Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chizuru's jacket is done!

How're you doing, everyone? :)

Remember Chizuru's winter uniform?

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Well, such a jacket is way too complicated for me to sew. The pattern is very complex and there is just no chance I could make it. </3 So I asked my mum if she could sew it for me and she agreed. She's very kind! <3 
I have some progress pictures but since I'm not the one sewing, I'm not too sure of what is going on. x'3 One thing I know is that my camera likes to color-rape... a lot. The jacket is neither grey, nor electric blue. 
Yeah, if anyone wonders, I am using my own camera. Sorry about the lesser quality. 

It's a sleeve!
Before sewing on the sleeve.
Sleeve hole all pinned.
Same but with the flash, for even more color-rape. </3
The red thread marks where the right side comes.
Pins mark where the buttons will go. There's a lone button too.
Buttons sewn on a sleeve.
And done! :'D
So if the random white and red threads here and there puzzle you: they actually mark some spots so that you know where a seam comes. You use cheap fragile thread for these, hahah.
Nothing really to add except that I'm really happy about the jacket's quality, it's amazing. Can't wait to wear it! :'D

See you next time! ~

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