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Kemin mangapäivä 2015 - the rise of the Tigrex bros.

Hello hello! :)

Last week-end (or more exactly, on Saturday the 21st), a small event was held in Kemi, Finland. It was Kemin mangapäivä; or Kemi's Manga Day in English. I went there with Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli because it's close by and comfy. :'3

We got there a bit past 10:00 Finnish time, thinking that we'd be able to enjoy the event from the start. There was no one in front of the building though, and the doors were closed... A security guy opened the door for us so we could get in, but there was seemingly some derp with the door that it couldn't be opened from the outside at all. So basically the security guys have been opening doors all day...
And the event seemingly started at 11:00 too, oops.
Anyways, when we got in there, we went to take off our jackets as well as create evidence that we were here.
Yes, that's a mirror selfie. :'D

Behold the Tigrex plush hats from Monster Hunter! :'D
None of us was cosplaying because it's such a small event, but we didn't exactly go unnoticed either. x)
First we went to check around the building. The first floor was blocked so there was basically only the info desk, the karaoke room and a few tables there. The second floor was livelier, there was a small Dealer's Hall and a cafeteria featuring yummy-looking snacks. Artist's Alley was also there, which was cool because the corridor had a lot of windows so it was light and comfy.

Dealer's Hall stuff.
I kinda wanted the "cat paw" gloves...
I see ponies. x)
Some of the cafeteria snacks...
I feel my blood sugar rising just looking at them.
We quickly went around the place, without buying anything. The Dealer's Hall had pretty many bootlegs as usual. Shiro Samurai saw a cool scarf in Artist's Alley but he didn't buy it. It was Haku's dragon form in Spirited Away, made into a scarf. Very cute. <3
Since there wasn't much to do, we went to town to buy some snacks... with our Tigrex hats of course. :'D People stared and laughed, someone called us "crocodiles", it was funny.
We first went to Citymarket because it's the closest but we only bought My Little Pony chocolate eggs. I've been spamming these eggs to try to get all three different rings that you can have as surprise, and Shiro Samurai has been helping me with it. For the chocolate more than for the rings, I suspect. Speaking of ponies, Citymarket had post cards!

Once we had our chocolate eggs, I teamed up with Jäätynyt Enkeli to convince Shiro Samurai to go to Lidl. I wanted the coffee from there and Jäätynyt Enkeli wanted the marzipan so we outnumbered Shiro Samurai who at first didn't want to go. We bought fresh breads from Lidl as well as fruit smoothie, coffee for me and some Angry Birds snacks.
When we got back to the event, we ate up some of our newly bought provisions and then went up to the second floor again. We happened to come during the street fashion display although we had missed the beginning. I watched with Shiro Samurai, it was pretty cool! There was no sweet lolita but there was a classic lolita and a victorian lolita. There were other styles too, like hime-gyaru (such fluffy hair!) and visual kei, plus some others I don't remember. x)
I didn't understand what the person presenting the styles said, but it was pleasant to watch, and inspiring too! I want to try more fashion styles... <3

We spotted Olli in the audience but he stayed for the cosplay competition. We didn't watch it though. Meanwhile, we went back to Artist's Alley and Shiro Samurai bought the dragon scarf after all! This kind of cute accessories suit him... <3
After the cosplay competition, we met with Olli. I talked to CissyDella too, she had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. x) She got third in the cosplay competition, congrats! :)
Olli took pictures of us Tigrex bros (feat. a sister) and told us the funny story of his cosplay jacket. He had actually forgotten the jacket for his Bean Bandit cosplay but he knew that a certain store had a fake leather jacket that would fit. So he went and bought the jacket and kept the receipt so that when the event is over, he could go give back the jacket... and get his money back.
"Oh I forgot my jacket... I'll go borrow one from the store for the day. :'D"
Thumbs up, man. XD

Shiro Samurai went to give him a quick photoshoot. I was cold so I stayed indoors with Jäätynyt Enkeli, who tried to call Sairu-chan. We hadn't seen her around and in the end it turned out that she had been so tired that she had slept through almost all Manga Day. ._. I hope she'll feel better... <3
When Shiro Samurai and Olli came back, I wanted to go buy some of the sweets from the cafeteria... but they had sold out, so my blood sugar stayed at reasonable levels. Not. Because I ate up a big cinnamon bun that I had previously bought from Lidl. :C
We played some Monster Hunter and explained some of the game to Olli. We also talked about Monster Hunter cosplays and I showed some of the armors I dream of wearing one day... ;A;
At one point, Shiro Samurai and I also ate our chocolate eggs. The two rings I was missing were in there! Now I have all of them, yay! <3 

At this point the event was drawing to an end... yes, 4 hours go by pretty fast. By the way, I didn't buy anything because when we came back from our food hunt, the cat gloves I was eyeing had already been bought. Oh well, this helps me save my cash. x)
Soon enough we said goodbye to Olli and headed to the entrance, where we waited for Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli's mum to come pick us up. (Thank you for the ride back and forth! <3)

That's it for this year's Manga Day! It was comfy and chill, I'm happy I got to spend some time with my friends. Thank you, and see you next time! <3

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  1. I-it's not that I didn't want to go to Lidl, it's just that those extra meters we had to walk to get there made the Lazy Mode kick in.. Yeah, it suddenly felt like it was further away than what it actually was. Lidl does have a better (and cheaper) sortiment when it comes to yummy provisions though, can't deny.

    But yeah, I couldn't resist the dragon scarf indeed! I can't wait to do some outfit coords with it! Oh and speaking of which - you should totally try more different fashion/lolita styles too!

    Also.. Olli's jacket story was gold. xD
    Attending Kemin mangapäivä this time was more fun than usual - sometimes a small cozy event feels so much more better than a big popular one...