Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hide your potatoes: casual!Sasha Blouse make-up test

Hello! :)

Week-end! :'D In other words, time to hop into my secret identity and do cosplay stuff. :'3
I had my cosplay ready and I wanted to check if my wig needed to be trimmed. I had actually trimmed it very slightly already, just enough so that the fibers wouldn't poke my eyes all the time. With this done, it turned out that the bangs were pretty much perfect. <3 The only thing left to do was to straighten the wig.
I didn't know for sure if it was heat-resistant random Ebay wig so I first tried on a few fibers. Of course, I had the straightener on the lowest possible heat all along. (100°C) My wig turned out to be perfectly heat resistant, yipee! :'D I would have cried if it had molten. Anyways, I first straightened the side bangs, which were curling too much and made me look stupid. Once they were straightened, I already looked more like Sasha.
Then I straightened the ponytail clip, which was pretty curly. I feel sad about flattening the cute curls but it can't be helped, cosplay was calling! At first the fibers went everywhere, like with static electricity. As soon as I smoothed them with my hand, they turned back to normal. After a few minutes, my clip was straightened all right!

Then came the time for make-up. I had to do without the lenses because I hadn't had time to put them to soak in solution, so please excuse my lack of fitting eyes on the pics. TT^TT I also put on the outfit that I had sewn with the help of my mum, and suddenly I looked like our potato girl! Cosplay is magic.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai (thank you for the pic editing too! <3)
Cosplayer: Hasakitsuki (casual!Sasha Blouse)

I see potatoes over there...
We sacrifice our hearts for potatoes. :C
Sasha style.
Like a Titan. ._.
These pics were actually taken before Frostbite and were supposed to be a preview but for several reasons it just wasn't possible to post it before the con. Sorry guys. One of the reasons was, well, the beginning of a con flu that followed me during the whole con week-end and is still going on now! >_< Gotta hate getting sick in winter cons...

But yeah, this is my first test for Sasha - next time I'll actually have the lenses on!
What do you think about my make-up? Leave a comment. <3

See you next time the Titans attack!

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  1. You make cute Sasha :> I don't know, maybe you could "enlarge" your eyes a bit less with white, because it kinda makes you look a bit funny (although well, I'm just not fan of it, and it's your style!). But anygays, I think it's a nice make up :>