Monday, September 1, 2014

Tracon 2014 cosplay plans: What happened to my eyes?

What's up people? :)

Tracon is coming next for me, and for the sake of avoiding to spoil one of my cosplays in another post, I will reveal my plans now. I'm not 100% done with my cosplays but I should make it in time no problem! No speed sewing this time. </3
Here goes! ;)


Series: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Character: Yukimura Chizuru (oni version)
Okay, so... the obligatory Chizuru. *sigh* Oh well, this time I'm planning on some upgrading of this cosplay. They will be revealed later. ;) I like the oni version especially much because the wig doesn't pull my hair painfully... and c'mon, I get to have pointy ears, horns, fangs... and GOLDEN EYES. I can even become insane because of sudden blood lust and turn to my Saitou (read: Shiro Samurai)...


Series: Naruto Shippuden
Character: Hyūga Hinata
I started working on Hinata really long ago and I finally get an occasion to cosplay her! I still have a few details to add to my costume and I need to do a make-up test but it's mostly done. I even have contact lenses just for her. I've worn them in town today and got some stares, heheheh.
I've liked Hinata ever since her fight against Neji in the first season... and I have to admit that I identify to her on some points too. :) 
I'll also meet a Naruto group! I'm a bit nervous because I'm probably the only one not speaking Finnish... but I'm happy about not being a lonely Hinata. :) 

Okay, see you all in Tracon! :'D


  1. HNNNG TRACON FEELS!! ;A; <3 Can't wait!

    I'm sure it will be just fine for you at the Naruto group. Don't stress about it; I've got good impressions of the group and yeah, you won't be alone. :) I could come and photoshoot all of you at the con if I find you all, or stay close to the group at all times... LIKE A NINJA. *kröhöm* xD

  2. Cool, I'm sure you'll make a wonderful Hinata. I think I thought about cosplaying Neji in the far past, but my enthusiasm for Naruto has kind of faded. Also I never got to Shippuuden because damn fillers.

    1. Thank you! :)
      Oh, you would be cool as Neji! But I understand that you lost enthusiasm... Those fillers almost got me too. :(