Sunday, July 27, 2014

Suomen tivoli - Me, a geek? Nooooo...

Suomen tivoli is a Finnish amusement park that is moving from one town to another. Earlier this month, it stopped nearby so I went there with Shiro Samurai, and we dragged Jäätynyt Enkeli along. We actually ended up going there three days in a row oops XD and wearing different wigs/make-up/clothes every time. Explanation later. ;p

But this is how we looked on the first day:

Pretty boy please. <3
(By the way, I am wearing these contacts.)
Ehem. Check out Shiro Samurai's post by the way, he has a glorious pic. But what do I see here? A plushie is photobombing? Could it be Sonic? O_o
Yup, it's Sonic. See, the amusement park had this beautiful rage inducing thing...

Sonics. Everywhere. I see a Shadow goddammit.
They had Yoshis too.
But I wanted a Sonic. >D
Come on bro, come with me. 8D
Overwhelming victory! ~ only 7 tries
I was happy. x) I'm a bit of a Sonic geek, because Sonic games are very nostalgic for me. One of the first TV games I've ever seen was an old Sonic on my dad's SEGA, so go figure. I'm currently playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle by the way, because it's one of my absolute favorites in the Sonic series - but this game is more rage-inducing than it seems. :'( Like, impossible controls and too tight timings, or the game simply not responding... But I love the story anyway.
And my favorite character is Shadow, not Sonic.
So guess if we came back the following day to get a Shadow? Dressed differently of course, so that people wouldn't recognize us as "the people who already got a plushie yesterday". Yeah that's my explanation. XD
I got my Shadow after 14 tries bitch and then we went to buy some Slush because this thing is too good. Oh, and we were toasting.

Mango and lime. Yum. <3
We also went to ride a few of the attractions. Jäätynyt Enkeli wasn't interested but Shiro Samurai and I rode the Ferris wheel (on the first day though) and the Music Express (speedy train that goes around in a circle with rock classics in the background <3)... twice.

Such Ferris wheel. Beautiful view from there.
I also went to ride the Free Fall! I like being in high places okay. x)

Derp scared face.
But I survived, and it was surprisingly fun! Even the very small kids did it... lol I screamed at the top of my lungs though because when this thing falls, you can't help it. </3 My throat hurt afterwards.
Oh by the way, there was this guy who rode the Free Fall too. We had seen him in another of the "extreme" attractions and he just rode them with the same calm smile, holding his cap without even budging. We dubbed him to the swag guy.

Swag guy is swag.
Yeah. XD
We also set on winning ALL the Sonic plushies (Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles and Amy) so we came back the following day again! I tried catching a Tails for Shiro Samurai for like forever and I don't even want to think about how much cash I spent on it. The Mario geeky bros helped me and handed me a few coins, but Tails didn't want to follow me. D< I was getting kinda pissed, but if I gave up I would have lost my money in vain!

(I'm wearing these contacts by the way.)
Shiro Samurai wanted to try getting it, just for shit and giggles because he kept saying that he really sucked at these "claw" thingies. He started moving the claw, aimed, pressed the button... and grabbed not one but TWO plushies. We all thought that they would be too heavy and fall but NO, he got both of them ON THE FIRST TRY.
I think that my eyes dropped out of my eyeballs; or my contacts popped out and them flew back in place or something because I couldn't believe it. XD Soooooo you suck at this, hmm? MY SHINY ASS. It was really beautiful, I didn't even know it was possible to grab two of them. It took me quite a while to get over it - so awesome! :'D
And he even gave me the Amy plushie as a consolation for the rage! :'D bf please <3 He won another plushie at another game booth thingy, that he gave me too, hihihi. ~ It's cute but I'm still trying to figure out what animal it is. Mmmmmmmystery.
Later on Jäätynyt Enkeli tried getting his own plushie - Knuckles - and it took a while but he finally got it. And then the amusement park closed. What you mean, short timing? x)
But we got ALL THE SONIC PLUSHIES and had a great time there! Yay! :'D


Cotton candy. Just because. <3
Edit: Have a group pic of all the Sonic plushies!


  1. It was so much fun going to the tivoli and camping in front of the Sonic claw crane machine all days. xD Beautiful raging lol. The ice slush was so damn good too, especially the green one! <3 Hnng I kind of miss the whole thing now; we should go again next year! 8D

    Oh, and as soon as Jäätynyt Enkeli gets back home from Närcon we should borrow his Knuckles plushie for a Sonic group photo pic that you can add to this post afterwards! :-DD

  2. It was nice to be with you at the tivoli and rage together at the Sonic claw-machine! xD Congrats on all the plushies you fished up :)