Sunday, June 29, 2014

Schoolgirl!MEIKO preview!

Here it is! I promised a mysterious not so original version of Vocaloid MEIKO and I did a quick preview on the 26th this month. Valkoinen Samurai was my photographer; he also edited the pictures and he cut my wig since he is the only one who can use the scissors. Yeah, because I'm too derp to use scissors with my left hand. Why am I right-handed, really?
Oh well. We just walked outside to photoshoot, it was around 10°C and I was a bit cold with my super light school uniform... It wasn't too bad though. Northern Sweden seemingly doesn't have summer this year. *shrug* Oh, and while we were shooting two random kids stood a few meters away and started asking things like "What are you doing? Why are you shooting?". Valkoinen Samurai and I just wanted to answer "Well, DUH!" because it was so obvious that I was wearing something different and he was shooting me but we just ignored the kids. They didn't come too close so it was okay. I was still a little awkward about being watched but I stopped caring at some point. ^-^
Pictures, you say? Have your pictures! >D

Cosplayer: Hasakitsuki (original schoolgirl!MEIKO)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai


My wig before cutting. :p

I must say I'm surprised by how good it turned out! Didn't think I'd manage to look cute hihihi. ^-^
That's it for today, it's time I got some sleep! :D Or maybe not. 
Bye bye and see you in Skecon! ;)


  1. HNNNG waifu is so pretty! *w* <3 oops sorry.. xD *cougnotsosorrycough* >D
    I'm still surprised how well you suit Meiko! You should definitely cosplay more cute/forward characters so that you get more posing/expression practice - I can see a star in the making!

    Oh and those kids, they were annoying and a bit amusing at the same time. lol

    Aah Skecon, so excited!! [insert HOPPBORG!! here]

    1. Aaaaaaaaah thank you so much! ^///^ I'm the first surprised actually, I didn't think it would look this good. But it's mostly thanks to you! ;A; <3
      I'll do my best! :') This photoshoot was very nice and I definitely want more of this light atmosphere and try-to-do-cute-faces. ^-^
      You just infected me with con hype. O_o HOPPBORG!! :'D Skecon!! SOON!! <3
      / flappy hands. :'3

  2. Wow you fit Meiko very well! Mooore ~ O_O

    1. Thank you! ;A;
      More coming SOON. Skecon. SOOOOOOON. :D

  3. Oh my, you look so cute as schoolgirl!Meiko :'3 so sweet, I'd like to see more!

    1. Thank you! :'D Our Vocaloid group will have a photoshoot in Skecon, more pictures then. ;)