Monday, October 28, 2013

Lens review: G&G Big Size Circle Violet

A little while ago I ordered these violet contact lenses from Pinky Paradise (along with other lenses but these are not to be revealed just yet ~). I originally planned to use them for Okita Souji from Peace Maker Kurogane (and I still do) but I opened them before cosplaying him again because... c'mon, they are so ~fab~. I really like violet contacts and I was feeling like F*CK BEING NORMAL one day so I tried them on and here are the pictures!

The brand is G&G Big Size Circle Violet.
Pictures were taken by Valkoinen Samurai.

Normal indoors light.


 This one was taken with Valkoinen Samurai's older camera.

One lens in. Flash photo taken with the SLR camera. Have some rasetsu!hair bombing ~

I must say that I really like these contacts; they are quite enlarging and despite being violet, they are not IN_YOUR_FACE. In dim light, it's very hard to tell the color of my eyes when I have these on, and in outdoors light, people don't notice right away. What's more, they are really comfortable to wear. I stop feeling them in my eyes after five minutes or so, which is very appreciated with colored contacts. I have no vision limitation (ie no colored halo or blur at the limit of my vision), which often happens with colored contacts. They don't feel "thick" either (my yellow contacts do, in addition to limiting my vision).
Basically, I'll be wearing them ~just for the hell of it~ and also to troll in town and see if people notice! <3

 In short: 

Color: 8/10
Noticeable color but in dimmer light it turns into this undefinable contact lenses color. They also look blue-ish at times but most often it's a beautiful violet. The black outline makes them even cooler.
Design: 7/10
Simple design but it looks good!
Opacity: 8/10
They only show a little of my real eye color.
Enlargement: 7/10
They are enlarging but don't give huge doll eyes.
Comfort: 8/10
Can be worn for several hours in a row without problems. :)
Naturalness: 3/10
Violet eyes with this kind of pattern? Totally natural. ;)

That's all for today and enough derp!colors, see ya'!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello frozen feet: Okita and Chizuru photoshoot

Okay, I know it's reeeeeaaaaaally about time that I post this because this photoshoot happened on the 6th of October... Go figure. But I'm not here to justify myself, I'm here to spam the Internet with cosplay pictures, deal with it! <3
So, after Kemi's manga day that took place on the 5th, Sairu-chan stayed at Valkoinen Samurai's place and the three of us decided to troll and have a photoshoot on the following day. Yay ~ We had originally planned to have Sairu-chan as Chizuru, Valkoinen Samurai as rasetsu!Hijikata and myself as oni!Chizuru but because Valkoinen Samurai couldn't cosplay Hijikata because of a drastic lack of swords, he decided to cosplay yukata!Okita instead. Yay! <3 I remained a human and saved my transformation into an oni for a future photoshoot hi hi and here are the pictures we got! Have some spamming ;)

Cosplayers: Valkoinen Samurai as Okita Souji (wearing the yukata he has when bedridden) 
Hasakitsuki as Yukimura Chizuru

Photographer: Sairu-chan

Okita your hands are so cold ;A; 

We had the photoshoot outside the building where Valkoinen Samurai lives, and yes it was cold. My feet were turning into icecubes but I wasn't the one to complain because I had socks. Okita didn't have any and I felt sorry for his frozen feet... And his hands were really cold as ice so I had a little bit of in-character'dness (I know this is not a word, now it is one ~). I'm really happy we had Sairu-chan as a photographer, but she did deserve her time to shine so we had a Chizurus swap and I let her be in the spotlight :D The pictures can be seen on her blog.
I must say that I got really emotional while we were shooting, because Okita is my favorite character in Hakuouki and other historical series and it wasn't nothing to see him with blood on his face and touch his cold hands and I got a little carried away. We rushed back inside quite soon though because both Chizurus were worried about Okita who was only wearing a yukata...
And we had some hot chocolate. <3 life savior
But I will let you with this picture spam for now, I'm out ~

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kemi's manga day: Hakuouki and the Goblet of Fire

I know. I know. Kemi's manga day (Kemin mangapäivä) was the 5th October. I am horribly late. Well, I can say for my defense that my Internet has been concentrated shit lately so this is partly why I haven't uploaded anything in... forever. So, very bad Internet along with another reason, which is personal and there you have it. Sorry guys.
But here comes my summary for this small northern event! at long last...
We were driven to Kemi in the morning by Valkoinen Samurai's mum (thank you ;A;) and as we arrived at the con building and stepped out of the car, a wild Sairu-chan appeared! She was cosplaying SSL!Chizuru and with her came Cissydella as SSL!Harada. The timing was really perfect and I was really happy to see my twin Chizuru again. <3
We headed inside after some talk in Finnish during which I stared at SSL!Hijikata, aka Valkoinen Samurai. We checked the con merchandise and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of ~fab~ in such a small event! After some hesitation and a trip to the shopping center to take out cash because I'm so broke, I bought fluffy red ears and a tail. I will use them for a future cosplay, hohoho ~
And of course, Valkoinen Samurai had to have fun and take a picture...

Ummmm... yeah. The ears aren't for Chizuru.
And before you ask, yes I was the only one NOT cosplaying from SSL Hakuouki. Because I don't wear skirts I had no time to make a SSL!Chizuru costume before Kemi's manga day D': I know I suck, but I will end up cosplaying this version anyway SOON someday.
We then went to the library that is INSIDE the con building (pretty cool if you ask me) and derped around and waited for Shinpachi-sensei (Jennysja). I played some Monster Hunter (Freedom Unite) on PSP with Valkoinen Samurai during that time and we failed to kill the Tigrex... again. </3
When Jennysja arrived, we went outside to photoshoot! As I was the odd one out only one stuck in the past with a kimono version, I was the photographer but... I really am no good photographer. And most of the pictures turned out to be derp anyway because everyone was cracking up all the time. Chizuru was the most serious of all - every time I wanted to take a picture, she seemed to be the one who was serious-facing and the others were derping around :'D
It was a very fun time but it was pretty cold and windy and I wasn't feeling so good for a personal reason don't ask. Also, I am not from Scandinavia and thus not yet used to the cold here </3 So as I was freezing, Cissydella saved my life by lending me her jacket (thanks ;A;). And Valkoinen Samurai had to take a picture again.

Noooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu //shy_out
Ahem well. We then trolled walked back inside to photoshoot in the library and in spite of the photobombing E.T. that bothered the shit out of me, it went pretty well :D The pictures can be seen on Valkoinen Samurai's blog (ie I don't have them). 
I must say it was really funny to be the photographer, especially considering the amount of derp :D I only wish I were a better photographer D< but I am getting a lot of practice thanks to a certain someone hohoho.
Next activity of the day: eating. 
Because yes, it was necessary. So we just trolled to a close by Chinese restaurant...

DAT NAME. Sorry but... *giggles around*

And we had our SSL!Chizuru taking stalker pictures ~

  I see what you did there ~

 The food was pretty cool, not the best Chinese food I've ever eaten but still good. 
We then (t)rolled back to the library for more photoshooting and I let Sairu-chan be the photographer this time. Meanwhile, I just sat and... yeah. I was a bit tired, I got a little bit bored, and then I realized that "Hey wait, this is Finland, ie officially a two-language country... And we are in a library... And I can understand some written Swedish... And what do I see here..."
Needless to say that I had to check. And this is how I ended up reading a few pages of the Swedish translation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire...

I actually read the exact same extract that first got me into reading the series - except that the first time I read this extract, it was at my cousin's, and in French. But the Swedish translation isn't all that bad... because yes, as I was surprised to see it, I could actually understand rather well. 
I got a little distracted from Voldemort teasing Harry when Harada decided to photobomb Hijikata's pictures, but it was very funny to watch them ~
After this Harry Potter episode, we split up and I ended up going with Valkoinen Samurai to watch people play dancing games. It was nice to watch, but I wish they had played Parallel Hearts by Fiction Junction! <3 I love this song. ~
Oh well, while we were sitting there and since they didn't play Parallel Hearts I decided to be a paparazzi take some random picture that can be seen on Valkoinen Samurai's blog. Someone also walked by and mistook him for Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), which I could understand but... come on, Sebastian doesn't have a ~fab~ purple tie ;) He also took a few pictures of me bored sitting randomly and that's how it looks:

I was not actually bored though, just a bit tired. 
Sairu-chan's mum then came to pick us up and drove us to Valkoinen Samurai's place in Sweden, where our SSL!Chizuru slept over, yay ~ <3 We had a lot of fun and another photoshoot on the following day but I will write about this in a separate post if I can get derpternet to work
Manga day was really nice, it was cool to hang around with friends even though I don't know so many people in Finland yet, but everyone was kind to me although I don't speak Finnish, thank you guys ~ 
I'm on coffee hype for now, bye bye ~

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kemi's manga day cosplay plans

The con season is drawing to an end at least when you're too broke to go to Närcon Vinter so here I am going to smaller events to feed my need for cosplay and conventions :'D Yes, this all is to say I will attend Kemi's manga day (Kemin mangapäivä) in... *dun dun duuuuun* Kemi. No shit, Sherlock.
So seemingly there are several SSL Hakuouki cosplayers around, hmm? Well I'll be the one forever alone in kimono stuck in the past :'D

Yukimura Chizuru - Hakuouki

There was no way I would have time to make a SSL Chizuru costume in time for this event and I don't feel like debuting another cosplay in such a small event *coughOkitacough* so here I go with the normal kimono and evil hakama version! yay!
And I can't be bothered to take my sword or Ochimizu bottle either, I'll just troll around with our SSL Chizuru ~ 
See you people there!