Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lens review: Princess Pinky Eclipse Gray

Hiya! <3

Here comes yet another contact lenses review - because contacts are just too addicting. The Princess Pinky Eclipse series is new on PinkyParadise so I was super curious about them. They're supposed to give you huge eyes for a super cute effect; guess if I wanted to try! ^-^
As the title says, I'm reviewing the Gray ones. Pics or it didn't happen! >D

Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai.

Contacts in the case. Suspiciously transparent... Do they really do anything?
One lens in.
Both. I'm indoors, close to the window.
Shitty indoors light. Feat. lolita make-up. x3
Close to the window again...
Not leaving the window...
Window I LOVE YOU!
I have worn these contacts for random sweet Lolita style and they fit my outfit surprisingly well! I was a bit scared that contacts this big would only look good on brown/dark eyes. I also feared that they would give me a case of freaky eyes Rinnegan but I was wrong. Yay!
I must say that they're among the most comfortable contacts I have ever worn. Since the transparent hole in the middle is very big, they don't hinder my vision at all. I basically put them on and then forget about them! <3 I could also wear them for the whole day without problems.
As expected, the enlarging effect is over 9000. It's pretty impressive with proper make-up and false eyelashes, but the contacts alone without any make-up or falsies look a bit weird. Like all circle lenses? I would say the Princess Pinky Eclipse are perfect for cute and doll-ish styles and cosplay! I definitely love them! ^-^

~ New pics! ~ 

30th of November 2014 I was about to throw away the Eclipse Gray because they had lost a lot on comfort. Last time I wore them it felt like they dried out fast and I took this as a sign: time to say good-bye to them! It makes me sad because I really like them. :'(
Before I threw them, Shiro Samurai (aka Valkoinen Samurai, same fabulous guy as above!) convinced me to get more pics of them so here goes! ;)

Photographer: Shiro Samurai.

Taken outdoors, facing the light on a snowy day.
Same as above, taken with the flash.
Outdoors, turning my back to the light.
Outdoors, on the "shadow" side of the building.
Distance pic. I'm freezing.
Even more distance. There's finally little snow!
We went back inside and it was some relief because I was cold! I consider myself lucky though because it was around 0°C. Think that it can get to -30°C here... </3

Yellow light indoors. :C
White-ish light in the corridor.
Of course, pics are unedited to show true colors!
In short :

Color: 8/10
They're obviously gray but fairly light. It's a pretty color though!
Design: 8/10
Simple but pretty. :)
Opacity: 8/10
Much more opaque than they look! Gives a nice "halo" effect where your natural iris ends.
Enlargement: 10/10
They're simply huge!
Comfort: 8/10
They are comfy but they move quite much in my eyes (like every second time when I blink) so it can be slightly annoying...
Naturalness: 3/10
Only the color is natural.

I still have a pair of blue contacts of the same series that I haven't tried on yet; I plan to use them for a future cosplay. I'll do a review about them when I open them so be prepared for a comeback of megasize eyes! :')

 Check out the reviews for the Brown and Pink lenses of the same series! <3

That's it for today, bye bye! ~


  1. HNNG these look so good on you! <3 So cute!
    I can't wait to see what the blue ones will look like on your eyes!

    1. Nooooooooouuuuuuuu ~~ thank you! ;A;
      I'm very curious too! <3