). 
So there was quite the fiddling and mess in the bathroom where we changed and re-organized our stuff crammed it into the suitcase would be more appropriate... I kept my wig on because I was very scared of what my hair would look like... but this turned out to be a mistake. More about this later... *dramatic suspense not*
We met with Ri-kun's friends and went to eat in a Chinese restaurant very close to the train station. It's called Golden Dragon, and no matter how much I love dragons I can tell you... don't go there. The food is just not good. I ordered some beef and veggie noodles but they were rather tasteless (I've had ready-made food that was better than this... and cheaper), and the meat was either slimy or shoe-sole. I forced myself to eat it though well I paid for it, and you eat anything when you're hungry enough, which was my case. Yeah, I was about to faint again and had to lean on Okita Valkoinen Samurai again. Derp.
The food was bad but our company was good and when we went to take our train back home, the good-byes were really sad. :'( But we'll meet again, and that cheers me up! 
The train ride back home was... well, long. Of course. At least our first train didn't take us farther than Tampere, which was good because there was this brat staring at us during the whole trip, and this kind of thing really makes me anxious. Yeah, I suck. But the second train ride was calmer although I wrote some bloody and depressing fanfic in the train but that's routine :'D. That feeling when everybody in the train is sleeping, I'm the only one awake and I'm writing a fanfic while on coffee hype. Yeeeeaaaaah.
Oh, and I still had my wig on. Because it's awkward to take it off when there are people around, and I wasn't too keen on mega-shitty hair anyway... So I kept it on during the whole trip home, which means I had it on for a good 24 hours. Guess if my hair was alive when I finally took it off. Never had such an itch before. 
The last part of our journey back home was sponsored by Valkoinen Samurai's mum who came to pick us up; I'm really thankful for this because we had an overload of stuff to carry and both of us were pretty tired. I had hardly slept at all. 
As ever I bought too much fabulous stuff at the con and I had a shitlot of fun! :'D I really had a blast and I want to thank all the awesome people who bombed in at one point or another and contributed to a super fun and dear con experience for me! Thank you for a great con! *bow*


Heheheh... you've waited for this, haven't you?
Bonus pictures:


Eating random food at Ri-kun's place. It was good, but I looked like a trainwreck so I figured it was better to pull a derp face than to try to look normal, and voilà.

Megasize potato? ^v^

Saitou accidentally knocked one of my horns and caused it to un-clip/fall/whatever. They're a bitch to clip on so when one falls I'm like NOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU~. Chizuru is not amused.

It's good for you! feat. eyebags.
One last thing about Cosvision: the con hype didn't go away even after the con, and even after the mega con lag and train lag. I can't wait for the next Cosvision, I want it again! ;A; <3
But I've had way too much fun with this summary, so I'll go drown my con hype in some tea now. Bye bye ~

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  1. Ah, the joys of meeting random spurgus. </3 Welcome to Finland.

    I had way too much fun reading this shit. XD I must say that Cosvision is so far one of my best con experiences! Sure that it maybe suffered a bit from not having super many attendants but come on, it was just pure awesome! I hope next time more people will come and Cosvision will be even more awesome!

    And I completely died at the KANAME☆ part. XD The aliens did something strange to my brain indeed.. it might never be the same again...

    Oh, and one last thing - Okita pls.