Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lens review: Lenspop Bunny Color Brown (Sponsored!)

Hello hello! <3
How is everyone?

I'm happy. Exceptionally happy! <3 You see, a couple of weeks ago I received an email about circle lenses sponsorship. I almost disregarded it because at first I thought it was some spam sent by someone who wanted to play a bad joke on me. But then I realized that the sender was an actual lens site: Klenspop! And they were actually serious about sponsorship! 
Needless to say that I did a 360 on my chair and rainbows came out of my ears fast enough to break the sound barrier. Really? Someone actually wants to sponsor me? Here I thought it would never happen because I don't have over 9000 followers... </3 It was even more surprising because I hadn't actually bought anything from Klenspop before... but I'm always happy to discover new stores! :)
I still wonder how they found me though. 

The store sponsored me the Lenspop Bunny Color Brown lenses. They seemingly are popular right now so Klenspop is promoting them. I was happy about this because I would very likely have picked these lenses myself. :)
Once technical details were settled (like, the useful detail of telling them where I live, for example), they sent me the lenses. Soon enough, I had a small package from Korea in my hands. <3

It was about 15x15 cm.
 Inside the package was a smaller box, safely wrapped in bubble paper. I quickly unwrapped the bubble paper because I was so excited about the lenses. :'D

Instructions on the back. Useful!
And inside the box were the lenses, as well as a small lens case and tweezers.
I never got tweezers with my lenses before so I don't know how to use them... but I think I should try. 
I mean, it can't be that hard. x) 
Then I get used to them and I can't use my fingers anymore.

Now to the lenses in question! They look very pretty in my opinion, and not overly big. The pattern and color are natural-looking. I'm happy again because I had been wanting natural lenses in a while. <3

Beautiful, aren't they? :) But before showing pictures of the lenses when worn, I'd like to say a word about the store. Klenspop didn't explicitly ask me to do it but I want to do it anyway. :'3
Klenspop is the international version of Lenspop, based in Korea. Klenspop opened Jlenspop ( for Japanese. So if you are Japanese, please visit it and take a look at it anytime. <3 You can also find them on Facebook:
They sell colored contact lenses of course, but they also have make-up (lip make-up and eye liner), as well as accessories for lenses. (fancy lens cases and lens cleaners for example)
As I mentioned earlier, I haven't ordered from Klenspop before but I will make sure to fix this! They have a lot of different lenses with beautiful designs, especially in the brown and gray colors. They are really affordable too, yay! :'D
When Klenspop was emailing me about sponsorship, they were always very kind and helpful so it makes me want to order from them too. :) I had no problems whatsoever with the lenses they sent me, and as I said before, the lenses were packaged very carefully. 
About the Lenspop Bunny Color Brown:
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.0mm

Let's get to the pictures, shall we? :)
The photographer is Shiro Samurai. All pictures are free of any color filters or editing that would change the lenses' color or appearance.
Oh, before I forget. My natural eye color is some kind of mix of gray and blue. Basically the color of goose shit. :C
Pictures were taken on a cloudy day, early in the afternoon.

One lens in, showing enlargement.
(Please excuse the "in progress" status of my make-up.)
First, pictures taken indoors. I apologize ahead for my derpy eyelashes, they refused to cooperate. :C

Facing the window indoors. (lights are out)
Flash pic indoors.
Bathroom light.
Indoors with the light on. It turned blue for a reason unknown...
 And then pictures taken outdoors! The weather was cloudy as mentioned.

Facing the light, but the sun is covered by clouds.
Turning my back to the light.
Facing the light, that became brighter.
Standing in a corner, facing the wall. (still outdoors)
I also have some pictures that show the lenses from a distance. This time I have several pics! o/

Bunny. :'3
I have exactly two more close-up indoors pics.

Yellow light in the stairs.
White light in the corridor.
So, this was my second time wearing the Bunny Color Brown. First time was just the previous day, I wore them to school and I didn't get any comment at all. A friend said that he didn't even notice that I had lenses in my eyes before I said it. This settles it for me: these lenses look very natural! When I looked into the mirror, I thought that they could be my real eyes. It really just looks like I was born with brown eyes... :'D
This said, I found them pretty comfortable to wear as well, with one exception: stare at a screen for too long and they seem to dry out, your eyes feel tired and you just want to take them off. This goes for all lenses as far as I noticed, so if you need to work on the computer for a long time or if you have a gaming day, it's better to take off lenses or have eye drops at hand.
Otherwise, they have good comfort. At times I completely forget about them. :)

Do I need to say it? I love how they look! I love the shade of brown, love the pattern, love the slight limbal ring... <3 They give me such pretty brown eyes, and they are perfect for school days. The enlargement is slight so I don't need to worry about standing out too much because of huge eyes.

In short:

Color: 8/10
The lenses have different shades of brown to give a more natural look. It makes the color warm and pretty, and I just like it too much. :'3
Design: 8/10
I'm really fond of the design. It looks so cute, though when the lenses are worn, it doesn't show so much. It's still a very good design I think.
Opacity: 6/10
They are opaque enough to make my light eyes look brown, but on a closer look, my natural eye color shows towards the middle.
Enlargement: 2/10
These are my smallest lenses so far. O_o But I like it this way. I'd rather have small lenses for casual looks and school days anyway.
Comfort: 7/10
Comfort is good but it varies depending on what I do. If I am outdoors, I can't feel the lenses but if I am staring at a screen, I feel them in my eyes and they tend to dry out.
Naturalness: 9/10
They simply look like they could be my real eyes. :)

That's it for the Bunny Color Brown!
Thank you so much Klenspop, these lenses are so cute. <3
Bye-bye! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lens review: SeeShell Dizoneye Blue

Hi everyone! 
How are you doing? <3

Today I'd like to share eyes with you. Again. :) You don't mind now, do you?
I had been wanting some natural-looking eyes for a while. Actually, I even had problems in my school because of contact lenses! I had gone to school with a more gothic-ish look; I had dark clothes, black eyeliner and red lenses. (Actually, Lollipop Red. <3
Then I got a very bad reaction from my teachers, such as "Oh I thought you had an eye infection." or "How do you think people will react when you're at work?" "So creepy.". Everything was said in this negative, almost disgusted tone.
Excuse me? I love my red lenses, I think they are really pretty. And besides I'm not working yet, I'll be in school for like, forever! I thought that Sweden was a free country anyway... 

So this experience really dragged me down for a while. I had more problems with the school and kinda argued with a teacher so I thought that I should maybe keep a low profile so they don't kick me out. I'm really annoyed by this all because I feel like I have to sacrifice my personality to please others...

But enough brooding for now, on with the review! :)
Pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai. As usual, there is no editing so that pics show true colors. :)
First, bottle pics.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Base curve: 8.6
Water content: 42%

One lens in to show enlargement.
Then, my photographer and I went outside to take pics. It's still winter here and it was cloudy this day.

Facing the light.
Turned away from the light. (the sun is in my back)
Standing in a corner (still outdoors), facing the light.
In a corner, facing the wall.
At this point we rushed inside because the northern wind was blowing... believe me, it was cold. x)
So on with the indoors pics!

Facing the door's window in the staircase.
You know the door... that leads outside... it has a window right?
Sorry this is so clumsy. XD
Yellow light in the staircase.
Facing the window in the staircase.
We do have several windows in here. x)
White light in the corridor.
Flash pic!
It was of course taken in some dark corner. :)
Bathroom light.
Room light. For some reason I turned Smurfina blue...
In the apartment, facing the window.
No room light is on, this is just natural light.
Last but not least, I have a picture taken from a distance! <3
I think that even though the Dizoneye are natural, they show surprisingly much from a distance.
What do you think? :)

Yes I have a unicorn T-shirt. :)

In short:

Color: 7/10
Although these lenses are natural, the color shows surprisingly much. They make my eyes bright and clearly show as blue, yet without jumping at anyone who comes close. :)
Design: 8/10
Good design for natural lenses, it's simple like real eyes. The dark outer ring makes them a little more noticeable.
Opacity: 5/10
Not very opaque. They go hand in hand with my eye color I think.
Enlargement: 4/10
The enlargement is slight so it gives a natural look. But such a subtle enlargement also gives me pretty eyes without them looking too big (or looking too much like, you know, circle lenses). <3
Comfort: 6/10
They are comfy at first but start feeling dry sooner than most lenses I have worn. Just keep the eye drops at hand. ;)
Naturalness: 8/10
A little bit too vivid to be my real eyes but... close enough. :)

This is it for the Dizoneye Blue
Remember to check Shiro Samurai's review of the green ones... I know you will. ;) 
Bye-bye! <3

Friday, April 3, 2015

Winter! Holiday! Photoshoot!

Hello people! <3
I hope everything is going well for you. :)

So question of the day: What do you do when you finally have a break from school and the weather happens to be clear and sunny?
You go for a photoshoot of course! :'D 
I was pretty bored on the morning and then Shiro Samurai came and asked me "Why don't you do a Lolita shoot?". I must admit that it was a very good idea. better than doing my schoolwork. 

I decided to try on my new dress, which I received very recently. It's a dark blue winter dress, with white fur on the sleeves and on the collar.  Although it's April now, we still have snow here... and temperature can still go under zero at times. Winter takes up half of our year. x)
This dress is a present from my mum. <3 Yes this means that my mum made it. Including two petticoats and a bonus mini skirt of the same fabric as the dress. My mum is wonderful. <3 
I don't really know if this dress/style can be labeled as Lolita... but I think it's close enough at least. 
I paired the dress with some plain white stockings, black winter shoes and a short pink wig. Before doing my make-up, I put on a pair of blue circle lenses, the Vassen Dori Blue. <3 
After a long struggle with make-up and unwanted stomach derps I was ready to go! I borrowed Shiro Samurai's fluffy owl plushie as a prop.

Now prepare for a lot of pics! :'D

Photographer & Editor: Shiro Samurai (Thank you so much! <3)

And here we are! I would actually have wanted a longer photoshoot because this was a lot of fun, but my hands were getting really cold. :( Also the sun had disappeared so the light wasn't as good as earlier.

What do you think? Do you like this dress? I certainly love it. <3
Would you want to see more posts like this?
Tell me in the comments, it's appreciated! <3

See you next time! :)