Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NerdCon 2014 plans: Lolita maid!

Hi hi hello everyone! <3
I'll be attending NerdCon this year, which will be held in Umeå, Sweden on Saturday the 16th. In other words, SOON. This is only the second NerdCon in history but I'm sure it will be a blast! NerdCon will also be very special for me; this is my first time as a con volunteer! I am very very excited and about just as nervous because I've never done this kind of work before I'll be working in the cafeteria and I'm so scared that I'll be limited by my not-so-good Swedish skills. Aaaaaah! *running around in hyped panic*
By the way, I will be working with Shiro Samurai from 13:00 to 16:00. I'm looking forward to this but I'm really so nervous. Here is my evil master plan for this one-day con:

Lolita girl. <3
I chose this outfit because it's comfortable, cute and easy to move in. Working will be no problem! My wig and contacts are very comfy and practical too; no vision block or annoying long hair that gets tangled and always moves in the way. Lolita was the perfect plan!
And since I'll be working in the con cafeteria... this is close enough maid, isn't it? I'll be a Lolita maid! I wish I had a certain maid cosplay though... ehem.
Psst... Jäätynyt Enkeli is coming too! Check out his plans! ;)
See you in NerdCon guys! <3


  1. I hope you will enjoy your work at the con despite being very nervous. I can totally understand you! Also, don't worry about your Swedish "cafeteria Swedish" is pretty simple and you have my bro to cover your back too, in case of need ;)

  2. HNNGH SO EXCITED! Can't wait!
    I'm sure it will go fine and well, if you get a Swedish brainfart I can always take over whatever customer you had at hand. :P But I'm sure it's gonna be okay!