Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to be a demon (part 2): grow fangs.


Here continues the "demon" series! This time, let's implant ourselves the simplest blood-sucking device, namely vampire fangs. I also need fangs for my oni!Chizuru cosplay. Excuse the absence lack of references to prove this... but I'm pretty sure that while the rasetsu (aka "furies" in the American version) don't have fangs, the oni do. 20% cooler, heh. 
I bought my fangs from Aradani Costumes, based in the USA. It's an excellent store, selling pro items of high quality. They ship fast and pack items safely. The only drawback is that you seemingly have a higher risk to get your package into customs... at least it happened to me. But I really recommend Aradani Costumes if you need any kind of extra fangs, ears, or other horns. :'D

On to the fangs themselves. I bought the Subtle Vampire Fangs of the Scarecrow brand. I didn't want too big fangs because I assumed Chizuru had pretty small ones. Also I think I have rather small teeth so I thought it safer to roll with the smallest option. 

Pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai.

This is what they look like unopened. Rather flashy. :D
There was an instruction booklet too.
When I opened the coffin box, I saw a whole kit of stuff-to-use.

Yup. So... what is what, and what do I do?
I referred to the instruction booklet, which was clear and detailed. I read through it entirely and then I had Shiro Samurai help me with customizing my fangs. He was counting minutes, basically. :'D
So first I needed to practice with the fangs so that I could put them on smoothly on the first try and in one move. It will be important when I do the actual customizing. 

Close-up on one fang. The two fangs are identical.
When I could put them over my canine teeth on the first try, I mixed the paste that would harden and become the perfect mold of my canine teeth. I needed to mix one of the powder capsules with four drops of the liquid and stir the paste in the black box. 

Ready to pour the liquid.
More mixing...
After one minute of mixing, I ended up with some paste that I stuck on the inner "walls" of my left fang and went to put it on my tooth. I had to hold it in place for 5mn, which is quite long... which means I had to wipe off some drool. I know you love my cute details. While I was holding the fang in place, Shiro Samurai came and snapped a pic. I'm not sure I should thank him...

Looking clever here.
Ahum. I'd like to know who can look good while doing this kind of thing. And I'm a cosplayer, not a dentist specialized in vampires.

Left fang on my canine tooth.
I put on the second fang after this, without taking off the first one. It was a bit harder because my right canine tooth didn't want to cooperate... but who has symmetrical teeth anyway? So I dealt with it like I could and struggled the second fang over my tooth. Using my right hand was very clumsy so I used the left. I'm right-handed so it was quite the challenge... Left hand, why do you betray me? 

Once my fangs were in place, I kept them for as long as possible. They were fairly comfortable to wear except for the excess of hardened paste everywhere... but this allows a better fit, so I can't trim it. They were a very slight hinder when I talked, but barely at all. I could talk almost like usual; Shiro Samurai didn't notice any difference when I spoke. I did notice something very slight. I also had more problems pronouncing the "th" sound.
I didn't eat anything with the fangs on cause it's not recommended. I only drank water, nothing else. It's specified in the instructions that some drinks can stain your fangs, so I stayed away from my coffee. I took off the fangs to eat; they went off easily with a push of my lower teeth and some pulling with my fingers. I put them back on after eating and brushing my teeth.
There isn't really much to add about the small fangs; they aren't really a hindrance or anything. They got in the way when I tried to smile though, so my smile looked different than usual. Otherwise, no problems. :)
I must say that Scarecrow is a very good brand. My fangs are high quality and the instructions in the booklet are precise, complete and easy to understand. All green! :'D

First horns, then fangs... Am I still human? 8D Figure out in the next episode of the "demon" series! (Wow, that sounded like an anime cliffhanger...)


  1. You should thank me for eternalizing such beauty. xD
    ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL? <- Gwonam voice

    But really, these fangs look so much more pro than those usual cheapo ones you find all over the place during Halloween. They look so real!

  2. Thanks for writing this post, it's very useful! I will return to this/you if I have questions about fangs. I know that I have one character that I will need fangs for :)