Thursday, August 13, 2015

NerdCon 2015 cosplay plans! crabs.

Hello everyone! :)

I know this is very late to write cosplay plans but well, I've had a lot of "real world" issues that got in the way. (Alien hordes eating all the cheese, for instance.) I even considered not writing this post at all, because today is the day before the con and I'm stress-packing. ._. But here it is anyway, yay! :'D
Anyways, NerdCon is an expanding con based in Umeå, Sweden. It's a con that isn't centered on just one fandom; there are plenty of things to do there! Like last year I'll be in the con crew, and this time I'm in the cleaning patrol. So watch out where you throw your trash. :C 
My cosplay plans are the following:

On Friday, I will cosplay as a Team Aqua grunt from Pokémon! I'm ridiculously excited about working in cosplay and being like "Yup, I'm a grunt who's broom-ing the corridors of our secret base... land crab." 

On Saturday, I won't cosplay but I will wear a school uniform and have an old school hairdo. (so much school going on...) Funnily enough, my school will start the Monday after the con, wish me luck. x) 

That's how it will be for me in NerdCon! 
I'm really hyped for this, so see you in Umeå! :'D

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lens review: Princess Pinky Eclipse Brown

Hello hello! :) 

I'm back with a review of the brown lenses in the Princess Pinky Eclipse family! Now actually, they aren't very brown... when worn, they take a more golden color, at least on my light eyes. It was a surprise for me because I thought they would look, well, brown. I don't mind the golden shade though; golden is not the most common color so I'm happy to have a rare-ish color heheh. 
So my initial plan was to use the Princess Pinky Eclipse Brown for my Enju Aihara cosplay (Black Bullet). The color turned out to be too light for Enju, which got me disappointed because the pattern would have been perfect! I needed this halo effect that the Eclipse series have.

Anyways, less talking and more pics. ;) 
As always, the pictures are unedited so they show true colors! 
The photographer is Shiro Samurai. <3

This is how the vials look.
And the lenses swimming in there. :'3
After making sure to let my lenses soak in solution for an entire night, I went and tried them on. <3
The following pictures are taken indoors! 

Facing the window.
Taken with the flash.
Bathroom light.
White-ish light.
Really bad yellow light.
 So far, the Princess Pinky Eclipse Brown should be renamed Yellow or Golden... don't you think? ;)
Let's see how they look in outdoors light too!

Turned away from sunlight.
Trying to look into the sun.
(Sorry it failed, but my photographer didn't tell me about that.)

It was a bit cloudy that day but I don't think it's bad. Then again, the weather has been weird lately so it's most usually cloudy... 

Yup, about the lenses. Comfort-wise, they are pretty good despite their size! It's a plus that the pupil hole is so big because 1) it looks unique and 2) no dark corners or vision limitation whatsoever! :'D A drawback, if you consider it as such, is that these lenses just don't look natural. They are way too big and the shade is way off the normal-eye-colors-chart to pass for real eyes. It's not a problem if you're going to cosplay with them though. ;) 
Lastly, I have exactly one distance pic, that looks more like a selfie but I swear it isn't one. :)

In short :

Color: 7/10
Okay, I thought they would be more brown. But yellow/golden is okay too!
Design: 8/10
Approved. :'D It looks unique, and fairly impressive if you ask me.
Opacity: 7/10
You can see through the lens where the iris stops... but that's not a problem now, is it?
Enlargement: 10/10
Huge. Period.
Comfort: 8/10
They're nice and comfy to wear so don't be scared by their size! :)
Naturalness: 2/10
Yep. Try to tell someone that these are your real eyes. Just try.

Remember, if you are interested in the Princess Pinky Eclipse Gray, check out my review here! ;)
And if you are curious about the Princess Pinky Eclipse Pink, go for Shiro Samurai's review! <3

And that's where this review ends!
See you next time! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Skecon 2015 summary: bullsh*t wheather and delicious waffles.

Hiya! :)

Skecon was held 3rd-5th of July in Skellefteå's Folkparken so my summary comes pretty late but well, stuff got in the way. Here is how it went, and how I had a lot of fun in this small-ish event! 


I was traveling with Shiro Samurai, and we woke up early to take the bus to Skellefteå. It's pretty far away from where we live so we were on for several hours of bus trip. The plan was that Sairu-chan would take the same bus, but we realized later on that she had missed it and taken the following one.
The bus company decided to help out with our travel cost! Our ride to Luleå was free, I think it was because the bus that drove us there was smaller and less comfortable (read: there was no toilet) than the usual bus. I was really happy about that even though it brought the extra trouble of changing bus in Luleå, because it was cheaper. :'3 
We arrived in Skellefteå around mid-day so about one hour before the con opened. We dragged our ridiculous amount of luggage to the entrance of Folkparken, sat down and waited in a stifling heat. Seriously, the weather was terrible, everyone was cooking alive. :'(
When congoers were properly roasted by that merciless sunlight, Skecon opened its doors and we stood in line to get in. I had some problems then because I was unable to print out my ticket so I had to log in on their site to prove that I had indeed bought my ticket. It was a bit troublesome, but it went okay in the end and I was very relieved when I got the ticket around my wrist. :') All along I had been worried that I would not be able to enter the con because I couldn't print out the ticket!

Stalker photo of me slowly cooking under the sun.
Once we both had our tickets, the first vital necessity was to go take a shower. We went upstairs to the bathrooms-with-shower-included and oh my did it feel good. ;_; After this we put on our outfits. Shiro Samurai was struggling with make-up so meanwhile I went to get myself a cup of coffee. I bumped into Sairu-chan and her brother, which made me really happy! You see, we had no contact with her until I met her at this moment, so we had time to become quite worried. It turned out that she had forgotten her phone at home and missed the bus but everything was fine. It was a relief. ^^;
After meeting her and her bro, I went back upstairs to wait for Shiro Samurai. I drank my coffee meanwhile, and it tasted horrible. ._. The cafeteria only had this kind of snabbkaffe which you just dissolve in water and most of the time the taste is far from normal coffee. It was my first and last cup of coffee during the whole con.
When Shiro Samurai was done with putting on cosplay, we went to put our luggage in the garderobe. It felt so nice to only have a handbag to carry around! <3 
I was hungry by this time, but Shiro Samurai wanted to go photoshoot before eating. Which is the logical decision, seeing how make-up tends to go to hell when you eat. :C However, we did not photoshoot because the weather had turned gray with either rain or rain-coming-soon and he decided that he wouldn't risk it. Silk kimono don't like rain. ._. 
Since photoshooting was out of the question, we went to take a snack and it felt so good. ;_;
Later on the evening, because yes it had become evening already, the guy who would do the Iaido display started training in front of the scene. We went to watch and we realized that he was getting really warm with his moves, so whenever he kept a small break, I took my fan and gave him some air. He was really thankful, and that's how we started a friendship. :'D

Sword guy in action. (or in between actions, rather)
After the Iaido display we started talking with the sword guy who had held it (and so we learned that his real name is Nils, and the sword guy is his hidden identity). We went to sit down and talked. Sairu-chan and her bro were with us so it was a nice time. Shiro Samurai and I took out the N3DS to check StreetPass and we got some really beautiful ones. Someone had a Mii named Gandalf, who looked the part and said "You Shall Not Pass!", someone else had a Gimli and we met Legolas later on too. x)

Gaming time! :'D
There was geeky music played in there, and at one point we got to listen to the Great Mighty Poo. Yes, this song that is sung by the final boss of an actual video game, and said boss is exactly what the name makes it seem to be. To beat the boss, you have to flush it, and during the whole fight, the pile of shit will be singing "I am the Great Mighty Poo and I am going to throw my shit at you", and the song goes on with a lot more shit puns and jokes. Yes. It was hilarious to hear the full song because our friend Marcus had started singing it just a few days before. XD
Shiro Samurai and I went to check the Dealer's Hall at one point too, and there wasn't much of interest. One of the tables seemed to be selling exclusively fakes and bootlegs, which people were, to my despair, buying. One of the sellers had nice handmade items but sadly I don't have a picture of it. I considered buying one of the piranha plants but didn't, because I wouldn't really have anywhere to put it and I would be sad to see it collect dust.

It didn't take long before my company and myself got tired so we headed to the sleeping accommodation. It was seemingly very close to the one we had last year but it wasn't the same building and we took a completely different way to get there. (thanks to the signs showing the way) Whatever the case, it was a bit puzzling but we made it. We prepared for the night in one of the classrooms (the building for the sleeping accommodation was a school), it felt kinda weird to sleep in there. The night was painful and cold because I slept on the floor, but I survived.


My alarm rang at seven. My entire body was hurting from sleeping on a very thin mattress (the kind of yoga mattress that, when put on the floor and slept on, is still stone hard) and I lagged for a while before managing to get out of the metapod sleeping bag. Eventually, my company and myself headed to the con in the lag of morning. It was cold and I had no jacket. :C 
Once we reached Folkparken, we all sat at one of the tables and I went to get some breakfast. I learned the hard way that the cafeteria would not open until 10, which felt terrible since I was starving. I had a banana in my bag but I was still hungry after eating it so meh. Why am I always hungry? 
When the cafeteria finally opened, I went to get some pies for Shiro Samurai and myself. Sairu-chan had gone to put on her cosplay because she wasn't hungry. To my despair, the cafeteria did not have the veggie pie that I liked last year, so I rolled with cheese and brocoli. I know you readers totally care about this kind of detail. 
After my pie-breakfast, I went to change to cosplay. I had planned on doing my original schoolgirl version of the Vocaloid MEIKO so it was not too hard to put on, luckily. When I came back to where my peeps were, Sairu-chan was in cosplay, her bro had disappeared into the gaming room and Shiro Samurai wanted to go put on his cosplay. He asked me to stay close by meanwhile he changed to cosplay because he would need my help at one point so I followed him upstairs.

The info desk is in the background, and down the stairs is the main hall with the stage.
One hour or so later, I went to find Sairu-chan because I was getting really lonely. I took out my N3DS and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and started on a Frenzied Deviljho quest, partly because I had to clear it to get further in the story and partly because I thought Sairu-chan would like the thing. The Deviljho is a very brutal monster with dark green, bumpy hide and Sairu-chan asked in the beginning of the quest "Why do I think pickle?". It was the perfect question because the Deviljho is nicknamed Picklejho by the gaming community. I let my friend know about this and we had a laugh. x) I even cleared the quest and got rare items for it, wuuuhuuu! 
Eventually Shiro Samurai needed my help with his cosplay, so I did my best. When he was done, I carried our stuff back to the garderobe.
The Kyudo display that should have taken place on this day had been cancelled (tears) so Shiro Samurai decided to go photoshoot. Sadly he made the mistake to pick me as photographer and I gave up on the task fairly soon because I am completely worthless with a camera. No matter ho much I try, my model is never happy so after a few ridiculous fails, I just refused to continue, for Shiro Samurai's sake. I was only wasting his time after all.

I walked around alone for a little while, until I went to sit in the anime room to watch Kill la Kill. I did not have time to watch so much of it but I liked it surprisingly much because it was flat-out hilarious (which is to be expected since it's a big parody). I'd love to watch the whole anime at one point.
Soon enough, Sairu-chan came to the anime room and we left to talk (and hug too). I started feeling pretty bad at this point and when one of the guys working in the first-aid team walked by, he asked if I was okay. It was a bit awkward but I nodded. Shiro Samurai came as well so I took out my candy bag and shared with everyone. Sairu-chan helped me feel better so after a moment the three of us went downstairs and stumbled upon Nils.
The talk went in the food direction and once we had found Sairu-chan's brother, we all headed out for food hunt. It ended up in Subway and even though it was bread (like the toasts I had been eating at the con), it felt good to eat something a bit more consistent. We came back to Folkparken just in time for the concert, but it had been a long walk there and back and it had started raining too so I was wet and frozen. I watched the concert nonetheless, I certainly did not want to miss it because of some rain!

Miku singing Senbonzakura.
Miku and Gumi.
Um... I don't know who this is. ^^;

Color-swap twins!
Luka singing Just be Friends.
The Kagamine twins.
And the return of Miku!
For the final, Rosu (Skecon's mascot), sang Karamelldansen. <3
Actually I was a tidbit disappointed because neither Kaito nor Gakupo were singing, and MEIKO was nowhere to be seen either. Also some songs were the same as last year. It was still really entertaining for me, I enjoyed the concert very much and I was just as amazed as last year by how real the Vocaloids look in holograms. The technical work behind this event must be huge and I have a lot of respect and admiration for the crew! Thank you! <3 
Nhhhhghghg  I love Rosu. ;_;

After the concert I decided to go shower and change back to normal clothes. On my way there, I got caught in a talk with other cosplayers and gamers (Sairu-chan's brother was with us too) and we mentioned topics like "Games and anime just don't get the bloodshed right",with exclamations like "This blood is of the wrong color!" It was very entertaining to tell the truth, and a nice talk overall. Eventually our discussion group broke and I went to shower.
When I was done I went back to the main hall to look for my company. I could barely see anything so I wandered for a moment meanwhile people were tasting cat food on the stage. I'm serious.

"So, how does it taste?"
- "It reminds me of school food."
I saw Shiro Samurai and Sairu-chan among the audience and followed them to a table near the cafeteria. There were a few new faces there, with Obi-wan Kenobi among them (really good cosplay too, he was amazing). I sat there and went to get myself something to eat and some tea, in the hope that it would warm me up. It didn't work though but Obi-wan saw that I was turning into an ice cube; he took off his coat and went to put it on my shoulders. I was so thankful, and so amazed at the same time because Obi-wan Kenobi had lent me his coat! *le gasp* It made me feel pretty epic - even more so when he let me hold his lightsaber. <3

This was taken with the flash, it was actually fairly dark in there.
May the Force be with you.
Shortly after this, the rave began and the music was so loud that I started feeling bad. I had bought noodles as a night snack but I could not stay near the cafeteria to eat them because the noise made me feel dizzy and sick. Me and my company decided to flee to a calmer place and I felt much better (and I could eat my noodles!) I still had Obi-wan's coat because its owner had gone to dance, but I returned the coat soon enough. We sat and lagged with another guy who was wearing cat ears. He said that he had the best cosplay (he was wearing normal gear), he pointed at his black cat ears and went like "I'm cosplaying Katniss!". It was so bad that I couldn't help but laugh. XD
Shiro Samurai went to change out of cosplay as well, and then it was time to go sleep. When we got to the sleeping accommodation, we saw that the couch in the corridor was occupied by Nils, who had been sleeping on the floor the first night. x)


Morning. Urgh. We packed our stuff in the lag and stiffness, and headed for Skecon. When we got there, we saw that the secondhand market was held just in front of Folkparken so the area was filled with people and old items. It was pretty horrible to go through the crowd, I felt really uncomfortable and getting into  the con building was a big relief. We headed for the cafeteria and I went to by some pie... but there was no pie. They were completely out of stock. I asked for some toast, it was out as well. I cast a glance to the noodles on the shelf behind the counter and I felt like just... no. So I ended up with a hot-dog that wasn't really hot for breakfast, I was like... meh. Later on, I ate a waffle and it was really good! <3
I went to check the Dealer's Hall one last time, accompanied by Shiro Samurai. In the end, I did not buy any con merchandise but oh well, I don't regret anything. I went to change to cosplay after that, thinking that "ah, it's a light cosplay, it will be fine". I had completely underestimated my ridiculously long ponytails. :C 

This is how the Dealer's Hall looked.
So yup, after some rage in the bathroom I went to find my company again, as Enju Aihara from Black Bullet. I was struggling with the meter-long ponytails all the time too. I found Sairu-chan and a friend of hers, and Shiro Samurai joined shortly after, in casual gear. He offered me to go photoshoot and I was not very enthusiastic because I had done my make-up quickly and had skipped half of it because it's Sunday. He insisted and gave in so we went out for a shoot. I'll post the pictures in a separate post because there might be several, and I seriously don't have the courage of going through them now. u_u
After the shoot we headed to the gaming room but Sairu-chan and myself soon left for the anime room. We watched some episodes of I can't understand what my husband is saying, it was really funny because the husband is this kind of geek guy and the wife is a normal person. x) We were still watching when I rage quit on my cosplay and went to change back to normal gear, because dem ponytails. :C Once I was done, I went to the gaming room and the rest of my company was there, aka Sairu-chan and her brother, Shiro Samurai and Nils. We watched Shiro Samurai and le bro play Super Mario World for a while, until the con was about to close. It was funny to watch them play and try to avoid the murderous green bubbles. x) 

Tournament info in the gaming room.
And the gaming room itself.
The con was ending, so we went to gather our ridiculous amount of luggage and began the long walk to the bus station. Once there, we ate our first real meal in several days, it was delicious. Then, with some provisions bought from the nearby Lidl, we waited for the bus that would drive us home. Nils took an earlier bus so we said goodbye to him and soon enough our bus came and we arrived home late in the night. 

Yup yup, that's it for this year's Skecon! I must admit that it was not as much as a blast as it was last year, mainly because Jäätynyt Enkeli was not with us and the Kyudo display was cancelled. But it was still a lot of fun, a very comfy con with kind and funny people! Thank you everyone for a nice Skecon and see you next time! <3

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lens review: I.Fairy Yuri Red

Hello hello!
I hope everyone is doing fine in this summer weather! ;)

I just want to say: Skecon summary is coming, but I'd like to cram in this review first, just for the sake of not having 2 lens reviews in a row. Like I've never done that before.
So lately I had been trying to wear lenses with a more "natural" look because I had had problems in school when I turned up with bright red eyes. Now I'm out of school, and so it's time for lenses that could never be mistaken for my real eyes! :'D For a while I had had a terrible crave for red eyes so I decided on the I.Fairy Yuri Red.
As usual, my photographer is the talented Shiro Samurai. <3

I.Fairy has these small and cute vials.
I realized pretty instantly that my eyes would probably not look crimson though, because the lenses had more of a ruby and violet color. It was fine with me; I was completely fascinated by the design of the lenses.

And so I popped them into my eyes! :'D I made sure to put them to soak in lens solution for a whole night before wearing them. 
Here we go! This is how it looks with one lens in. The enlarging effect is not huge but it's fairly good! Oh and please forgive my slaughtered make-up... this picture was taken after I had ripped off my false lashes, and the eyeliner went with. :'(

My natural eye color is some blue-ish gray.
The following pictures were taken indoors. As you can see, the lenses don't show as red despite the name; the red parts are dark red and the violet patterns are, well, violet. x') Their color doesn't really fit their name but I find them gorgeous nonetheless. 

Facing the window.
Bathroom light.
Room light with the lamp on.
Flash picture.
White light in the corridor.
Shitty yellow light in the corridor.
Shittier yellow light in the corridor. :(
And now some outdoors pics! :) It felt better to be outdoors because since the pupil hole is a bit small, I would see dark corners every now and then when I was in a dim light. It's not much of a bother though.

Facing the light.
Turning away from the light.
Standing in the shadows and facing the light.
Facing a corner.
Did I mention how I love that the outer ring of the lenses is irregular? I was really enthusiastic about this and it met my expectations just fine: unnatural but not horribly alien. ;)
Comfort-wise, I would say that these aren't the best but they are fine enough to be worn for several hours. They don't dry out too fast but they do have this slightly thick feeling in the eye. In others words, the comfort is okay but if you need very comfortable lenses to wear to a movie, you will definitely not pick the Yuri Red. (or your eyes will probably hate you)
Lastly, here is how the lenses look from a distance. I love my wig too. :'3
Please excuse my lack of facial expression.

In short: 

Color: 7/10
If you wanted red lenses, you will be disappointed. Otherwise, these have a beautiful mix of violet and dark red that reminds me of some precious stone. It's almost mystic. <3
Design: 10/10
Mind-blowing is the word! The pattern is unique with the irregular outer ring and the curved rays of violet among the red. <3
Opacity: 9/10
Your real eye color is almost completely covered, but some of it might show through the pupil hole.
Enlargement: 6/10
Slight enlargement, which fits the design perfectly in my opinion.
Comfort: 6/10
Like I mentioned, comfort is not the strong point of these lenses. A tidbit below average, I would say.
Naturalness: 2/10
No, I do not believe that these lenses could ever be mistaken for my real eyes. Unless it's very, very dark maybe. ;)

I think I've said it all about the Yuri Red! What do you think about them? Would you wear this kind of very unnatural lenses or do you prefer more discrete patterns? Leave a comment, it makes me happy! ;) 

Bye-bye! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Skecon 2015 plans!

Hellou! <3

I am in a hurry. Very much of a hurry. Namely, Skecon is this week-end, more exactly 3rd to 5th of July and I need to get the cosplay plans posted. 
So let's do this without waiting! :'D 


For the first day, I'll put on my Lolita dress and everyone will kindly ignore the ridiculous amount of eye bags/dark circles I have. Okay? :) 
I hate my eyebags, nuuuhuuuu. 


 Since a Vocaloid concert will be held this year too, I decided to just go with my original schoolgirl!MEIKO. It's an easy and comfortable cosplay, doesn't take two hours to put on and isn't a horrible pain to wear. Also, it's light so I won't cook in the heat. <3


Series: Black Bullet
Character: Aihara Enju
So... if anyone knows about Black Bullet, yes I will cosplay a 10 years old girl who is only partly human. I have no idea about how I am going to pull her off. ;_; 
This is also a pair cosplay with Shiro Samurai, who will be my Rentarou. :')

That's my cosplay plans for this Skecon! 
See you people there! <3
Bye-bye! :)