Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lens review: Dueba Sugar Candy Green

Hello cuties! <3
This greeting includes pretty boys. ;)

Anyways, I'm back with yet another lens review! This time I had -le gasp- a completely new color to me! 
Namely, green.
It was a brutal realization but yes, I had never worn green circle lenses before. The Sugar Candy Green were the perfect excuse to start with green lenses. And they were sponsored by Shiro Samurai hihihihihi. <3

The lenses have a diameter of 14.5mm and a base curve of 8.6mm. 
Now behold the pics, as usual taken by Shiro Samurai. ;)

The bottles are cute... <3
As you can see, the bottles were relabeled under The Dolly Eye... which is the distributor. The manufacturer is Dueba, also known as Barbie

The right lens shows "wrong" side. Pic is taken near the window.
Flash pic. Both lenses show "right" side.
And now the lens pics! <3 As I expected, the lenses aren't in your face green because they have fairly little color. But as I also expected, the thick black outer ring gives one hell of an effect. <3

One lens in to show enlargement.
These first pics were taken outdoors and I froze a little bit with my light outfit. It was warm though, enough for the snow to start melting. The sun was setting and gave beautiful light. :)

Turning my back to the light.
Half-turned towards the light.
And facing the light. It didn't burn too much because the sun was rather low. <3
Now these pics were taken indoors. We tried to get as many different lights as possible and it was fun. :'D

Facing a window. For some reason the pic went blue.
Facing the light coming through the window.
Flash pic taken in some dark corner...
Normal room light, lights off. There is still sunlight.
Looking into the sun through the window.
Still looking into the sun and it's starting to burn. :C

Bathroom light. :<
Taken just under the bathroom's lamp.
I also have a pic taken from a distance, on the balcony. <3
And I love my flamingo plushie m'kay? ;A;

 I had fun doing my make-up too. I think I can't ever part from this neon pink eyeliner pen. ;A;

In short:

Color: 6/10
The Sugar Candy Green don't have so much... well... green in them so the color tends to disappear in bad lights. It can blend nicely with light eyes though, and the green does show in bright light. If you want a discrete color, these lenses are really good.
Design: 8/10
The design looks simple but it gives a big effect. The green color is in shape of spikes, making it subtle. The strong point of the Sugar Candy's design is the huge black outer ring that give a gorgeous look to your eyes. Perfect for dolly eyes. <3
Opacity: 5/10
I'm not counting in the black ring, which is opaque like a wall. x) The colored part is actually rather sparse but it shows in most lights.
Enlargement: 8/10
Notable enlargement but not screaming unnatural. Cute. <3
Comfort: 9/10
It's my first time wearing this pair so their comfort is at maximum so far - but I can tell already now that they have better comfort than average. I read several pages of a novel as well as articles on my computer (and also typed the whole review with the lenses still on, hihihi) and I had no dryness issues at all. Most of the time, I just forgot that I had the lenses on. No matter what I was doing, reading, computering, walking outside or randomly cleaning, I didn't feel them at all.
Naturalness: 4/10
Big. And I've never seen anyone with such a black ring 'round their eyes.

See you next time! <3

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  1. These look huge! o.o In a good way of course - dolly look!
    Glad to hear that you like them. ^_^ I'm actually a bit surprised by how much the green shows in the end, considering how little there appears to be on the lens design. x) I mean, these are definitely more clearly green than my Dizoneye Greens lol.

    Now I almost want to try some of the Sugar Candy lenses too.. dammit, why didn't I buy any for myself? Dx