Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween - a little late, I admit.

Hi everyone!
So this will be about Halloween, and I know it was three weeks ago but I can explain. So for Halloween I wanted to do a special creepy cosplay that wouldn't require too much work since I had little time to do it. I immediately thought about cosplaying Chizuru's demon version that appears in the game Hakuouki : Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. US fancy name. For those who aren't familiar with Hakuouki here's a pic.

It was pretty much my only reference, it's in the artbook.

I could use my Ukitake wig so it was no big problem for me, I would just have to find horns, vampire fangs and pointed ears. Fun! 
Sadly it didn't go as expected. I could buy pointy ears but they wouldn't go on my ears. There was no way, they kept on falling off which was as you can guess pretty annoying. I asked my brother Ochimizu-troll-bro to help me and we ended up trying to fix the ears with some kind of glue. The only thing it glued was my hair, I had to cut a lock off that's why I now look rather stupid with a lock of super-short hair on one side. The ears fell off so I decided to roll without them, it wouldn't be too obvious. 
I managed to put my super vampire fangs on my teeth although it wasn't easy either, and not very comfortable. It got cool when I showed them off though ^_^ 
The horns I had bought had to be painted white-grey-ish because they were red. No big deal here except that the sun was starting to set and I wanted to do a photoshoot at dusk to get nice sunset colors. I had to hurry to paint those horns and get ready to cosplay, and the paint wouldn't dry quickly enough. I then came up with an evil strategy. Careful...  

Yes, this is the blow-dryer we have at home. I did that painting and drying on our terrace, it was cold and my feet were freezing. But that duck. Look at those evil eyes. It worked perfectly though.

And  after all that my cosplay was ready. I had to do my make-up as fast as possible cause it was getting darker. My brother agreed to take the pics and so we went out at sunset in the street, me with white hair and kimono and him in normal clothes. He was embarrassed because we were seen by people he knew.
The pics were taken with very little light and consequently needed a lot of editing. I wanted to do it but I had no time *coughuniversitycough* not to mention I'm very bad at using Photoshop. But my pics were saved by Valkoinen Samurai who was very kind to edit them for me, and so they turned out really great. ^_^
Time for photospamming now!! XD

Drinking. x)
 I feared my horns would fall off at that moment. OTL
 Playing with fake blood for Halloween. Yay!
 I like my look on this one. What do you think, good?
 More blood hehehehehehe...
 Lying on the floor was cool on pics, but cold IRL. With the night falling it became freezing...
 Puppy eyes anyone?

Fav pic. Slightly blurred though but Valkoinen Samurai's editing made it look so cool ^_^


I just wanted to show my fangs... But the pic was taken without flash with a crappy lighting so yeah... not to mention my stupid face. The editing made the colors look way better though!

Well that's all before I get kicked out of here for putting so much pics on the Internet hahah bye! ^_^