Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Spiders for Halloween!

Happy Halloween people! :'D

What do you mean "I'm late"?

Please nevermind the late-ness (this word now exists in the world). This time I want to write about something I did for Halloween... chocolate spiders.
What does this have to do with cosplay, you ask?
Nothing! :'D
But I still wanted to share my spiders with everyone. :'3 

So on the 31st of October I searched the Internet for a recipe of spider-shaped cupcakes. I found something I was happy with and settled on trying it! I may really dislike spiders when they creep close to me, I was very excited about making some into cupcakes and eating them. x')
I had gone grocery shopping with mum on the previous day so I had all the ingredients I needed. The most important: chocolate and liquorice. :'3
Cupcake making isn't very hard so I didn't take pics. Mostly it's just mixing ingredients and then cooking them... x) My spiders were a bit harder to make though because I needed to spread chocolate coating on the cakes and since the coating was reaaaallly sticky, it was pretty clumsy work. XD My mum helped me with this; she did the coating while I sprinkled chocolate on top of it. It stuck to the coating and looked amazing! Then we put some small white-ish balls for eyes and put a dot of chocolate on them. 
For the legs, I used a liquorice roll that was un-rolled and cut into pieces. It worked wonderfully! All I needed to do was to pierce small holes into the cake and then carefully put the legs in place. In total I made ten spiders. I was so happy when they were done! :'D

Flash pic.
Don't they look delicious? :'D
I think the making of cupcake spiders helped me treat my disgust for these insects a little bit. XD 

Hey, am I not forgetting something?
If you're quick to the count, you'll have noticed right away that there are only nine spiders on the plate, and I wrote I made ten. Well, there's a little thing about the tenth spider... 
You see, my grandpa has been sick for over a year now and he's in the hospital, so part of the reason I did the baking was so that I could bring him a spider to cheer him up. But my grandpa likes spiders very much... he would try to get me to play with big spiders when I was a kid (and I was just like... "no", lol). As you can see, my chocolate spiders have six legs because the cake is a bit too small for eight. And knowing my grandpa, he would have made fun of a spider with six legs, since they normally have eight. 
So only for him, I made a single spider with eight legs. :')

Grandpa! Eat this spider! <3
He really liked the spider. :') 

On the evening, people rang our doorbell to ask for candy. Like every year, we had a little trap for them, in the form of this lovely creature...

The banana is for the scale, not for the spider to eat. But then again...
This giant spider has a thread across the back so you can tie a string to it. The balcony of this house is just above the door. See where this is going? :'D Anyone ringing the doorbell this night had a giant spider fall on them. <3 I love this thing.

And then the person opening the door was myself, with little make-up. The lenses I'm wearing are the Revo Color White Mesh/Screen.

Feat. con T-shirt, heheh.
I did scare some kids. x)

If someone wonders why the quality of pics isn't the same, it's because I'm using my own camera. For once, Shiro Samurai and his super camera aren't with me. :'( I'm abroad to see my family but I'm coming home soon. ~

That's it about my spiders-filled Halloween, once again I'm sorry that this post is coming so late. I had computer issues and a case of I-don't-have-a-minute, for several reasons. 
There's actually another spider-related story but I'm not sure if I should tell it because I got pretty ridiculous so you tell me... do you want to know about it? ;) 
Oh, and I'm definitely making spiders for next Halloween too, it was just too funny. XD

See ya'! <3


  1. I love the derp eyes on that mega size spider and the cupcakes are super cute! I look forward to see you trying more spider cupcakes or other Halloween themed ones in the future ~

    I hope you've been having a great time there so far! I miss you here man!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! x) The spidey cupcakes are surprisingly adorable, I want to taste 'em haha. I also hope your grandpa is okay, well-wishes for him. :)
    Oh, and I kinda hope that some poor random trick or treat kid got a paskahalvaus from that mega plush spider. xD Yeah I'm evil, I know.. hohoho.. ~

    I miss you. :'(
    Let's go to Paris and visit Japan Expo someday together, oh that would be a blast! Show me all the cool places haha. I can't wait to start going to anime conventions abroad - someday soon, neh? ;)