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Ice cream bar summary. I mean, Oulun Animeseminaari 2014 summary.

Oulun Animeseminaari was held the 8th and 9th of August, a.k.a just the previous week-end. If Friday counts as week-end, that is. Yeah, my summary is actually on time. The reason for this: Animeseminaari was very disappointing this year so I don't have all that much to say about it. :( Actually, the ice cream bar nearby was more interesting than Animeseminaari itself... hence the title.
But let's explain a little more in detail. Animeseminaari changed location this year; instead of our usual Valve, it was held in the town library. It was quite the change. At least there was an ice cream bar close by.


I made the long and terribly dangerous journey to Oulu in the brave company of Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli. Just kidding, Oulu is pretty close to where we live... if you compare to other cons, of course. It's obviously not walking distance, so we took the train.
We first took the bus to Kemi. I was feeling bad all that time because I had been forced to cancel an important meeting; the only way I could possibly go to the meeting and the con was to clone myself. And I'm very bad at cloning right now so I picked the con, but I would get in trouble for missing the meeting. So I was worried about this and had a lot of stuff on my mind... I wasn't paying attention, and a spurgu (read: drunk, possibly homeless guy) stepped on my foot when boarding the bus. Argh. 
In Kemi we molded for a while, bought provisions in Lidl and played some Monster Hunter while waiting for our train. Shiro Samurai did his remix of the Khezu songs in fart version, which made our whole bench vibrate. I guess our brains were well-fried, because this was hilarious. XD 
I was half-asleep during most of the train ride and when we arrived in Oulu we walked the short distance to Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli's aunt. When we stepped into her apartment, she was playing on the Wii U gamepad - special Zelda edition. Wow. 
Later in the evening there came a thunder storm, which beautifully avoided us. We got to hear some thunderclaps and see some lightning bolts though. It gave me nostalgic feelings because I used to watch lightning storms with my bro. I miss you! :'( But eventually the storm rolled away to more distant skies and we went to bed without background thunderclaps. I slept next to Shiro Samurai and spent half the night flattening my body against the wall because he was sprawled on the rest of the bed and I didn't want to wake him up. He is definitely the most effective bed space stealer. XD


My alarm rang at nine and I got out of bed after snoozing it a little. I was very laggy but most of it went away after a shower. I put on my non-cosplay outfit; we had agreed with Sairu-chan that we would swap our plans so that we would get a better opportunity to photoshoot on Saturday. I went to wake Shiro Samurai up but after a few minutes I realized that something terrible was happening. He wouldn't answer me and I recognized with horror the signs of an all too common affection: lag. He had a bad case and no matter what I tried I couldn't get him out of bed. My attempts only annoyed him. I'm sorry! :'(
Eventually he got up and we got ready. Geeky clothes on, slight make-up, wig and contacts for me, horses in our bags... let's go! 
We walked through town trying to look normal but it wasn't very successful. I had annoying pains in my legs that kept bothering me; basically every step hurt. That's what happens when half your job is biking...
While we walked through town we happened to see a few guys sitting on a bench near a bar... They had long hair, long beards and were drinking beer... but their own music player thing was playing next to them, and it sounded very much like power metal. Be warmly welcomed to Finland. XD
But we made it to the library and scouted for con people, colorful outfits, cosplayers everywhere and the general feeling of con hype. 
Well, that was quite the unlucky scouting because there wasn't any of this. It felt like we were in the wrong place and time. There were barely any con people, the amount of cosplayers could be counted on the fingers and the con hype was pretty much absent.

Is there supposed to be a con here? :(
We walked toward the library. I was guiding Shiro Samurai because he had just put on the horse mask and his vision was very limited. Soon enough we saw a familiar and so tall figure: Karri, the werewolf guy who appears in northern cons, when the moon is full. We didn't talk for long this time, and I went inside the "con" building with Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli in the hope that it would be better than expected.
It wasn't. There was barely any con-related stuff inside too... :'( A few con people, but we were by far outnumbered by the normies, who stared at us.

So few congoers...
That's it for the con stuff. :'(
They had a cool horse though. And I had a horse hat. Picture needed. ;)

Normies are staring at me! :(
Yeah. We quickly went back outside because it was a bit too warm inside. We were waiting for Sairu-chan but she seemingly got delayed so we went to troll in town instead... Shiro Samurai kept the horse mask on. We got an amazing lot of funny reactions, people smiling, waving, pointing and commenting that there was a horse walking in the street! That was much funnier than the con, actually. I had a lot of fun describing the reactions for Shiro Samurai, who could only see little. At one point an older woman talked to him for a moment, asked several questions including "Is the horse kind?". It was pretty. x) 
We went to eat hamburgers in Hesburger because we had sale coupons, so it was pretty cheap. We kept talking about the lack of con feeling in Animeseminaari - at least we had our con diet with hamburgers... OTL It was sad because usually the con hype drives away the lag... but I had no con feeling, so I was laggy and consequently needed a lot of coffee. >: I don't usually need much coffee during cons because the hype makes up for it.
When we walked back to the con we were welcomed by a running Karri, who had seemingly grown tired of wearing his jacket. We also found Sairu-chan and we hugged. <3 She had her colossal titan mask, which Shiro Samurai borrowed...

Titan selfie. <3
He kept the mask on for a little while, and I swear I couldn't look at him. I know it's only a mask and stuff but... colossal titan scares me okay? ._. I only watched the first episode of Shingeki no Kyojin, and I didn't know it was so violent so I got kind of a trauma. So every time I turned to talk to him I almost got paskahalvaus. 
Meanwhile Shiro Samurai was a titan, I was holding the horse mask and decided to have some fun too...

This is my horse gun!
I'LL SHOOT YOU WITH CARROTS!! feat. involuntary duckmouth. >:
 ... yeah. Karri then borrowed the horse mask and offered a free piggyback ride to whomever wanted it. No one seemed too eager except me. 8D

Let's ride! :'D
It was a lot of fun to ride on his back, but it was also scary because he's so tall. XD Karri makes a kind horse though. I had no carrot to give him after the ride so I patted his head instead.
We went inside because Karri wanted to meet his sister. Unlike him, she's not a werewolf. It was slightly livelier than earlier, but still... 

We didn't stay inside for long because there wasn't anything to do. The only interesting element in the library was its small indoors fountain. It was funny m'kay? And it's common knowledge that normal people throw coins in fountains for good fortune... and poor people fish them up for extra cash. 

I became richer by five cents! :'D
Shiro Samurai and I headed to the nearby ice cream bar and took a refreshing break. The ice cream was super good, but expensive. Seemingly, it was still cheaper than the library's cafeteria... Did they put gold powder in their coffee?

We sat in the shadows to eat our ice cream, it was comfy. When we were done we met with Sairu-chan, Jäätynyt Enkeli and his and Shiro Samurai's gamer aunt. We agreed on going to her place to play video games because it was more interesting than the "con".
Oh, and at one point I couldn't help but perch myself on a branch. I like climbing trees okay? :'3

We then headed to the guys' gamer aunt place. I bought some iced coffee on the way because I was laggy and I had a terrible craving for coffee. We also bought Dr Pepper lemonade; I have a growing addiction to this thing. Seemingly I'm not the only one either. *glances at Shiro Samurai*

Gaming time! :'D Super Mario 3D World on Wii U.
Sairu-chan had to leave very soon though. Meh. The remaining three of us kept playing until we got tired of it and then watched a funny TV program featuring fail videos. At one point I laughed so much it was hard to breathe. XD
After this I took my computer, trolled on the Internet and got some stuff done. I didn't go to bed too late though because I was tired. There wasn't enough con hype to keep me up until way too late. :(
In the middle of the night I was woken up by a slight and annoying touch. I tried to ignore it but it came back, finally succeeding in dragging me out of sleep. Shiro Samurai was tickling my feet, goddammit! D< I tried not to be grumpy and listened to what he had to say because it was actually important enough to tickle me out of sleep. Saturday would seemingly have horrible weather, namely rain and violent thunderstorms... So we pondered for a while about whether we should even go to Animeseminaari or not. I wasn't too eager about taking the risk to get my lolita dress all wet if we happened to be surprised by the rain. After some talk that just went around in tired circles, we decided to sleep and see about this on the morning.
We talked until it was way too late (like after 4 a.m. oops). Shiro Samurai finally fell asleep, but I couldn't sleep for a while because I didn't have my Okita plushie. >:


Much lag. I dragged myself out of bed around nine again and I used a new technique to wake Shiro Samurai up, namely using his laptop as a bait. It worked surprisingly well. He checked the weather forecast and confirmed that the weather would suck elephant balls for today, so putting on complicated cosplays (for him and Sairu-chan) and turning into a lolita girl (for me) was out of the question. Photoshooting was not included either. When Shiro Samurai called Sairu-chan, it turned out that she wouldn't even attend Animeseminaari on this day, so we lost one of our main reasons to go there. :(
We went to buy more Dr Pepper lemonade instead because needs. We went to check Animeseminaari just in case there would be something and mostly because I needed to pee. In the bathroom I happened to see a girl who was obviously a congoer; she seemed to struggle with red contact lenses so I said I had lens solution in case she needed some. She said it wasn't needed because she wouldn't use said contacts anymore. We then started talking, went outside and kept talking about anime, cosplay and cons. She asked where I'm from (because obviously I spoke English to her), and how come I attend Finnish cons, and if I had friends with me etc etc etc. She was very kind and fun to talk to, and I got some lost con feeling talking to her. I hope we will meet again! >D
After this I went to the ice cream bar, where Shiro Samurai was waiting for me. Jäätynyt Enkeli had gone looking for me because I was taking forever talking with Taru (yep, that's her name), oops. When he came back we left the "con" right away; clouds above us were like SOON...
We went to this market area close to the library. I bought lollipops, most of them as gifts because they looked super cool. We then headed for the small Thai store nearby, from which we had already bought snacks and a jackfruit can on the previous day. This time we bought green curry paste so that Shiro Samurai can cook yummy Thai food, yay! <3 But then we had to hurry back - it felt like it would rain very soon. Luckily we made it back to le gamer aunt's place without getting a free shower and we even had time to buy chips on the way! :'D Hmmmm chips and gaming...
When Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli's aunt came back home, she teamed up with her partner to make super good Thai food! It was spicy and tasty and hmmmmm. Thank you so much! :'D Restaurant food anyone? They got lollipops as a thanks. :'3 I also gave one lollipop to each of the Mariokart bros. If you don't know why I'm calling Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli the Mariokart bros, go check their Skecon summaries, here and here. All the answers are there. 8D I kept the last lollipop for myself. >D

Lollipops before giving them. Aren't they fabulous? :'D
The rest of the day went without much geeking, sadly... because we kept hearing thunder and didn't dare take the risk to play. :(

We headed home on the following day and when we took the train, there was something sitting on the seat I had reserved. Again. That always happens. I didn't dare ask him to move because he was charging his phone... but it didn't help that he was wearing a T-shirt with a low neckline and flashing half his chest. OTL I was trying not to look during half of the trip. One does not simply stare when her boyfriend is sitting next to her. When he finally moved, a girl with some alternate clothing style came to sit close by. She looked like a congoer and she kept staring at me, probably trying to figure out if I was a congoer. I think that by the time the train arrived in Kemi, my secret geeky identity had been discovered... Huehuehue.

That's pretty much all I have to say about Animeseminaari this year. I feel bad about giving negative feedback because people have put work into this event, but I have to be honest. It was by far my worst con experience; it didn't even feel like a con! I was very disappointed and I'm seriously wondering if next year's Animeseminaari will be worth going. It seems like all they had this year was the Omake table, a small manga table, an origami table somewhere (which I didn't even see), a drawing contest, a cosplay date and a few panels. Needless to say that I can't attend panels even if I am interested... :(
There was no con merchandise, no Artist's Alley, no cosplay competition and no con feeling whatsoever. I wasn't expecting an awesome con either, but this beat records of boredom... The only thing worth doing was hanging around with friends like Sairu-chan and Karri. We shortly met Cissydella (who was very pretty as Arrancar version of Inoue Orihime from Bleach) and Jennysja but we didn't really talk.
So... that concludes my summary - much disappointment and only thin hope that it would be better next year.


Thursday evening. I was just trying on the horse. 8D
"Housut pois" --> "Take off the pants" >D
Karri at his most beautiful.
Let's ride towards sunset!
I'm outta here, bye bye!

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  1. Thanks for the lollipop! Also I really hope that Animeseminaari takes a turn to the better in the future. I might consider skipping it too otherwise >: