Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kemin mangapäivä 2015 - the rise of the Tigrex bros.

Hello hello! :)

Last week-end (or more exactly, on Saturday the 21st), a small event was held in Kemi, Finland. It was Kemin mangapäivä; or Kemi's Manga Day in English. I went there with Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli because it's close by and comfy. :'3

We got there a bit past 10:00 Finnish time, thinking that we'd be able to enjoy the event from the start. There was no one in front of the building though, and the doors were closed... A security guy opened the door for us so we could get in, but there was seemingly some derp with the door that it couldn't be opened from the outside at all. So basically the security guys have been opening doors all day...
And the event seemingly started at 11:00 too, oops.
Anyways, when we got in there, we went to take off our jackets as well as create evidence that we were here.
Yes, that's a mirror selfie. :'D

Behold the Tigrex plush hats from Monster Hunter! :'D
None of us was cosplaying because it's such a small event, but we didn't exactly go unnoticed either. x)
First we went to check around the building. The first floor was blocked so there was basically only the info desk, the karaoke room and a few tables there. The second floor was livelier, there was a small Dealer's Hall and a cafeteria featuring yummy-looking snacks. Artist's Alley was also there, which was cool because the corridor had a lot of windows so it was light and comfy.

Dealer's Hall stuff.
I kinda wanted the "cat paw" gloves...
I see ponies. x)
Some of the cafeteria snacks...
I feel my blood sugar rising just looking at them.
We quickly went around the place, without buying anything. The Dealer's Hall had pretty many bootlegs as usual. Shiro Samurai saw a cool scarf in Artist's Alley but he didn't buy it. It was Haku's dragon form in Spirited Away, made into a scarf. Very cute. <3
Since there wasn't much to do, we went to town to buy some snacks... with our Tigrex hats of course. :'D People stared and laughed, someone called us "crocodiles", it was funny.
We first went to Citymarket because it's the closest but we only bought My Little Pony chocolate eggs. I've been spamming these eggs to try to get all three different rings that you can have as surprise, and Shiro Samurai has been helping me with it. For the chocolate more than for the rings, I suspect. Speaking of ponies, Citymarket had post cards!

Once we had our chocolate eggs, I teamed up with Jäätynyt Enkeli to convince Shiro Samurai to go to Lidl. I wanted the coffee from there and Jäätynyt Enkeli wanted the marzipan so we outnumbered Shiro Samurai who at first didn't want to go. We bought fresh breads from Lidl as well as fruit smoothie, coffee for me and some Angry Birds snacks.
When we got back to the event, we ate up some of our newly bought provisions and then went up to the second floor again. We happened to come during the street fashion display although we had missed the beginning. I watched with Shiro Samurai, it was pretty cool! There was no sweet lolita but there was a classic lolita and a victorian lolita. There were other styles too, like hime-gyaru (such fluffy hair!) and visual kei, plus some others I don't remember. x)
I didn't understand what the person presenting the styles said, but it was pleasant to watch, and inspiring too! I want to try more fashion styles... <3

We spotted Olli in the audience but he stayed for the cosplay competition. We didn't watch it though. Meanwhile, we went back to Artist's Alley and Shiro Samurai bought the dragon scarf after all! This kind of cute accessories suit him... <3
After the cosplay competition, we met with Olli. I talked to CissyDella too, she had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. x) She got third in the cosplay competition, congrats! :)
Olli took pictures of us Tigrex bros (feat. a sister) and told us the funny story of his cosplay jacket. He had actually forgotten the jacket for his Bean Bandit cosplay but he knew that a certain store had a fake leather jacket that would fit. So he went and bought the jacket and kept the receipt so that when the event is over, he could go give back the jacket... and get his money back.
"Oh I forgot my jacket... I'll go borrow one from the store for the day. :'D"
Thumbs up, man. XD

Shiro Samurai went to give him a quick photoshoot. I was cold so I stayed indoors with Jäätynyt Enkeli, who tried to call Sairu-chan. We hadn't seen her around and in the end it turned out that she had been so tired that she had slept through almost all Manga Day. ._. I hope she'll feel better... <3
When Shiro Samurai and Olli came back, I wanted to go buy some of the sweets from the cafeteria... but they had sold out, so my blood sugar stayed at reasonable levels. Not. Because I ate up a big cinnamon bun that I had previously bought from Lidl. :C
We played some Monster Hunter and explained some of the game to Olli. We also talked about Monster Hunter cosplays and I showed some of the armors I dream of wearing one day... ;A;
At one point, Shiro Samurai and I also ate our chocolate eggs. The two rings I was missing were in there! Now I have all of them, yay! <3 

At this point the event was drawing to an end... yes, 4 hours go by pretty fast. By the way, I didn't buy anything because when we came back from our food hunt, the cat gloves I was eyeing had already been bought. Oh well, this helps me save my cash. x)
Soon enough we said goodbye to Olli and headed to the entrance, where we waited for Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli's mum to come pick us up. (Thank you for the ride back and forth! <3)

That's it for this year's Manga Day! It was comfy and chill, I'm happy I got to spend some time with my friends. Thank you, and see you next time! <3

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lens review: G&G Blossom Brown

Hello hello! <3

I am back with new eyes! This time it's light brown eyes, the G&G Blossom Brown. They go under the name Dueba/Barbie Girly Chip Soy Latte as well; it also seems like they can be found under the Girly Chip name by brands such as Royal Vision and Puream - so many!
I opened them just before Desucon Frostbite because I figured that they would be a good fit for my Sasha Blouse cosplay, and so they were! :'D I'm also wearing them to school every now and then for casual/natural looks. 
According to the bottles, their diameter is 14.5mm and their base curve is 8.8mm. I don't actually know the base curve of my eyes because I can't remember that my optician ever told me about it but I assume it would be around 8.6mm because it's the usual. I don't have problems with 8.8mm BC contacts though, the G&G Blossom Brown and my beloved EOS Max Pure Gray both have an 8.8mm base curve and they are really comfy, I have no problems getting them into my eyes either. I don't feel a difference. Actually, if I hadn't checked the base curve of the G&G Blossom Brown, I would never have guessed that they have 8.8mm.
I know. Everyone will tell you that base curve is really important. Honestly, I don't have problems with it so I don't know why I should worry... ._.

Anyways, enough talking for now! >_<
Pics are taken by the fabulous Shiro Samurai and are unedited to show real colors. <3

Bottles, feat. my prescription if anybody cares. x)
I think the left lens might be on the "wrong" side but it's hard to tell. :/

Okay, time to pop them into my eyes! The best moment! Could I have a drumroll please? :'D

One lens in, check out enlargement. ;)
And now both lenses. <3
These first pics were taken outdoors.

Facing the light (it's cloudy)
Halfway turned away from the light.
Turning my back to the light.
Facing a corner, halfway turned toward the light.
Facing the same corner, turned away from the light.
On the "shadow" side of the building, it's still cloudy. :(
We then went back inside, took the indoors pics, started doing something... and then ran back outside because there was some sunlight. <3

Looking into the sun.
(sorry about derpy eyes, sunlight kinda BURNS.)
And then the indoors pics.

In the staircase, under horrible yellow light.
Facing a window.
In the corridor. The light is white and weak.
Flash pic! (taken in some dark corner...)
Bathroom light. :C
Side way glance. (facing a window, cloudy sky)
Ah the joys of doing a lens review on a cloudy day... and running outside as soon as there is sunlight. And then by the time you are outside, the clouds come back. Fffffffuuuuuuuu. 
But I don't know, it's funny. :'D

Wait, don't go! I still have a distance pic!

Gotta love my owl sweatshirt from Romwe. <3
In short:

Color: 6/10
This isn't a vivid color, and it blends toward the middle. But it does show as brown and the shade is pretty. <3
Design: 9/10
I think I'm definitely biased toward flower patterns... I especially love this one because it's subtle so it works for more natural looks as well, but if you come close you can spot the hints of petals in my eyes... :'D It also gives a slight twist to the shape, making it more original.
Opacity: 6/10
They're not very opaque, and color kinda disappears toward the middle.
Enlargement: 8/10
They're fairly big, but they don't eat up my eyes either. They can work for natural looks and more fashion-y looks, depending on your make-up.
Comfort: 9/10
I can wear them for long hours without feeling them. <3
Naturalness: 6/10
Not horribly unnatural, but they are a bit too big to be anything else than lenses.

And here ends today's review!
Bye-bye, until next time! <3

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Desucon Frostbite 2015: it killed my make-up.

Hallo! :)

Here comes the story of how I survived my first Desucon Frostbite!
Frostbite was held 13th to 15th of February in Lahti.

As usual my journey started one day before the con. It was kinda stressful to pack all my stuff, especially because I had school in the way. What's more, I had just got a cold and my con hype was down to almost zero. I tried to keep up the hype but every day I got e-mails from my mum... basically things were going pretty bad for my family. This is something I just can't get myself to write here but I had been worried and anxious in a while and it wouldn't disappear magically for Frostbite, sadly. I would probably have gone all the way to cancelling the con and flying to my country of origin if it had been possible, but neither of these were even an option. 
Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli were my company for the trip. Their mum kindly drove us to Kemi, where we waited for our train. When we got into the train, I tried to go put our big suitcase somewhere because it obviously took up a lot of space. We had the usual mountain of luggage with us and Finnish trains aren't especially roomy so I rolled the suitcase in front of me and tried to find some luggage space. Since I didn't find any, I asked one of the VR employees. He definitely wasn't the best at English so our communication went through gestures more than words. He pointed at a door in the cart and said "5 euros".
The language barrier had nothing to do with this: you actually had to pay 5 euros to put your suitcase in there. 5 euros? For the storage of a suitcase? On a train? This was ridiculous. Of course I refused, pretended I didn't have the money (which is actually true, I definitely can't waste this amount of cash on something stupid) and found another solution for the suitcase. I found this really dishonest from VR, seriously. People who travel in trains obviously have luggage, so let's make them pay for it! 
Go to hell. :C
So the train trip was pretty uncomfortable because of the mountain of stuff everywhere. Despite this, we tried to sleep most of the time and didn't get any rest.


We arrived in Lahti early in the morning. When we got out of the confusing train station, there was fog everywhere. It was kinda cold too. It took us a while to figure out where we were and where to go but we made it thanks to Shiro Samurai and Moonbeam's instructions. We would sleep at her place over the week-end like in summer Desucon, and even though the apartment was close by, it was a tough walk there - at least for me. Too little sleep, too much snot going on (I said I had a cold... :C), too much stuff to drag/carry... blörgh. 
When we arrived at her place, I first saw her wave at us through the window! <3 I didn't wave back because I had too much stuff in my hands but I smiled. We went inside, had ridiculous problems with the elevator because we couldn't remember what floor her apartment was on, and eventually we got there. Phew. x)
We said hi and hugged and put down our stuff. freedom Soon enough, Moonbeam went to school and we went to... bed. Sleeping in a bed felt like paradise. <3

I think I woke up around 2 in the afternoon... or 3... something. I tried to get out of the sleepy and sick fog, ate something and started putting on my Nana cosplay. I hadn't had time to do a test for her so it felt pretty scary. At the same time I was apprehensive to go to the con... nervous I guess. There was also the thing that I had a horrible case of runny nose, I had to steal tissues from Moonbeam because it just wouldn't stop. Everyone, I'm really sorry about the snot. TT^TT 
When I took out my wig and put it on, I realized that it needed to be trimmed. Great. I have as good as no experience when it comes to wig trimming so guess if this was scary? I asked for Shiro Samurai's advice and help but he was pretty sleepy. I did what I could with my scissors, I guess it could have been worse. 
Then came another terrible wig problem: my bangs looked like shit, or dead sausages hanging in front of my forehead. At this point I was tempted to just quit the whole thing and go casual but I had some cosplay courage left in me. I asked Moonbeam for help because Nana has this kind of Sailor Moon-ish bangs... and since Moonbeam has cosplayed Sailor Moon and styled the wig herself, I couldn't possibly get better help. <3
So... hairspray, straightener, comb... I trusted Moonbeam and her skill, which was a good thing because several times, I had to be as still as possible while the hot hair straightener was just centimeters from my eyes. Yes I was wearing the wig all along. But I trusted my friend and everything went alright! My bangs looked much better after the styling. Thank you Moonbeam!! <3 
With my wig fixed it was time to put on the rest of my cosplay and go to the con. We left in a hurry but we were there in no time. The first thing we saw when we arrived at the con was a long line...
My reaction was a mix of confusion and "Oh hell no". We took our place in the line and waited for it to go forward - luckily it was fast! - but being already sick, I got very worried that my cold would turn into something worse. I was wearing a school uniform and freezing my legs off.
But yes, the line moved fast and soon me and my company were indoors. We had to show ID cards to get past the doors, which made me really uncomfortable. In my hurry I had forgotten my passport and all I had to prove my identity was my old ID card that dated back from... I think 2006. The picture on it doesn't look a single bit like me, I swear. It's really horrible. But it seemingly was okay enough for the security guys because they let me in. I still felt bad though.
We got our con bands; they were fabulous! Shiro Samurai and I also went to get a ticket for the movie Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise. I was really looking forward to the movie!

This is how it looked inside Sibeliustalo. The pics were actually taken on Saturday evening but oh well... same same but different.

Info desk.
At this point Karri appeared out of nowhere. wow I was really happy to see a familiar face. What struck me is that he was wearing formal clothing, and I had only ever seen him in this kind of... epic outfit I guess. x) It felt good to see him, but Shiro Samurai and I didn't stay to chat; we hurried to go watch the movie. Luckily it got slightly delayed so we didn't miss the beginning. phew
It was just luck that Shiro Samurai and I found two seats next to each other; the place was pretty damn crowded. I found the movie excellent, it really pulled me in and even made me wish that I was in Angela's place at some points. :'D I hadn't seen an anime movie in a while and oh my it felt good. The animation was vivid and smooth, a pleasure to watch. <3 I also liked the designs of characters and places. The story blew my mind! The way Deva's society works appeared as terrifying to me. There were emotional moments, explosive moments, strange moments... <3
I'd watch this again anytime. Okay, there were a few technical problems towards the end (image and sound would freeze for a second or two) but it was no big deal. Shiro Samurai and I stayed for the talk show with the Guests of Honor: Gen Urobuchi and Seiji Mizushima.. I thought it would be in English but it turned out that no, the producers talked Japanese and an interpret was translating to Finnish. Of f*cking course. I missed a lot of what was said but Shiro Samurai did translate some for me. Oh well, gotta learn either Japanese or Finnish. Or both. If only.

After the movie Shiro Samurai and I just walked around. There wasn't really anything to do since the Dealer's Hall wouldn't open before tomorrow. Sure there were panels but they were all in Finnish so it was of no interest for me. Desucon doesn't have so much for foreign guests, do they?
We met Olli and went outside for a quick shoot, but oh it was cold. I really froze during this short time. I think Olli said it was cold or something and I just pointed at my legs, that were naked except for thin stockings. He seemed to feel pretty sorry for me.
Luckily we didn't stay outside for too long, and didn't go far either. We were just standing next to the doors. Lazy? Noooooo...
After this we parted with Olli and tried to find Moonbeam because we were just too tired to keep going. Going back to her place and sleeping just turned out to be the best thing to do.


My alarm rang at 9:00. I didn't feel too bad - though still sick - and I didn't have too huge problems getting up. I was supposed to go as lolita this day, but I had been freezing so much on Friday that I decided to change my plans. I was really worried about my health so instead of wearing my blue summer dress, I put on my casual!Sasha cosplay. Not as cute, but warmer. x) Also, gotta love my boots. <3

When we arrived at the con, we went to check the Dealer's Hall, since it was open now. I was with Shiro Samurai and the first thing we did was scout for the Japanese candy guy. It was such a disappointment to see that he wasn't here! :( But at least I saw Ichi's table... without Ichi though. I decided to wait before checking it, since I wanted to say hi to her. :)

Main con area.
Dealer's Hall.
Yes, this is me cosplaying as Sasha.
And wondering if I should buy the surprise bag or not.
Soon enough Shiro Samurai went to shoot Olli's cosplay again. I didn't stay with them since I wanted to attend the discussion circle called Cosplay: the ups and the downs, held by Hansku and Anmanda. I got there way too early as ever and just waited for others to come. When the "panel" started at 12:30, we were about a dozen sitting at the table. We first presented ourselves man that always makes my nervousness skyrocket... and then started talking, in English as planned. I presented myself as Lusikka, it made people laugh. ("lusikka" means "spoon" in Finnish. It's my official nickname given by Moonbeam, since it sounds similar to my first name. ^-^ It's funny, but confusing when somebody wants a spoon...)
Anyways the discussion was pretty cool. Having a cosplay talk in English was refreshing for me since I don't get to talk to people so often at cons. People were kinda shy but it was comfy and we talked about materials, cosplay nightmares, wig headaches... Some of us were interested in cosplay but hadn't started out yet so they were warned for the all-nighters just before the con, the fear that the cosplay would literally fall apart once at the con, the problems with horrible-smelling materials and the like. XD 
All in all I'm very happy that I attended, it was a very good discussion. I'd love to have more of this kind of English discussion circles... right, Desucon? ;)

Anyways, once the discussion was over I left to look for the rest of my company. It didn't take long before I found Shiro Samurai again, and then we bumped into Jäätynyt Enkeli. I was hungry, but before going to eat we went outside and Shiro Samurai gave Jäätynyt Enkeli a quick photoshoot. My stomach was rumbling loudly during this time, I felt like I was in Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, when your hunter stays in the cold for too long and gets so hungry that you hear the stomach growls... yeah.
I then took a few pics of Shiro Samurai but my fingers froze until I couldn't use the camera anymore... :C At least my boots allowed me to climb on snow piles, höhö.
When we walked back to the con building, we found Jäätynyt Enkeli and Karri again, who joined our company. We went out to eat, took three steps and came across ShinigamiUchiha, who followed us in our hunt for food. x)
We walked to the nearby food store, except for Karri who felt like running. He sprinted like Sonic the Hedgehog and was waiting for us in front of the store while we slowly walked there. Shiro Samurai and I bought sandwiches, lemonade and bananas because con diet and we all sat down to eat. I was starving so wolfing down my sandwich felt like coming back to life. Sasha style. x)

We went back to the con, and Shiro Samurai and I tried to find a corner where we could rest for a while. At this point I was feeling pretty overwhelmed; it was too noisy and too crowded, I needed to be in a calmer place for a moment. I have a hard time being in a crowd for too long. ._. We didn't find an ideally calm place so we went back to the Dealer's Hall instead and it proved to be a tasty choice - yep, we bought yet another treat. We sat in a corner to enjoy it - it was banana Ramune. We had snatched the last one of the stock, huehuehue. x) I felt better when I drank it, it tasted like liquid banana candy. <3

It was crowded...
Very crowded...
As in, ppl everywhere.
And nowhere to sit.
Or maybe?
Oh, this is Artists' Alley over there, up the stairs.

After the banana Ramune followed a once-in-a-lifetime encounter for Shiro Samurai, who unexpectedly met one of the members of the metal band Whispered. They make awesome music, just so you know. x) I took a pic of both of them; my they looked epic! :'D
We also trolled to the gaming room, where we noticed a recruiting sign for MH4U hunt. It was cool but since our hunting team (Shiro Samurai, Jäätynyt Enkeli and I) is still playing on PSP, we couldn't join... :C I wish there had been other hunters who still play Freedom Unite! I didn't even have my PSP with me but oh well.

*noodle arms*
We then walked around and watched the DesuDance when the time came. I'm always tempted to join and dance but I'm so scared I'd make a fool out of myself... OTL We had found Moonbeam and Jäätynyt Enkeli again so we watched the dance together.

Before the DesuDance started I had suddenly felt bad, for a moment it felt like I would get a panic attack... I'm just really bad with being in a crowd okay. ._. So I was really tired at this point, and so were Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli. Moonbeam fixed a ride for us (thank you!) and we got to go back to her place and rest. I felt pretty weak so resting was of much help...
But before crashing into bed, I fed Moonbeam's cats. x)
I was actually happily surprised because other congoers recognized me as Sasha! Some took my pic and some hugged me, thank you! <3


Alarm at nine again. When I got up and actually woke up sort of I realized that I had the same thought on my mind as on Saturday evening: I missed my lolita dress. I don't know, dressing as a cutie just feels different and since I had traded my lolita outfit for my Sasha cosplay, I did feel like something was missing. So I decided to end up swapping my plans, in other words I would dress as lolita on Sunday. I just needed it m'kay. :'3
And I had, like, half an hour to do my make-up.
Usually lolita make-up takes me at least one hour! 
Luckily my make-up wouldn't need eyeliner... because yes, my eyeliner had died during the trip. And double luckily, I had a reserve lipstick that I could use for cute styles - because my pink lipstick had died during the trip, I had to apply it with a cotton bud when I cosplayed Nana on Friday. TT^TT 
Yeah Frostbite really killed my make-up.
I had to hurry with turning into a loli, but I made it. surprisingly I was ready on time and so was the rest of my company. I was supposed to have an Attack on Titan group with Jäätynyt Enkeli but since I had cosplayed Sasha on Saturday, our master plan was ruined. As an excuse, I lent him my loli headband with cat ears that I had bought on the previous day. Shiro Samurai also turned into a cat boy, he had also borrowed ears. The ears were a close enough color to his hair so it looked really good... <3

Once at the con, Shiro Samurai and I headed to the Dealer's Hall once more, and here I saw the usual thing I can't resist.

Surprise bags. I just can't help myself. :C
We also spotted FankiKitsune cosplaying as Jack Frost. He was talking to another Jack Frost so we didn't stop to talk this time. I went to Ichi's table and gravitated around it for a while, wondering what I would buy this time... <3 I ended up spending all of my remaining cash on her lovely creations! I even bought small presents for my mum and for Shiro Samurai and for myself. <3 Ichi is amazing. <3
We then left the Dealer's Hall and bumped into ShinigamiUchiha while we were walking around. He was cosplaying Itachi Uchiha and he had a case of I-can't-take-three-steps-without-having-someone-ask-for-my-pic. x) I felt sorry for him because he said he had a bad wig headache... :( I know the feeling bro, my Chizuru wig always kills me. He went for a quick shoot with Shiro Samurai. When they returned, we met Hitsuwa but I didn't really talk to him. We did have cases of language confusion though; some talked Finnish, some talked English and when Jäätynyt Enkeli appeared and talked Swedish, at least one brain melted. x)
Shortly after, the time had come for the day's food hunt. The rest of my company (Shiro Samurai, Jäätynyt Enkeli and ShinigamiUchiha) seemed to be in need for warm food but in the end, only Shiro Samurai and I got some... yeah it's called the Desupizza. Obligatory Desupizza. When we went outside, I put on my fluffy panda hoodie so I didn't get too cold. <3 It was a saving grace, I promise. 
Surprisingly there was no pizza line, we got our food way too fast! Well I don't complain. XD Eating something warm felt like heaven.  

We went back to the con, and almost immediately Shiro Samurai was called for another photoshoot. Man you're busy like a politician. This time it was FankiKitsune who wanted pics. I didn't follow outside, I didn't want to get so cold. I lent my panda hoodie to Shiro Samurai so that he hopefully wouldn't freeze too much. Take care of yourself, cat boy. <3 
The guys came back soon enough and the three of us walked around. I even played a dancing game with FankiKitsune! It was my first time playing one of these so I played really slow but it was funny! I probably wouldn't have tried if he hadn't come with me, thanks! <3 I want to do this again someday. We were the last ones to dance because the con was closing, so soon enough Frostbite 2015 was over for us. :( It's always sad to see people packing at the end of the con day...

The con was slowly ending... (feat. FankiKitsune as Jack Frost)
Dance! :'D
Oh, on Sunday I got my picture taken! :') It was the first times I was asked for a pic when I was lolita-ing around. People told me that I looked beautiful, thank you! <3 

As the con ended we went back to Moonbeam's place and packed our stuff. We ended up with an even bigger mountain of things since I had bought pretty much from the con oops. Saying goodbye to Moonbeam was sad, but we will meet again! <3 Thanks for letting us stay, you are awesome! <3

We had problems saying goodbye so we almost missed our train back home... fail. We ran like mad, and then when we got to the pain station train station we learned that our train was late... of course. It only gets delayed if you run. If you take it chill, thinking it will get delayed - then it's on time and you miss it. u_u

 What a long post! Did you really bother reading all this? O_o
If you did, you get a cookie. :'D

Anyways, Frostbite was a nice con but sadly I didn't enjoy it to 100%, partly because I was sick and partly because people I love were going through hard times and it affected me greatly. I also had school to worry about, in the end I made it to school on Monday after the con, I hadn't slept because I had spent the night in the train... 
Frostbite was a good con though, thank you to my friends who were with me at the con, you brightened up my week-end. <3 Thank you so much! *bows*

Bye-bye, see you next time! 


Ramune graveyard. x)
... I don't even.