Friday, July 31, 2015

Lens review: Princess Pinky Eclipse Brown

Hello hello! :) 

I'm back with a review of the brown lenses in the Princess Pinky Eclipse family! Now actually, they aren't very brown... when worn, they take a more golden color, at least on my light eyes. It was a surprise for me because I thought they would look, well, brown. I don't mind the golden shade though; golden is not the most common color so I'm happy to have a rare-ish color heheh. 
So my initial plan was to use the Princess Pinky Eclipse Brown for my Enju Aihara cosplay (Black Bullet). The color turned out to be too light for Enju, which got me disappointed because the pattern would have been perfect! I needed this halo effect that the Eclipse series have.

Anyways, less talking and more pics. ;) 
As always, the pictures are unedited so they show true colors! 
The photographer is Shiro Samurai. <3

This is how the vials look.
And the lenses swimming in there. :'3
After making sure to let my lenses soak in solution for an entire night, I went and tried them on. <3
The following pictures are taken indoors! 

Facing the window.
Taken with the flash.
Bathroom light.
White-ish light.
Really bad yellow light.
 So far, the Princess Pinky Eclipse Brown should be renamed Yellow or Golden... don't you think? ;)
Let's see how they look in outdoors light too!

Turned away from sunlight.
Trying to look into the sun.
(Sorry it failed, but my photographer didn't tell me about that.)

It was a bit cloudy that day but I don't think it's bad. Then again, the weather has been weird lately so it's most usually cloudy... 

Yup, about the lenses. Comfort-wise, they are pretty good despite their size! It's a plus that the pupil hole is so big because 1) it looks unique and 2) no dark corners or vision limitation whatsoever! :'D A drawback, if you consider it as such, is that these lenses just don't look natural. They are way too big and the shade is way off the normal-eye-colors-chart to pass for real eyes. It's not a problem if you're going to cosplay with them though. ;) 
Lastly, I have exactly one distance pic, that looks more like a selfie but I swear it isn't one. :)

In short :

Color: 7/10
Okay, I thought they would be more brown. But yellow/golden is okay too!
Design: 8/10
Approved. :'D It looks unique, and fairly impressive if you ask me.
Opacity: 7/10
You can see through the lens where the iris stops... but that's not a problem now, is it?
Enlargement: 10/10
Huge. Period.
Comfort: 8/10
They're nice and comfy to wear so don't be scared by their size! :)
Naturalness: 2/10
Yep. Try to tell someone that these are your real eyes. Just try.

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And that's where this review ends!
See you next time! :)

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