Saturday, August 2, 2014

Oulun Animeseminaari 2014 plans - you shall wear no pants!

... No, I won't be half-naked. *rolls eyes* No pants just means skirt and dress, you perverts!
Oh, and I didn't forget to write cosplay in the title either; I won't cosplay at Animeseminaari. Don't be disappointed though, I will still do something! One does not simply go to a con wearing normal clothes.
Before I forget to write about it, here's the most important stuff about Animeseminaari, a.k.a Anime seminar. It will be held 8th and 9th of August in the library of Oulu (Kaupunginkirjasto, more precisely). Here we say goodbye to our usual Valve building, which was seemingly too small and too expensive. Sure, it was small in there but I still don't think it was as crammed as a certain convention... *coughAnimeconcough*
Ehem. Due to the location change and the library personal's dictature, I mean decision, all weapons are banned. And the cosplay comeptition is cancelled because the library doesn't have a fitting room for it. Blehrgh. There is also a risk that the Dealer's Hall will be outside... but nothing is yet sure, and I'm stealing all my information from Shiro Samurai's post. (Check out his new banner! Isn't it cool? :'D)

But enough ramblings now, let's get to my plans already. 8D


I'll just be a sweet lolita girl. ~ <3
I'm not really sure yet about which wig I'll wear but I'm terribly tempted to use this orange and pink one again because it's my only wig with two ponytails... and it's just too cute and fluffy and cotton candy. <3 Another reason for being a lolita is that this dress is very comfy to wear so I'll have no problems photoshooting Shiro Samurai as Ibuki!
And I want to do more lolita stuff, m'kay. <3


... I'm not even 100% sure myself about what I'll wear on Saturday. oops But I can tell you that it will be non-cosplay, and it will feature a skirt, along with a geeky/funny element. ;) Basically I'll just be randomly fabulous and send con vibes everywhere when I walk across the town. :'D 

I don't expect so much from Animeseminaari this year because of the new location, but I'm eager to hang out with my friends there! So see you guys in Oulu and bye-bye! :)

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  1. *insert derpy voice here* HOUSUT POIIIIISSS. eiku *cough* Khrmm. xD
    But yeah, let's see what Animeseminaari will turn into this year...