Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Skecon 2015 plans!

Hellou! <3

I am in a hurry. Very much of a hurry. Namely, Skecon is this week-end, more exactly 3rd to 5th of July and I need to get the cosplay plans posted. 
So let's do this without waiting! :'D 


For the first day, I'll put on my Lolita dress and everyone will kindly ignore the ridiculous amount of eye bags/dark circles I have. Okay? :) 
I hate my eyebags, nuuuhuuuu. 


 Since a Vocaloid concert will be held this year too, I decided to just go with my original schoolgirl!MEIKO. It's an easy and comfortable cosplay, doesn't take two hours to put on and isn't a horrible pain to wear. Also, it's light so I won't cook in the heat. <3


Series: Black Bullet
Character: Aihara Enju
So... if anyone knows about Black Bullet, yes I will cosplay a 10 years old girl who is only partly human. I have no idea about how I am going to pull her off. ;_; 
This is also a pair cosplay with Shiro Samurai, who will be my Rentarou. :')

That's my cosplay plans for this Skecon! 
See you people there! <3
Bye-bye! :)

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  1. Welcome to 10-year-old club, I've got one of those coming too later this year l'D