Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DesuCruise 2014 cosplay plans: We're going on a cruise, senpai!

How're you doing people? :D

Woah, I still can't believe I'm going to DesuCruise. It feels unreal even now when Shiro Samurai and I are about to leave for Helsinki! Yup, he will be my company for this journey and he's the one who convinced me to go. This is the last DesuCruise to be held so even if we both are short on cash we decided to go so that we could experience it at least once. 
The ship leaves Helsinki on Thursday evening and arrives in Stockholm in the morning of Friday. And then back to Helsinki. :D (See Shiro Samurai's post for more information.)
About our cosplays plans... Shiro Samurai and I had a secret pair cosplay planned, but sadly we didn't get it done in time. Because I suck at sewing. But we will cosplay nonetheless, and save our secret cosplay for a future con! It would have been amazing on a ship though...


Thursday will just be random. We have a long train ride and a long molding time in Helsinki before boarding the ship so we won't be able to put on cosplays. Shiro Samurai will be in a hurry to go attend the "panels" (read: randomness) that are held on the ship so cosplaying on Thursday is definitely impossible. But we will still wear something that sends out con vibes. :)
Oh, and I won't attend the panels myself. There is no point, since I won't understand a shit. :(


Series: Hakuouki ~SSL~
Character: Yukimura Chizuru
Shiro Samurai and I agreed that SSL would be the easiest and most fitting cosplay to troll in Stockholm before the ship leaves again. We wanted something casual-ish and not too flashy, and since our other cosplays are mostly kimono we didn't have much choice. x) Of course, Shiro Samurai will be my Okita.
[insert Chizuru's voice here] I'm going on a cruise with Okita-senpai! <3 Fangirls please, calm down.

That's it for the cosplay plans! I'm really looking forward to DesuCruise even if I'm not attending the panels because I've never been on a cruising ship to begin with I'm too poor for that so I'm very curious! I've only been on a ferry before; I wonder how different this will be. Normally I shouldn't get seasick, oops. 
See you DesuCruise guys on the ship! :'D 
Bye-bye! <3


  1. HNNNG can't wait! <3 I've been longing to go on a cruising ship for years now, aghdgfha;ajgh!! *noodle arms*

  2. I hope that your cruise trip will still be awesome and worth the money despite that you're not gonna attend any con programs during the cruise.