Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lens review: Vassen Latte Pink

Hi! <3

Not long ago Valkoinen Samurai was trolling with my lagtop informed me of a sale on Pinky Paradise. I had decided on buying new contacts so I checked the sale too and found this piece of awesomeness... 
In other words, the Vassen Latte Pink were on sale. <3 They can also be found under the name Kimchi Mio Pink.

Ermaiglehrb PINK contacts.
I tried them on very soon after I got them because I was really curious about them; I hadn't tried pink before!
Have a picture spam. ;) And all pictures are taken by Valkoinen Samurai, including the one showing contacts in the bottles.

One lens in.
Taken indoors, but facing the light.
Different darkness light.
Taken outside, trying to face the light. I'm a vampire.
The sun is burning my eyes. ;_;
This one was taken indoors but near a window.
Back into the sun! IT BURRRRRRNS.
That's how it looks from a distance. derp
Ok, I love the pattern. I mean, really. It's gorgeous and it blends into my eye color, and best of all it doesn't hinder my vision at all. These are also very comfy to wear, I didn't feel them for hours and I could easily forget I had them on!
And they actually look PINK! ~ <3
What makes them even more fabulous prettier is that they give cute enlarging effect, and thanks to the pattern it looks natural! Or almost... ;)
Watch out for the side effect: when you take them off, your eyes look so boring that you want them again. ;^;
But I really love them, they're pretty and comfortable and look so good! I will definitely wear them for cosplay and outside of cosplay too!

In short:

Color: 8/10
They are pink but in dimmer light you can't tell the color right away. They have this little bit of black and brown that darkens the color but it's very pretty.
Design: 10/10
Amazing pattern! And the color mix is beautiful too!
Opacity: 7/10
Unevenly opaque. Some parts of the design shows your real eye color. The pink color is opaque though.
Enlargement: 8/10
Pretty enlarging but not unnatural-looking either. They can be worn casually.
Comfort: 10/10
Very comfortable. It takes several hours until they dry out. <3
Naturalness: 3/10
Color and pattern aren't natural at all... but I do have eyes so... :)

That's it for today, bye ~

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