Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lens review: White Mesh/Screen lenses

Hi everyone!

This time I'll review something a bit different. The White Screen or White Mesh lenses are part of the Crazy//Halloween/Cosplay/Animation/Special effects type of contacts. I got the impression that people want to try this kind of freaky contacts but that they are scared. I don't know how true this is, really. At least, I was scared of the limited vision that these contacts would give me. I need them for my Hinata cosplay and I feared I would need someone to guide me around the con so that I wouldn't bump into people. :( 
But it turned out much better than I feared - my vision wasn't quite as limited as I thought it would be! 
Also, for people like me who have a vision defect and who usually can't try any "Crazy" lenses because they don't come in prescription... you are allowed to put a big smile on your face now. Honey Color has the White Mesh in prescription here! I was so happy about this!
Oh, and before I forget: these lenses have a diameter of 14.0mm and a base curve of 8.6mm.

Let's get to the review now - first, have some pics. :)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai.

Lenses in the bottles. They do have prescription!
The left lens is on the "right" side and the right lens is on the "wrong" side.
I'll put this into my eye! (flash photo)
One lens in.
Both. Taken indoors while facing the window.
Normal room light (during the evening).
Bathroom light. I'm on fire!!
Room light; taken with flash.
Outdoors. It's cloudy...
Outdoors, looking at the sun.
From a distance. Freaky cat?
Selfie style! But it's not a selfie. ;)
Okay, so... wow. These are really freaky. They give this "white eye" effect I was looking for! And they creep everyone out too.
Now you probably wonder how it feels to have these things in your eyes... It's not bad. I don't see dots everywhere but my vision is limited - it feels like I'm in the fog, basically. The brighter the light, the thicker the "fog" will be.
- In a dark room, I didn't even feel or notice the contacts in my eyes. My vision was just like it usually is in the darkness.
- In dim light, I notice a slight difference. It's just like little fog.
- In bright light (outdoors in the sunlight) it can be harder to see. I can still see outlines of things without problems but it was a bit harder to make out my photographer's traits when he was standing rather close. This also happens indoors when close to a window. If I look toward a light, the white haze is more obvious. It looks like some thin piece of fabric just in front of my eyes; imagine having a white headband on your eyes.

So I could see fairly well despite the fog/haze. I went to town and bought some stuff without major problems. I freaked out a kid who stared at my eyes. x) I could bike safely. I can read as long as the letters are big enough, or as long as I'm close enough. I haven't tried reading a book but I could read signs and car registers. It was only a little harder than usual.
Despite the white fog, my vision was sharp thanks to the prescription!
There is also a trick to avoid having the white fog for a second. If you squint a lot or look through a small hole, your vision will be just like usual.
All in all, the white haze isn't much of a handicap. For me who is slightly short-sighted, the "fog" isn't much more of a problem than not wearing contacts at all.

So if you want to try the White Mesh aka White Screen contacts, please go ahead! They're freaky and they aren't very troublesome to wear. Be assured that people will stare at you while you wear these though; they are very noticeable even from a distance.

In short:

Color: 9/10
They aren't pure white (just almost); they show as a light grey circle that effectively covers your iris and pupil. It's still quite the effect!
Design: 10/10
They do what they promise. I can't judge them on how pretty they are but on how effective they are - how well the pattern covers my iris.
Opacity: 10/10
They ate up my eyessssssss. D: The mesh/screen doesn't let your iris and pupil show at all. <3
Enlargement: 3/10
Very slight. But who cares about a bigger iris? You don't even have one! :'D
Comfort: 10/10
The question of comfort is a tough one but I will give points for comfort only, without taking the white haze into account. And I don't feel them in my eyes at all. :)
It's true that the "fog" feeling affects comfort but you know it when you buy this kind of contacts that they will limit your vision. You know it and you still want the contacts. ;)
Naturalness: 0/10
I'm not sure that even a blind person would have such freaky eyes. ._.

That's all I needed to say! Bye-bye. :)


  1. These look so scary from a distance. D: When I stare at the pics I can make out where your pupil is though, but it doesn't show on a quick glance. ;)
    I think these will work great for Hinata!

    That kid who stared at the food store though.. xD His head spun around after he had passed you and he stared with huge eyes and open mouth lol. I remember when we were paying for the food he passed by and tried to get a second look on your eyes, but you had your head turned so that he couldn't see. :-DD

  2. Those look creepy man! In a good way! :)

    If you can't figure out any other character to use them for besides Hinata, I at least thought about some ghost-ish OC ;)

  3. got blacl ones of these today (different brand though), my first ever contacts, quite scary i must say