Saturday, June 21, 2014

I am Spoon - Desucon 2014 summary

Hiyaaaaaa! Here comes finally my summary for this Desucon! It was my first Desucon and I was very curious about it because it's the most popular in Finland, and it's pretty damn big! I must say I fell on my *ss when all tickets were sold in half an hour but since Valkoinen Samurai had been very quick and awesomely kind, he had grabbed me a ticket too. *sends vibes of cosplay love to him*
Well well, Desucon started on the 6th of June, so our journey started on the 5th. The joys of living far in the North. Valkoinen Samurai and I first trolled took the bus to Kemi, with 2 suitcases and 3 bags because we had an overload of STUFF. Ah cosplay, love of our lives... We had time to run to Lidl and go buy provisions before walking back to the train station, dragging all our stuff and carrying one more bag filled with sweets food.
We then caught our train, which left pretty late, and saw with horror that we had ended up in one of these old-school train carts with hard seats. Again. These feel very uncomfortable after one or two hours and it's almost impossible to sleep. That was bad for us because we hadn't slept the previous night due to panic packing. [insert eyebags here]


When we arrived in Rihimäki were we had our train change, it was raining and we were zombies. While we waited for the commuting train to Lahti, a random bird flew to the top of a wall, turned around and dropped a beautiful Welcome-to-Rihimäki shit. Sweet.
We were in Lahti a little before nine in the morning and it felt so weird because it was so early. We were surprisingly awake, which didn't show at all when we got sort of lost in the train station while looking for Moonbeam. She saved our Desucon by letting us stay at her place, I am so grateful. ;A; <3 We had trouble finding her but at one point someone fitting the description she had given of her walked past us... and I held a spoon... and so we found one another.
Wait, what? What is the spoon doing here?
My dear readers, the spoon is me. See, I am foreign and ever since I moved to Scandinavia I have had problems with my first name. It sounds neither Swedish nor Finnish so no one ever gets it right and 90% of the Swedes re-name me Louise. Which annoys me. So when Valkoinen Samurai was talking to Moonbeam on Facebook and mentioned my name, she asked how to pronounce it. Valkoinen Samurai  tried to think of something close and found it! Indeed, the word "lusikka" (Finnish for "spoon") is similar to my real name. The beginning is pronounced the same.
And so Moonbeam re-named me Lusikka. Hence the spoon. Hence the "you can call me Lusikka if you can't be bothered with Hasakitsuki because I know it's too long".
So there you go. Call me Spoon.
- end of derpy explanations on how I got a new nickname -

We walked to Moonbeam's place, which really didn't take long. (Good news, because we had so much STUFF.) We put our MEGA-STUFF down and made a comfy nest for us on the couch-bed-bed-couch. Valkoinen Samurai took a nap but I had too much energy for this kind of thing. (Surprisingly, since I had barely slept at all in the train and the previous night had gone without a minute of sleep... Body, what are you doing to me?) So I talked too Moonbeam and we realized we both love reading and started talking about books, and we shared some candies. <3 It was very comfortable all along to be at her place, and she is so kind and welcoming. :')
Then her assistant bombed in so we chatted a little bit more; after this it was time for pizza. Because Friday was the first con day, so it was time to start con diet, huehuehue. We ate a meter pizza that had been improved with extra tuna and pineapple, it was surprisingly good! It was funny to get Valkoinen Samurai to wake up to eat because he had a bad case of lag.

And then it all happened.
Shortly after the pizza, Moonbeam announced that she needed to go to Eurokangas. She asked if we wanted to come with. I hesitated a few seconds before deciding I wanted to come and I helped Valkoinen Samurai realize he also wanted to come so badly that he wasn't even aware of it! What you mean, he was too laggy to go and I dragged him with?
Ehem. We trolled around in Eurokangas and suddenly I saw that Valkoinen Samurai was different. He showed me some fabric and talked with glitter in his eyes; his usual calm was gone. He had a storm of excitement inside him for the simple and good reason that EXACTLY THIS FABRIC was perfect for one of his future cosplays and HE NEEDED IT LIKE NOW. Who said guys don't get shopping urges?
Now every time he is looking for hard-to-find fabric I'm asking if we should go to Lahti again because finding this red linen was a miracle seeing how picky he is.
When we were back to Moonbeam's place we started putting on cosplay; Desucon was starting soon! I hadn't slept the slightest bit and yet the con hype was bubbling inside me, woohoo! And I screwed up my make-up several times, of course. </3

We headed to Desucon and smelled the con smell as soon as we were out of the car. Damn, I had missed it! The con atmosphere is one of the best things in life. <3
Outside were two persons; one of them was playing on a shovel like it was the most kick-ass electric guitar ever and the other was screaming in a megaphone - a beautiful heavy metal concert! Did I tell you that the guitar player had hairs everywhere, even coming out of their eyes? That the "singer" had a horse head? Well, now you know. Try to imagine their awesomeness and you won't even come close, muahahahahahahahaha!!
We went to get our tickets, which was a bit harder than usual since we hadn't been able to print them but we got them in the end, yay! And so we could actually enter the building without having security guys staring at us.

This was actually taken on Sunday.
There wasn't so much to do on Friday so we walked around a little while and soon came across a guy whom I know as mayonnaise!Hijikata - Joel. He had some cool-looking cosplay on and I had Valkoinen Samurai tell me that it was Saizou Kirigakure from Brave 10. I only know this series by name. He kindly accepted to photoshoot our cosplays so we went to the dock area and here comes the fun!

Cosplayers: Hasakitsuki (Aki) and Valkoinen Samurai (Kuroyama Yukinaga)
Photographer: Joel

Hey darling. ~ <3
You need love to cure this grumpiness! >D
U mad?
You gotta say the magical word!
Look who's grumpy as always!
I know you want a hug! <3
Yeah. I guess everyone is completely lost, because we don't even look like we would be from the same series and yet, we are. Valkoinen Samurai and I came up with a story that we called Demon Idol and here we are cosplaying the two main characters! Aki is the demon idol in person and Yukinaga is said idol's bodyguard. The story takes place in a world where demons and humans live together sort-of in peace; in Japan, idols are almost only humans. But Aki decided to be an idol too, even though the whole world seems to be getting in the way! Aki became popular despite being a demon. Yukinaga took the bodyguard job because he had no choice but he is constantly annoyed by Aki's energy, jokes and... crossdressing! The pretty idol Aki is a boy, and Yukinaga is not sure he can stand him every day...

Photobombing is sweet! eyebags
Yup. This was one of the best photoshoots I'd ever had because I got to be super-derpy and act as though I were constantly on sugar hype. :'D It was also the first time I could smile without having to worry about looking good because it wasn't serious to begin with. It felt very nice! It's quite the change because I'm used to Hakuouki photoshoots, being serious/shy/scared and having my dear Okita covered in blood...
So I enjoyed this a lot, and Joel's presence made it even better! He's a good photographer and funny to be around so this was a really good time. ^-^
After the photoshoot we went to the wonderfully close food store; seemingly Joel would die if he didn't get something to eat. Obviously, the normal people stared at us. Quit being boring, start cosplaying. I also bought a snack and mango-filled chocolates and saw that something beautiful was going on...

"More triangle breads, salads and baguettes can be found on the opposite side of the sausage shelf."
Whoa, they got it right...
We went back to the con to walk around a bit more. People asked for pictures, but only of Valkoinen Samurai so I went in-character and pouted. He's my bodyguard and he gets all the spotlight? Unfair! Ahem I guess it was bound to happen because we didn't look like we'd be from the same series at all.
We then went back to Moonbeam's place because she still had some cosplay progress to do and went to bed too late as ever.


Wow. I never thought the alarm of my new phone would be such an ear-rape. Well at least it woke me up, hahah. And I barely had any lag because today was the main day and it meant Hakuouki! After breakfast I started putting on my Chizuru cosplay, which is becoming a part of me. I'm so used to it that it feels much more comfortable than it used to be, on different levels.
Well, I did my make-up first, I was toasting when I was done so I wasn't too happy about changing out of my light pyjamas for the sake of kimono feat. hakama... but it wasn't even too bad. When Valkoinen Samurai was done with his I-take-one-hour-but-look-awesome-afterwards make-up, we left for the con. Yup, he was cosplaying Okita. *tries to hold still the hands that want to flap*

We headed almost straight away to the Dealer's Hall, because I wanted my con stuff. And I bought stuff, from the best seller ever: the Japanese candy guy. Yup, it's the name I use for him. I used up almost one third of my con money in candies. Oops. But I love Japanese sweets way too much. ;A; <3
I also bought something... hmm... let's say I went to a seller whom I hadn't dared come close to before: the porn guy! A.k.a yaoi guy. Yup, this guy who shouts "Come get your porn, I know you want your porn!" at every big Finnish con. I had been too shy to buy stuff from him before but things are changing! >D

I'm not shy, no no...
I was checking for stuff but Okita gave me a sign that he wasn't all right; he said he was in pain and it made it even worse that he had fake blood on his face. I was really worried about him! He had to run to the bathroom and he took so long I actually got scared he would have fainted or something. ;^; I was battling with myself if I should text him or not; thinking that he must be okay and I would look really stupid about texting -- but then he came out of the bathroom and he was fine! :') Okita, please... don't do this to me. ;_;
We walked around a bit more, trying to find some friends whom we could kidnap so that they'd photoshoot our cosplays but weirdly found no one. Lonelyyyyy... We did come across friends of course, but no one who could photoshoot. Derp.
But have random Desucon pictures. ~

Well, the day went on and still no one to photoshoot us. And we were pretty damn hungry. But there came a problem: Okita had blood on his face and had a high risk of smearing blood everywhere if he ate. Cosplayers know how it is with fake blood, even if you rub your skin it leaves a notable pink mark. So my Okita couldn't eat anything safely... so we talked about it and came up with a solution, but to try it we needed FOOD.
We walked to the food store and bought snacks that would be easy-ish to eat for the sick boy.

What you mean, "I'm his personal assistant"?
We walked back to the con, sat outside and drank our milkshakes first. That was the easy part. Then, Okita wanted his Angry Birds chocolate and liquorice pudding. Perfeclty historically accurate! And since he had to be careful with the blood, the only way was for me to feed him.
- We interrupt this con summary due to brain damage of the author. Cause: fangirlism, overly cute sick boy with pleading eyes and feeding scene. Nosebleed followed but Hasakitsuki, also known as Lusikka, was able to recover and enjoy the rest of the con almost normally. Thank you for your patience. -

Okita please. <3
Hmmm yup. As soon as Okita had eaten his pudding, we felt something change in the air and realized that rain was imminent. We rushed inside and spent forever looking for a seat while it started raining. Aaaaaah, Desucon weather... Why do you love us so much? Why don't you PISS OFF TO RUSSIA so that we can have our photoshoot?! Grmpf.
We lagged inside for a while; also I wasn't feeling the best. I kept feeling unsteady and sick-ish so Okita had to nag at me so that I would eat my own Angry Birds pudding I didn't have time to eat it before the rain started. I felt slightly better after this (and it was super good!) but still a bit weak so it didn't last very long until we decided it was time for proper food. "Proper" and "proper" though... when the rain stopped, it was time for the Desupizza! Because seemingly all congoers have pizza at one point.
It took forever until we got our pizza, but according to Okita it was actually quick. Well, seeing how many people went to order pizza, I can make sense out of this. I kinda feel sorry for the Kotipizza employees, but they must sell as many pizzas in three Desucon days as they would sell in one month without Desucon.
Oh well. Obviously when it was eating time, Okita needed help again so I cut small bits of pizza and fed them to him. ;A; ffgshgfdfg *wipes blood from the nose*

After the pizza break we went back to the con to walk around and bumped into a Japanese person who asked our picture. She was very very excited about Hakuouki cosplay and she looked & acted like a total fangirl! It was amazing! She thanked us and bowed very low before us and I got FEELS. :'D No one has ever bowed this low before me. O_o So I bowed back and smiled and I was really so happy about it! ;A; Best picture ever! <3 I can't ever forget this, it was sweeter than candies. :')
Speaking of candies... at some point we ate some that I had bought from the Japanese candy guy. They were yellow, had a Pikachu on them and tasted pineapple, yum! They looked like bubblegums but were actually normal candies. I still have some, they're good!
We slowly went into the evening lag so we sat somewhere again (next to a samuRaichu, lol) and Okita started taking ego pics as a small consolation for the lack of photoshoot. It was fun so I came to photobomb a little. :') Pictures are on Okita's Valkoinen Samurai's blog. I wonder why I keep calling him Okita?
After our few selfies we stood up again and since it was late-ish we started looking for Moonbeam. We didn't find her right away but we had someone else ask for a picture so we put down our bags and striked a pose. Okita had one arm around my shoulders and he was leaning against me as though I was helping him walk. The guy who asked for the picture found it cool and then he asked if the blood was real. Okita answered that if it was the case, he wouldn't be here. The guy looked bewildered and we understood that he didn't know the character. I wonder if he got scared...?
We found Moonbeam shortly after this and then she asked why Okita had blood on his face. I cast him a glance, expecting him to answer but he didn't say anything. He clarified it for me later that his brain stopped working for a moment brain fart. So I gave an awkwardly late answer and said he was very sick, and that he died in the second season. Moonbeam asked if zombies were allowed in the con. One of the best reactions I've had. XD Okita's brain still wasn't working.
Iltabileet (night party) started and we climbed the stairs to watch for a few minutes. The dancers were really cute! Why can't I be like them... They had a lot of energy too. A group of guys in the audience had glowsticks; they were cheering and yelling like it were a metal concert. XD

Iltabileet dancers feat. glowsticks guys.
We then went back to Moonbeam's. The girl who was staying with us (we were 5 humans, 2 cats and 2 hamsters in a small appartment XD) had some DVDs of an old anime; we watched the first episodes. The anime is Vampire Princess Miyu and although most episodes have old/cheap-ish animation it's pretty cool. It has a dark atmosphere and at times it's pretty brutal. I liked it and so Valkoinen Samurai and I decided to watch the remaining episodes after the con. I like Miyu's Guardian outfit, even though it makes no sense, hahah.
We ate proper food in the middle of the night and then I fell asleep while the others were still watching anime. I was so tired, oops.


We woke up with much more lag than on the previous day. After some breakfast I went to put on my contacts. I started with the left one like I always do and OOOOOH the pain! It was bad! I tried to stand it because it happens that the sting goes away after one minute but it was unbearable and I took the contact out of my burning eye. It was then that I noticed a long fiber from some fabric that had slipped under my contact and was hurting my eye! I took it off, cleaned the contact and carefully put it on again. There was slight itching but it didn't hurt anymore. 
And when I put on my right contact, it went in no problem. I stopped feeling it right away. Dafuq.
But once I was done with the I-don't-even-have-eyes feeling I put on cosplay make-up, then the cosplay itself. Like the two previous days I asked Valkoinen Samurai to help me out with false eyelashes; he makes it feel so much easier! ;A;
So, we headed to the con and remembered to take our mango-filled chocolates this time. I had forgotten to take them on Saturday, blörgh. We first went to photoshoot our Hakuouki: SSL (Sweet School Life) cosplays. Of course, I was Chizuru and Valkoinen Samurai was Okita. We could only have solo shoots because we had no one to take pics of both of us. :( But here goes! :)

Cosplayer: Hasakitsuki (Yukimura Chizuru, schoolgirl version)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Absolutely not suspicious hand position. unintended perv!Chizuru eiku
I must say it was shit hard to keep my eyes open because I had the sun in my face, and I started crying. I also had issues with my skirt that wanted to go everywhere, not used to this kind of thing... 
The weather was much hotter than on Saturday so I insisted on going back inside to drink water. I felt better after a drink so we went to walk around and bumped into Aniilaugh (again). I usually call her Kenshin. *shrugs* She said she had been into Hall Cosplay competition and had won it! I was amazed and really happy for her! Her Medicine Seller cosplay is awesome! ;A;
Also, her friend had recorded some performance that was, well, performed by three cosplayers. Digletts. Yeah, Digletts. It was overly funny and so much crack, I want to watch this thing again. XD Later on we came across the three Digletts and asked for a picture. They're epic. XD
After this we went back to the Dealer's Hall because I wanted to check for specific stuff. I spotted the Japanese candy guy and bought more stuff from him... stuff that turned out to be useful later. I also bought a small mirror from Charly-chan (although she must have been on coffee break or something ;) ). Love the mirror, it's super cute! And also all the stuff I have bought from her smells CANDY. Like, it's addicting. Oh, and I bought a small gift for a friend. ~ <3
Since I have to admit it...
I went to the porn guy/yaoi guy again and bought more stuff. 18+ stuff this time. There, call me a pervert! It's ecchi, not hentai. And Okita kept teasing me and I was red like the Ochimizu I carried around all day yesterday.
I also bought a coffee can (which I haven't tasted yet, I'm thinking I could have it for a photoshoot heheheh) because Asian coffee cans are my love. Especially in summer. I bought a Ramune soda too - litchi flavor. 

Okita, it's not Ochimizu so drink it plz. ^-^
I had never had this thing before so guess if I had fun opening it? Yup, Okita and I went to sit outside and battled with the Ramune bottle in like forever. We felt so stupid - and so relieved when we finally got it right and opened it.
I was super hungry so I went to the con cafeteria, thinking I'd buy a cupcake. But when I got there, THE HORROR! A small cupcake cost 5€! For this price, they can shove their cupcakes into a place where the sun never shines. >_< So I bought an ice cream instead; it was still double price but cheaper than the ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuu cupcake. For some reason I got an oversized ice cream...

Sweet. ~
So I shared it with Okita. The only thing we'd have needed would have been a love song playing in the background hihihihi.

We then went back to the dock area; Moonbeam and FankiKitsune tagged along. I didn't know FankiKitsune but he's cool. He was cosplaying schoolboy!Hitsugaya. Also he is a friend of Moonbeam's.
Anyway, Okita took pics of his cosplay and I was talking to Moonbeam and another of her friends who was tagging along. She was cosplaying Peach from Super Mario (and doing it well) but when I said I wasn't speaking Finnish she insisted on me saying where I'm from and I felt very uncomfortable with it. I pulled my usual joke of "I'm from a land in the South where the shadows are long... a bit like Mordor." but she wouldn't be satisfied until I actually told. I felt bad about it and Okita noticed after the photoshoot.
Oh, I forgot but just before this, Okita took pics of Moonbeam's cosplay (Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon). She looked so pretty! ^-^ I'm mindblown she could finish the cosplay on time, and it looked good! No one would've guessed she was in a hurry! :) [insert the con stress song here]
Meanwhile, in the water... This is not the water monster from Amnesia.
A guy cosplaying Finland from Scandinavia and the World had jumped in the water and was swimming around and swearing a lot. I had seen him before; he is glorious. So in-character! He always pulls the grumpy face and mumbles "perkele" and threatens people with the knife he has in one hand... the other hand holds a bottle.
So when he was in the water, he stood up with water up to his thighs and spread his arms. He yelled "Suomi Finland PERKELE!!" and fell in the water in a beautiful back splash, it was awesome. XD And when he got out of the water after having slipped and fallen on the most intelligent part of his anatomy, he wanted a hug. He walked toward me, dripping wet with his arms open - and Okita pushed me in the back so that I would go and hug him! I didn't want to get all wet so I gave him a careful hug. XD
And then Moonbeam's assitant jumped in the water too. O_o Can't believe she actually did it!

We went back inside because it felt like the Desucon weather wanted to strike again. We bumped into Joel again, which was weird because we hadn't seen him at all on Sunday - was he hiding from us? :o Hmm or maybe not. We asked him if he could photoshoot us but he couldn't so we sat for a while and ate something. (Half the con diet is triangle breads...) We suddenly spotted Ri-kun whom we had barely seen at all during the con and ran up to them. They accepted to photoshoot our cosplays, yay!
But here some Desurity person came to us and said we had to go outside like, now. We followed the command but it was very sudden and rough. But I guess closing time is closing time...
So officially Desucon 2014 ended here. But the end wasn't quite there yet for us as we went for our photoshoot with Ri-kun behing the building! And it turned out amazing! :'D So many feels, seriously. <3 The pictures were really good. Even the angles that normally shouldn't have worked looked super nice and looking through the pics on the camera was brain-killing.
But have some SSL cuteness too. ;)

Cosplayers: Hasakitsuki (Yukimura Chizuru) & Valkoinen Samurai (Okita Souji)
Photographer: Ri-kun

I LOVED this photoshoot. <3 It felt simple and comfy and I had fluffy cuteness inside me all along! ^-^ It's absolutely not fanservice for those who are fond of this pairing, no no...

Awww senpai don't be grumpy! XD
But you can see something on this picture... Something that makes you curious, and you click the picture, activate the zoom on your eyes, move closer...
Yes. CHOCOLATES. I deny having an addiction to chocolate... But what are these chocolates doing here, you ask? Go see Valkoinen Samurai's post and you'll know! <3

After the shoot we had to go back to Moonbeam's and start packing our stuff though. I was so sad the con was over! And so sad I wouldn't get to meet Moonbeam in a long time because we live far away... Sure we'll get to talk on Skype but it's not the same. Desucon is barely over and I already want it again. ;A;
I really had a super good time so I want to thank everyone who made it this awesome! Thank you so much! *bows*
And see you at the next con. >D Next is Skecon in Skellefteå (my first Swedish con after one year!). <3
Bye bye for now! ~


Or not, don't forget the bonus! ;)
There you go!

OM NOM NOM Desupizza!
... I was tired, okay.
And last but not least... You know this thing when you cosplay, and you're much taller (or shorter) than the character... Well... I just wanted to be height accurate for Chizuru because Valkoinen Samurai was height accurate for Okita so I bent my knees a little and then tried to keep it up.

Now I'm really out of here, see you con people next time! :D


  1. Heuheuehue great post! Funny read! x)

    Ouuh Desucon was so awesome this year! So much derp and fun and "feed me please" and everything inbetween! :'D I want to taste more Ramune flavors!

    I'm sorry for the scare I gave you on Saturday and for the badly timed brainfart when you had to explain to Moonbeam why I had blood on my face. xD *coughmaybeiamzombiecough*
    I wish we had done more different/dynamic poses when the Japanese group asked for our picture though.. gah! Oh well, it's easy to think of stuff you should have done _after_ it happened. xD

    But hnng thanks for the company, it was great! <3 Save for the Desu-weather that came down on Saturday...

    1. "feed me plz" ;A; <3 I'm sorry it's too cute.
      I want more Japanese sweets! Ramune and candies and everything! And "use" them for photoshoots, huehuehue.
      Well... shit happens, and brainfarts too. Don't be sorry, what matters is that you were all right in the end! :')
      We'll know for next time to take poses that aren't your usual boring stand-next-to-each-other-and-srs-face. Heh.
      Thank you for everything! And let's revenge on the Desu-weather when we are in Skecon! ;)

  2. Gaaaah you guys are way too cute ;///; ♥ waaay toooo cuteeee ♥ I really want to meen you again even I was quite awkward last time to speak English (if you remember that weird senpai-fangirl and Kai was like: ugh not u again) :3 u so cute. Cute! X3 ♡

    1. Thank you! ;A; <3 I remember you indeed, I want to meet you again too! Don't be awkward speaking English, it's okay. ^-^

    2. Well thanks, even I know my English isn't okay :DDD

  3. Yaaaaay I'm cool! Thanks for that. ;D Spoon? Really? :''D I just laughed a little bit... It was so nice to meet you properly. ^^ Sorry that I didn't speak that much English... I'm just kind of unsure about using it, because I think a lot about that if the other one understands it or not. But yay, I KNOW we're gonna meet again! Maybe Tracon? Desucon Frostbite -15 is already locked in and hopefully me and Moonbeam can come to Kitacon next year. :)

    1. You are cool! :D And don't be scared of speaking even if your English isn't super pro, it's okay.
      And yup, WE WILL MEET AGAIN! Kai and I are coming to Tracon. :3 It would be awesome if you two could come to Kitacon too! ;A;
      Call me Spoon. ;p

  4. Such a cool event ^^ Lovely cosplay!

    恵美より ♥

  5. So cute^^

    New post ♥
    If you follow my blog, I follow your blog too (write about it)~