Monday, June 2, 2014

Chizuru's summer uniform

Yup, here comes the SSL version of Chizuru, summer edition. I will cosplay this version soon this is absolutely not a Desucon plans spoiler, no no no and so I was in a hurry to get done with the uniform. I had bought the skirt on Ebay, I'm stealing a red bow from another of my school uniforms, and after a long struggle to find the simplest, short-sleeved white shirt, I got one from my mum. Yay! It's a bit too big for me but no one will notice since I'll be wearing a vest over it.
Speaking of the vest.

It's sleeveless, right?
I stole this picture from the Hakuouki SSL site, by the way. But here started my long and terrible fight to find something close enough. I went through all the secondhand stores and the normal stores - nothing. I thought about knitting the thing myself but it would have been too complicated and would have taken one year. But finally, helped by my mum's advice, I found a solution: buy a long-sleeved vest and cut off the sleeves.
Easier said than done, but I finally found a long-sleeved vest that was pretty damn close, except for the lack of pockets. I then asked Valkoinen Samurai's mum for help because she's awesome; she modified the vest for me in no time, and made it look ridiculously easy. Wow.

Ready for massacre.
You shall have no sleeves! >_<
I also asked Valkoinen Samurai's mum how to make a hem on the shoulders that would be similar to the one lining the collar (if you understand what I mean...). She said we could just use the part of the sleeves that is around the wrist. So we cut these off and saved them.

Cut open...
She then sewed the whole thing together with the overlock machine, which only took about 10mn. It would have taken me one full day, if I had been able to tame the overlock. Yeah, I've never used an overlock machine. But it does the work very neatly because it cuts the fabric while you sew so you can't screw up either. It's all very pro. And so my summer vest was done in no time, all thanks to Valkoinen Samurai's mum! I gave her a big hug for this! :')
The best part is that the vest doesn't even look like it was modified.

And then I tried it on! One thing though, I didn't have my shirt with me and I didn't want a random black T-shirt photobombing... so I just put it on without wearing anything under, but since the first button is a bit low down, I needed a censor. fanservice!Chizuru

Okita is the best boobs censor ever. <3
 The seams were slightly bumpy so I ironed them - using low heat because this vest is made of synthetics...
Steamroll it flat. 8D
Credits go to Valkoinen Samurai himself for the stalker progress pictures. Thank you! :D

And that's all for today, bye bye ~

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