Friday, December 19, 2014

Lens review: Vassen Dori Pink

Hi! <3

Yippee! I'm finally getting to review my Vassen Dori Pink! <3 You see, I opened them in the beginning of this month but I had a really hard time taking pictures. The reason? It's called polar night and it means really little sunlight every day. :C I'm not actually bothered by polar night at all but I must admit that when it comes to taking pictures, it's pretty annoying. It's a pretty tight timing to get make-up done in time, and the sun sets very early! 
But now I have my pics, taken by the fabulous Shiro Samurai. <3 Of course there is no color editing so all pictures show true colors!

Flash pic of the bottles. The one on the right shows "wrong" side.
One lens in to show enlargement. Flash pic.
This was taken outdoors. I'm facing the light but the sky is cloudy.
Outdoors; taken with flash.
Still outdoors, not facing the light completely.
Turning my back to the light.
Taken on the "shadow" side of the building, still outdoors.
Outdoors; facing a corner.
And now I have exactly two distance pics to share! <3

Usual fake selfie.
And from a distance. No I'm not freezing at all. (irony)
Actually it was pretty cold in this light outfit so my photographer and I went to take indoors pics. :'3

Indoors, in horrible yellow light.
Indoors, flash pic.
Bathroom light. </3
Room light. It's winter now so rooms are kinda dark.
Sideways glance; taken under the lamp.
I also have a comparison pic of the Dori Pink and Dori Blue. :)

Flash pic.
Some quick info about the lenses:
They also go under the name Béuberry Sweet Eyes Pink.
Their base curve is 8.6 mm.
The diameter is 14.5 mm and the water content is 42%, according to the bottles.

One more thing: I also reviewed the blue lenses of the same series, go check it out here. <3 And Shiro Samurai has reviewed the green ones here! <3
Comfort wise, the Dori Pink feel just like the Dori Blue, which was to be expected. They are comfy to wear and can be kept in the eyes for several hours. I personally think that they don't look as enlarging and as vibrant as the blue ones but they are still very pretty! I love them. <3

In short: 

Color: 7/10
The pink shade isn't very vibrant; it's more delicate. It doesn't show very much because the color is mainly near the outer ring of the lens so a lot of your real eye color shows in the middle. I personally think that it enhances natural eye color while adding some light pink; it's a very good mix!
Design: 9/10
Gotta love the flower design until I die. <3 It's very flattering for my eyes.
Opacity: 7/10
They seem to be less opaque than the blue ones, hahah. But it doesn't affect the gorgeous touch they give to my eyes. :)
Enlargement: 8/10
It seems to me that their slightly more discrete color affects the enlargement. They still give you obvious big eyes though. ~
Comfort: 9/10
They are still new so comfort is optimal so far. I don't feel them and I can wear them even if my eyes are tired.
Naturalness: 2/10
You can't have pink eyes with flower petals in them at birth... last time I checked at least. :'D


While we were outside I started really freezing and I made a very derp face... that Shiro Samurai judged was worth photographing. I judge that it's worth sharing. x)

Bye-bye! :D

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