Sunday, September 7, 2014

How to be a demon (part 1): grow horns.

Hi everyone!

Here begins the "how to be a demon" series! *drumroll* I want to do separate posts about different parts of my oni!Chizuru (aka demon!Chizuru) cosplay so I thought I'd make it look a bit cooler than it actually is, huehuehue. 
So first part: oni!Chizuru has two small horns on her forehead... but on the one and only official screenshot I have, she doesn't have horns.

Where are your horns? WHY DO YOU LOOK EPIC? ;A; <3
Ehem. But in the actual game in which she transforms into an oni - Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom - Chizuru does have the horns. You can see it in the artbook.

 Many tears later...
Okay, so... her horns are white. Mine were originally grey... just because. So I recently burgled borrowed some paint from Jäätynyt Enkeli and painted them anew.
Pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai.

Before painting.
It's not really visible but these horns were red in the beginning. They are just cheap plastic Halloween props that you clip in your hair and boom red horns. But I gave them a new life in cosplay! :')

Starting to re-paint.
Painting in progress...
Second coating.
The paint I used is actually wood paint, but it worked fine! I put three coatings (and raged quite much because the brush I had was way too small for this kind of thing :< ) and I'm very satisfied about how they look now!

Re-painted horns.
I'm happy because they don't look very smooth; they kinda look like they're made out of bone, which is very nice. Real demons don't have cardboard horns. ;) 

I'll show now how I clip them on my wig - prepare for rage, because they are a bitch to put on.

Closing system.

Shove it in the netting of the wig.
And press so that it clips.
That's how it looks on the inside of the wig. Horns were here.
Close enough?
It doesn't look too bad, but you can still see the closing system when the horns are clipped on the wig... which bothers me. This kind of closing system also has a limited life span: after a while the round-ish part that stops the metallic part and keeps the clip closed gets worn and the clip opens very easily. So the horns fall off with the slightest push. This is very annoying because as I said, they're hard to put on. Shoving them in the netting of the wig isn't the easiest, and when you think you've got it right and put on the wig... one horn is right and the other is pointing to the left and looks completely retarded. :< Also, good luck getting them symmetrical... 
Because of this amount of rage, I'm really thinking about taking off the metallic part of the clip and then sanding my horns flat so that I can just glue them on my forehead with spirit gum. I will wait until Tracon is over before doing this though - just in case it fails. I'm not sure how well the spirit gum and plastic horns feat. paint will get along so I'll do my experiencing when I don't have a con on the coming week-end. :'D I don't want to be hornless for Tracon in case this fails.

This concludes it for the first part of the "demon" series! 
Spoilers: Next part will be about growing some blood-sucking device on your teeth... x)

That's it for today! See you in the next post! ~


  1. It's cool that you can use all kinds of readily available cheap Halloween/carneval/whatnot stuff and turn it into cosplay props with just a little modifying. :)

    I'm crossing my fingers that when the closing system's life-span wears out that you can flatten out the "bottom" and use the spirit gum method. Sure that spirit gum is stronger than it first seems when you apply it (aka before it dries completely) but yeah, you really don't want to have falling horns during the con every time you wrinkle your forehead in surprise or something. xD

  2. The glue method probably would be better, since, well, the horns are probably growing from her skin and not hair :'D or maybe you could adjust them with just normal hair clips, or wig clips, same color as your wig? they could be less visible?

    1. I'll definitely try to glue them on. They look like they're in her hair though, because anime doesn't care about this kind of logic! :'D
      I don't think that using white clips will work. :< It's not actually the clip that shows, it's a part of the horn. So... looking forward to the glue-ing, heheheh.

  3. In da anime... does do we see that she actually turns into a demon... even though she is one?