Sunday, July 27, 2014

Suomen tivoli - Me, a geek? Nooooo...

Suomen tivoli is a Finnish amusement park that is moving from one town to another. Earlier this month, it stopped nearby so I went there with Shiro Samurai, and we dragged Jäätynyt Enkeli along. We actually ended up going there three days in a row oops XD and wearing different wigs/make-up/clothes every time. Explanation later. ;p

But this is how we looked on the first day:

Pretty boy please. <3
(By the way, I am wearing these contacts.)
Ehem. Check out Shiro Samurai's post by the way, he has a glorious pic. But what do I see here? A plushie is photobombing? Could it be Sonic? O_o
Yup, it's Sonic. See, the amusement park had this beautiful rage inducing thing...

Sonics. Everywhere. I see a Shadow goddammit.
They had Yoshis too.
But I wanted a Sonic. >D
Come on bro, come with me. 8D
Overwhelming victory! ~ only 7 tries
I was happy. x) I'm a bit of a Sonic geek, because Sonic games are very nostalgic for me. One of the first TV games I've ever seen was an old Sonic on my dad's SEGA, so go figure. I'm currently playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle by the way, because it's one of my absolute favorites in the Sonic series - but this game is more rage-inducing than it seems. :'( Like, impossible controls and too tight timings, or the game simply not responding... But I love the story anyway.
And my favorite character is Shadow, not Sonic.
So guess if we came back the following day to get a Shadow? Dressed differently of course, so that people wouldn't recognize us as "the people who already got a plushie yesterday". Yeah that's my explanation. XD
I got my Shadow after 14 tries bitch and then we went to buy some Slush because this thing is too good. Oh, and we were toasting.

Mango and lime. Yum. <3
We also went to ride a few of the attractions. Jäätynyt Enkeli wasn't interested but Shiro Samurai and I rode the Ferris wheel (on the first day though) and the Music Express (speedy train that goes around in a circle with rock classics in the background <3)... twice.

Such Ferris wheel. Beautiful view from there.
I also went to ride the Free Fall! I like being in high places okay. x)

Derp scared face.
But I survived, and it was surprisingly fun! Even the very small kids did it... lol I screamed at the top of my lungs though because when this thing falls, you can't help it. </3 My throat hurt afterwards.
Oh by the way, there was this guy who rode the Free Fall too. We had seen him in another of the "extreme" attractions and he just rode them with the same calm smile, holding his cap without even budging. We dubbed him to the swag guy.

Swag guy is swag.
Yeah. XD
We also set on winning ALL the Sonic plushies (Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles and Amy) so we came back the following day again! I tried catching a Tails for Shiro Samurai for like forever and I don't even want to think about how much cash I spent on it. The Mario geeky bros helped me and handed me a few coins, but Tails didn't want to follow me. D< I was getting kinda pissed, but if I gave up I would have lost my money in vain!

(I'm wearing these contacts by the way.)
Shiro Samurai wanted to try getting it, just for shit and giggles because he kept saying that he really sucked at these "claw" thingies. He started moving the claw, aimed, pressed the button... and grabbed not one but TWO plushies. We all thought that they would be too heavy and fall but NO, he got both of them ON THE FIRST TRY.
I think that my eyes dropped out of my eyeballs; or my contacts popped out and them flew back in place or something because I couldn't believe it. XD Soooooo you suck at this, hmm? MY SHINY ASS. It was really beautiful, I didn't even know it was possible to grab two of them. It took me quite a while to get over it - so awesome! :'D
And he even gave me the Amy plushie as a consolation for the rage! :'D bf please <3 He won another plushie at another game booth thingy, that he gave me too, hihihi. ~ It's cute but I'm still trying to figure out what animal it is. Mmmmmmmystery.
Later on Jäätynyt Enkeli tried getting his own plushie - Knuckles - and it took a while but he finally got it. And then the amusement park closed. What you mean, short timing? x)
But we got ALL THE SONIC PLUSHIES and had a great time there! Yay! :'D


Cotton candy. Just because. <3
Edit: Have a group pic of all the Sonic plushies!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Skecon 2014: Vocaloids, hoppborg rage and breakfast pies

Woohoo! Skecon is a small northern con held in Skellefteå; but it offers unique things every year! This year the main event was a Vocaloid concert - the first one in Scandinavia! But this wasn't the only piece of awesomeness Skecon held this time... let me tell you about this in detail!


Things couldn't have started any worse. I was traveling with Shiro Samurai, and as ever we had done our packing a bit too late, namely in the night just before the con. Oops. We were planning to take the very first bus to Skellefteå so that we would be in town before the con starts but when we woke up around 5 in the morning after a two hours' nap, we met with the brutal reality - this would not work. We changed our plans to taking the second bus, which would be in Skellefteå just when the con opens, namely 13:00. We were pretty meh about this the previous day, but at five in the morning it sounded like the best idea we had had. So we slept a little bit more and then woke up again to leave - this time for real.
We dragged our asses feat. shitlot of stuff downstairs, only to meet with concrete hard reality again: it was raining. I don't mean just a few drops, I mean a cold, grey, non-stop downpour. And some of our cosplays would get very bad damage from water. Damn.
We started walking anyway, trying to give ourselves some courage. Only Shiro Samurai had an umbrella and he kept it to protect our precioussssss suitcase from the rain, so I got wet fairly fast. Before we even got half-way to the bus station we realized that we were much too slow. It was impossible to make it there in time. We didn't panic right away though, and instead of crossing the whole town to get to the bus station we settled down at a bus stop somewhere in town. The buses that go southwards always stop there so I was confident that we would get to ride our bus all the way to Skellefteå in the geeky company of Sairu-chan and Jäätynyt Enkeli, who were waiting at the bus station.
Time went by, the rain stopped (as soon as we had something over our heads, of course...) and I checked for the bus every now and then so that we would be ready when it comes. But the clock was ticking, the bus wasn't coming... and according to Jäätynyt Enkeli, whom Shiro Samurai had called, the bus was of the express line and wouldn't stop in town.
And indeed.
Shiro Samurai and I saw the bus drive through a nearby street and speed out of town, leaving us here without even coming close.

And then we got pissed. The rain started again and turned into a cold shower while we dragged our stuff to the bus station. It was really hard to get there because of awful weather, heavy stuff and, uh, tiredness because we had barely slept. At one point I hit my leg and it hurt, goddammit! I couldn't move for a moment and I got generously soaked. >:
We finally made it to the bus station but it was with a lot of rage and bitterness. We were losing some of our precious con time in the rain, bros! Anyway, there we saw that the next bus would only leave at... 10:00. Shit. I was really freezing so I got to borrow Shiro Samurai's jacket. As a thank you, I massaged his arm because he had annoying pains.
When the bus finally arrived we went in there with our overload of ~STUFF~. During the bus ride we didn't do much, mostly lagged and talked. We slept (or tried to sleep) a good part of the trip. Sleeping in the bus isn't the best to rest, but it still felt good.
We approached Skellefteå and as a Korvgubben went past (wait, maybe we went past it. Yup, the lag was still in my brain at this moment. ~), Shiro Samurai decided to jump off asap. Trusting him blindly, I helped him carry our mountain of stuff, and it turned out that his memory was a good ally! We had jumped off very close to Folkparken, where Skecon was held. Yay! I'm seriously happy he decided to jump off there, we could hardly have been closer to the con.
We headed to the building. There was no line, but there were people so we had to sneak our way in there. Well, try to sneak when you're carrying too many bags and a turtle and dragging a suitcase and you'll know that I didn't get past the door easily. My ninja skills have rusted when it comes to sneaking.
Ehem. We got our tickets right - and by this I also mean on the right arm. Which annoys me because I would much rather have my ticket on the left arm. But con laws are con laws, so I got my ticket way too tight on my right arm.
We found Jäätynyt Enkeli (who went casual but had a g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s hat) and Sairu-chan (who was cosplaying as geiko!Chizuru from Hakuouki, and awmaiglehrb she was so pretty ;A; ). Or maybe they found us. Hihi. We exchanged a few words but quickly went to change into cosplay. In other words, we locked ourselves in one of the big bathrooms, took out our needed stuff and then I headed for the other big bathroom on the second floor. No seeing Okita naked this time... >: Oh well close enough.
Yup, because Shiro Samurai was cosplaying as Okita Souji (this yukata version from when he is bedridden) and I was cosplaying the default version of Yukimura Chizuru, from Hakuouki. Once our cosplays on, our small Hakuouki group was complete! :'D
Oh, right after I changed to cosplay I met with Jordan, who is a friend of Sairu-chan's. We started talking (or more like, I started trying to talk Swedish) but suddenly Shiro Samurai opened the door of the bathroom he was still occupying and he almost dragged me inside, which cut short to my conversation with Jordan. We talked more later though. I helped Shiro Samurai with some stuff and then we went to put our suitcase in the checkroom, which was just across the bathroom. Practical, you say? :'D
First things first: we walked around and checked the Dealer's Hall. I must say that no matter the con, I just love looking through geeky merchandise! And always spend too much cash. I bought a few cool things, including a small gift for my dad. Yup, my dad is geeky too. x) I want to find a present for my mum too! :'D (And yeah, she's also geeky. I have fabulous parents.)
Oh, this is how the Dealer's Hall looked:

We then went to the info desk where Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli signed up for tonight's tournament.
Wait, what? Tournament?
Yup. Skecon had this piece of awesomeness called MarioKart: Double Dash tournament. I have played Double Dash a fair amount in my life and despite not being the best player by far I was interested. But the tournament was in 2vs2 form and I had no one to team up with so I didn't follow. But when Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli signed up, I felt very sorry for whoever would play against them. I have played against them myself and I can tell for sure that they are really good. I can't even compare their gaming skills to mine because we're not on the same level and by far. I thought with a smirk that they had a fair chance to win... but I didn't want to create false hopes so I told myself they would score high but not win. Heheh. 

We walked around some more, chatted with people and had fun, but soon enough it was tournament time! We climbed up the stairs to the first floor, which was quite the challenge for Sairu-chan because of her shoes. I helped her a little. <3

Dem plushies too. <3
A bit before 19:00 we entered the arena where the battle would take place, and there could only be one winner - the last one standing.
... No, really. We went into the gaming room where the tournament would take place and there would be two winners - the best geeky duo!
As the clock ticked toward the fateful hour, preparations were made. Chairs were moved, a familiar cube was plugged in and the well-known MarioKart sounds filled the room as controllers were tested. Everything was soon ready.
And here it started! The first round was played on Mushroom Cup, and Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli made their way through their game no problem. It was very entertaining to watch! And I'm telling you, these bros can drive karts. From the beginning the atmosphere was very good, geeky and friendly. There were no bad losers, no rage, it was very comfy. There was tension in the air though, and after the first round Shiro Samurai showed me that his hands were shaking. And he looked at me with dem eyes. And he cosplays Okita really well. Guess who got fangirl feels? The red on my cheeks was blush by the way. Only innocent make-up. Really.

First victory
Sairu-chan went to buy some coke and I shared a bottle with Shiro Samurai, who had switched to nervous!Okita. Jäätynyt Enkeli wasn't exactly relaxed either. XD
Second round came and it was time for Flower Cup stages. This was harder and for a moment I got very scared that they would lose. Sure, I was trying to tell myself that they wouldn't win, but I was still crossing my fingers for them to go a bit farther than this. But they made it and this second victory sent them to the semi-final. Things were getting really serious here! And really nervous... hi hi hi.
Semi-final meant Star Cup, and with the stages becoming more difficult, I was also becoming more nervous. I was totally in the mood and I really wanted Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli to win! I wanted to cheer for them but kept quiet because everybody knows this... thou shalt not disturb a playing geek. Yeah. One does not simply break a gamer's concentration. I was kind of happy I wasn't the one playing, especially at this moment because they played Sherbet Land - and this stage hates me all it can. I do it the favor back too, I can't play through it properly more often than not. But I also had a smirk on my face because unlike me, Shiro Samurai likes Sherbet Land a lot, and he drives through it like he's taking a stroll. Poor adversaries.

Semi-final on Mushroom City
This time again, the other team was defeated and I could barely believe that Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli were going for the final! I was getting really excited at this point and I couldn't wait to see the end of this!
The final was played on the "best five": starting with the hardest stage the game has to offer, a.k.a Rainbow Road, every following stage would be chosen by the losing team. Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli won on Rainbow Road and made it seem so easy that I felt the letters N-O-O-B burn my forehead only watching them. XD The losing team picked Bowser's Castle as the following and I was snickering again, this one being Jäätyny Enkeli's favorite. I knew from the moment Bowser's Castle was picked that they would win again - and they did!

Final - Bowser's Castle
The third stage turned out to be a comeback of Sherbet Land, and a comeback of victory for the geeky duo! At this point the adversary team just gave up because they no longer had a chance to win. :'D
Yup, you got me right.
VICTORYYYYYY! <3 Why can't I have blinking pink here?

We hugged one another in joy and stayed in the happy victory mood for quite a while. It was very warming to see them win and I was genuinely happy for them! I've seen these two play several times and they fully deserve the first place. It's even better because Double Dash is this kind of awesome game that is nostalgy-inducing but that you still play every now and then. It doesn't stop being good even if you beat the computer ten times over. But it felt very rewarding that Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli won because they have spent manymanymanymanymany hours on Double Dash and they acquired quite the skill. 
Congratulations, bros! <3

After this we slowly floated our way to the cafeteria, on our pink victory and feels-good-man! cloud. We settled round a table on the first floor. I shared some cookies and Shiro Samurai and I ate our sandwiches that we had made for the bus trip. Not the best sandwiches ever but oh well, we were hungry. x) I went to buy coffee because I hadn't had any in forever and I had serious tiredness and withdrawal syndrome going on. Of course I had had coke shortly before that but the amount of caffeine in coke is barely sufficient to keep me alive.

After the not-so-fresh sandwiches, cookies and coffee (what you mean, "con diet"?), it was finally time for us to go shoot! 

Cosplayers: Shiro Samurai (Okita Souji) and Hasakitsuki (Yukimura Chizuru)
Photographers: Sairu-chan and Jäätynyt Enkeli

He's mine! >8( eiku


Dat ochimizu.
 We were tired and hungry again after the photoshoot so we went back to the cafeteria for some tea and the famous Skecon toasts, with everything on it including pizza spice. I mean, this thing is surprisingly good in a toast. <3 The tea & toast break was very comfy! But even if we were no longer hungry, we were still very tired and the clock was nearing one in the morning... We decided it was time to sleep, for once.

Cafeteria menu. (What you mean, geek's food?)
While we were at the cafeteria though, the midnight rave began with very loud con music. It wasn't bad because it was J-pop and the like, but it was a bit too loud for me and I was much too tired to join the rave. I can't dance for my life, either, so I'm not too fond of this kind of party. Oh, and one does not simply dance with hakama on. x)

We went to shower in the hidden showers on the first floor I don't want common showers... and since I took forever because I was trying not to flood the whole bathroom, Jäätynyt Enkeli and Sairu-chan left before us to the sleeping accommodation.
Before we left though we went to check the karaoke room; a familiar melody was coming from there, sung over and over again in different languages... Yup, the Pokémon song. It was so beautiful in Finnish... And ever since this evening I've wanted to sing it in French but I'm too shy. >:
Shiro Samurai and I strolled our way to the gymnastic hall that had been made into Skecon's sleeping accommodation; it was the same building than last year so I could just let him guide me. It was sweet, before my brain had molten into jam and I have bad vision at night (even though it doesn't really get dark in summer here). We made it to the sovsal, a.k.a sleeping accommodation and I took out my brand new metapod sleeping bag. It was fairly cold but I didn't feel it... until I started trying to sleep. I was freezing all night and woke up several times, half of them because of the cold and the other half because Shiro Samurai, who was sleeping next to me, was kicking me in the butt. >: At one point I saw him wake up and even though he didn't say anything I assumed he was cold, so I zipped my metapod open and used it as a blanket for both of us.


Our alarms rang at eight. We crawled out of the "bed" (air mattress + blankets + my dear and dark blue metapod). None of us had slept too well because of the cold, except maybe Sairu-chan. She had slept on the floor in the company of her own sleeping bag, Pinkpod. This thing is fabulous.
Oh well. Shiro Samurai and I walked to the con first, wearing "normal" outfits. I still had a geeky T-shirt I had bought in Animecon last year, huehuehue. Once at the con, we showed our wristbands and headed for the cafeteria because we were starving. I went to order food; basically, we had pies for breakfast. Veggie pie for me. And Shiro Samurai had plenty of broccoli on his. Well, pies are good and I like vegetables so I was fine with it. And our pies were surprisingly good! I bought coffee too, because needs.

You spin me right round, baby right round... no.
Sir, your pie.
 Oh, and we were really laggy. Really braindead. It showed.

Walrus on drugs, anyone? 8D
We walked around after this, still only Shiro Samurai and I. We had decided to wait before putting on cosplays because the Vocaloid concert was kinda late and raisins had jumped into our eye sockets to replace the eyeballs. *sigh* Oh well, we went to the Dealer's Hall where I bought more awesome stuff, namely a plushie.

We then climbed the stairs to the first floor, pretty fast because Shiro Samurai needed to go to the bathroom like 3, 2, 1 NOW. While he took his time in there I walked to the nearby karaoke room and mentioned to the people there that I could sing the Pokémon song... in French. They played it but I didn't sing because I was waiting for Shiro Samurai - I wanted him to take picture proofs of me singing in French. (And all the Pokémon geeks know that the French version is bad... really bad.) But he wasn't coming, so I texted him, only to discover that he had ran away to the aikido display outdoors. Traitor. >:
I went to join him though and I bumped into Jordan, who was also watching the aikido. We talked for a little while, but then I went to sit next to Shiro Samurai. Watching the aikido guys was awesome, it gave me feels! It was a strong reminder of seeing my mum practice - yup, she trains aikido. I told you she's fabulous. But I really love aikido because it's based on self-defense. It looks like the best way to defeat someone who wants to hurt you. And it's very impressive to watch. All my thumbs up for the aikidoka! :'D

After this we decided it was time to go put on cosplays. The clock was past twelve so we went to pick up some stuff we had in the suitcase that was in the checkroom and switched to cosplay mode. :'D My cosplay for the day was an original schoolgirl version of Vocaloid MEIKO, so I was part of a small Vocaloid group along with Shiro Samurai as kimono!Gakupo, Jäätynyt Enkeli as casual!Len and Sairu-chan as "Am I human?" Luka. I thought that we wouldn't be the only Vocaloid group because c'mon, the concert was tonight! But no, there was no Miku army running around... We saw a Miku on Friday and someone wearing a wig for Rin Kagamine on Sunday, but that was about it. And here I thought Folkparken would be taken over by Vocaloids during the week-end. O_o
We met Sairu-chan and Jäätynyt Enkeli again, who had also changed into cosplay. We trolled around for a while and later on we agreed that it was time for food. We walked to Korvgubben, which is close by, and had some unhealthy food, namely burgers and fries... Hahahah con diet again. I must say the food wasn't especially good... Or more like, I was hoping for something tastier. It wasn't bad, but pretty bland. And my burger had too much jalapeno so I couldn't eat these in the end. Blörgh. Oh, and too much food. I ate as much as possible but I still had to leave some. So guess if I was pretty filled when we rolled back to the con? :'D
We took it easy at the con, waiting for the mega-food effect to pass a little. Later (around 4 in the afternoon),Shiro Samurai and I went outside again, this time for the kyudo display! I've always thought kyudo is really epic with these huge bows, but I was way too shy to try shooting. Especially because I have horrible aim with pretty much anything, except maybe a shotgun. I mean, I can miss an easy target even with a crossbow. So I was convinced that kyudo definitely wasn't for me and when the sensei asked me if I wanted to shoot, I said no because I didn't want to kill anyone.
Shiro Samurai went to shoot though and I took a lot of pics! He looked very good with a bow, especially since he was wearing formal kimono and all. But his sleeves got in the way every time he fired.
I watched and took pics, talked with Jordan when they randomly popped up with friends and chilled. I was surprisingly cold though, like it was ridiculous. I had to stand in the sun or I would get goosebumps all over. When the kyudo display was over or almost, the sensei asked me again if I wanted to try shooting. He also said I had the "right clothes", a.k.a school uniform because Japanese people often do kyudo as a school activity, heheh. Shiro Samurai encouraged me and I finally agreed to give it a try, although I was nervous! I fired a few arrows and had one touch the target... board... thing (outside the target rings though)... and 4 touch the tree. The sensei commented that I didn't like trees, so I went to apologize to the poor tree I had pierced with holes.

Immah loading mah bow.
Aiming... like a spurgu
It's shooting tajm! 8)
le hole in the tree. poor thing
I'm sorry tree! :'( feat. hair antennas
There was some kendo going on right next to the place that had served for the kyudo display, so Shiro Samurai ran to it. I stayed with him, watched and took pics and was amazed by how amazing he looked. It was also funny because the sensei had gone a slightly different training so he got quite the surprise when Shiro Samurai attacked him much faster than he was used to. He had a scary killer glare too... what you mean, he should have cosplayed Okita?
Ehem. At one point while Shiro Samurai was doing all the kata over again, Jäätynyt Enkeli and Sairu-chan came to find us to say that they would go buy some food. I wouldn't have minded going with them but I wanted to keep taking pics and admire my Okita cosplaying as Gakupo so I passed.
When the kendo sensei left, Shiro Samurai and I went back inside to buy a drink. Some people were playing random outdoor games btw, but I didn't join. I bought a ramune bottle (melon flavor) and shared it with Shiro Samurai, it was good! And no trolling opening system this time, we had experience from Desucon. One day we will master all the ramune bottles.
I also bought some candy-ish snack from the Dealer's Hall because I was hungry and the cafeteria was closed. >: Oh well it was strawberry flavor and funny. We had found Jäätynyt Enkeli and Sairu-chan on a couch near the entrance so we lagged a little there, and then headed for the main event of this con. Yup, the Vocaloid concert was about to start!
Every Skecon attendant was there so we could only sit on the stairs. It wasn't crammed because the building is pretty roomy. :'D It was dark, and suddenly a holographic Miku appeared on the stage and started speaking Japanese, OMG! <3 I'm not a mega Miku fan but I like her design, such humanly impossible cuteness. She started singing and dancing and the animation was amazing! And she looked real too! I forgot several times that she was a hologram. After her came Gumi and Luka and the Kagamine twins, plus another Vocaloid whom I didn't recognize... and Rosu.
Rosu is this super-cute fox girl who is Skecon's mascot; I was very surprised to see her dance but it also made me very happy! I got my feels okay. ;A; <3 I'm absolutely not dreaming of cosplaying Rosa, no no... The only thing I was "meh" about with the concert is that there was no Kaito or Gakupo or MEIKO... but oh well, this was to be expected. And Rosu made up for it. <3
Have some concert pics!

Miku! SHE IS REAL! ;A.
Rosu on the right. <3
Oh, and in the beginning of the concert a random guy popped up and gave us free glowsticks! It was a very good surprise and soon enough everyone had at least one glowstick, which made the concert more colorful and fabulous!

 After the concert we went to photoshoot our Vocaloid cosplays. I have exactly one serious picture to share, one gif and then let the famous Skecon derps roll in. :'D

Cosplayer: Hasakitsuki (original schoolgirl!MEIKO)
Photographer (and gif-maker): Shiro Samurai

And here come our derps! Warning for creepy faces. XD

Len wants dem glowsticks. Tasty.
HOPPBORG RAGE!! (I will explain, don't worry.)
My smile looks weird, you say? 8D
Drunk squirrel?
Luka approves.
Once we were done shooting we headed for the hoppborg, a.k.a bouncy castle but didn't jump because Shiro Samurai couldn't join us. His cosplay was likely to tear, and it had too many layers to jump in anyway.
(Hoppborg rage explanation.) We stayed close by and chased away the annoying kids who can go in ANY hoppborg without paying, and WE can't go because of age limit... And they went into the hoppborg just like this despite the sign reading "Skecon attendants only". It really pissed me off. Kids think that just because they're kids, all hoppborgs belong to them! And we payed our Skecon ticket, we payed for our hoppborg because we can't go in any random one, and then they come and jump in it. RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Oh well. Some other congoers kept us company and we exchanged jokes and randoms. At one point this random glasses guy wanted us to join the dark side, and Sairu-chan joined him. Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli refused to join the dark side, regardless the free cookie that would be offered. I hesitated but finally joined too... FEAR US.

We are the bad guys, muahahahahahahah! :'D
Yup. We went back inside after a while and sank on the couches near the staircase. Sairu-chan had taken off her boots because her feet were hurting. It was seemingly very bad so I took a look and saw to my horror that the soles of her feet were covered in blisters. It must have hurt really much and I was surprised she could even walk. ;^; I happened to have special plasters for blisters so I ran to the checkroom to get them and then did my best to treat Sairu-chan's feet. She had such a bad case that I used up all my plasters. I'm very happy I could help her! <3

Heal Luka plz ;_;
After the healing feet episode, we all agreed on this: we were hungry. And hunger + Skecon can only result in one thing when the derp level is so high...

Hmmmmmmyeah. This is my version of the legendary, glorious, gorgeous picture that you can find if you scroll down this post. ;) Oh, and there is a very good explanation of the origins of the TOAST. NOW. legend in Shiro Samurai's summary too. Seriously, go check it out it's really worth it. ;)
So we went to order some toast and tea and I helped Sairu-chan because she has problems with Swedish. I'm not the best at Swedish either but I can manage some communication. We were served by an awesomely pretty maid.

Much wow. :D

Oh, the cafeteria also had this:

"Give tips, make Rosu happy!!" this is cute
While we were eating our toasts, the "mystery" event that was to take place at 23:00 happened and it was a candy shower! I didn't go to get candy though because there were many people... and toasts cool down, heh. We lagged a bit after eating our toasts, and soon enough we decided it was time to go sleep. We went to shower upstairs and headed for the sleeping accommodation, not exactly delighted to sleep in this cold again. I was cold even in my metapod, dammit! I gave my screaming pink blanket to Shiro Samurai again (like yesterday) and we slept almost well. :)


We woke up at 8:30 and OH the lag. It was bad. I zombie'd my way to the bathroom, put on clothes and then tried to wake Shiro Samurai up. When he took off his earplugs after several pokes, I told him to wake up and he mumbled something I didn't understand. I put my metapod/blanket over him because well, it was still very cold in here and I thought he'd need to warm up a little before getting up. Then I tried to communicate again but couldn't understand anything to his answers - and then only it hit me. He wasn't mumbling sleepily - he was mumbling sleepily in Finnish. I grinned when I realized this, and said I didn't speak Finnish. Then he stared at me and facepalmed beautifully. 
Explanation: it was dark and the only light source was in my back, so with this and his raisin eyes, he couldn't see my face and he thought I was Sairu-chan. Sorry but no. XD
When we were sort-of-awake, we deflated our mattress and packed our stuff. We then headed to the nearby Coop, carrying and dragging a mountain of stuff with us. We bought some only sugary provisions for the trip back, and then headed to the con.
When we reached Folkparken I got a brutal reminder of what Shiro Samurai had said earlier: a market would be held just in front of Folkparken on Sunday. So we had to go through a sea of people and stuff and I started feeling bad. I really have problems with being in a crowd, I get anxious. I felt better when we entered the building though.
There, Shiro Samurai and I had our breakfast pies again. They're good! I took the veggie one and he wanted the broccoli one but it was out of stock so he got to try a different one. I went to microwave them but only one of the three machines was working... and I wasn't the only one who wanted warm food, so I had to wait like 15mn for my pie. :'( And the line for the microwaves was growing...
Well. Eventually I got my pie and I think the people working in the cafeteria also fixed the microwave problem. I drank my coffee, which was cold by then... meh.
We went to put on our ~SSL~ cosplays and I really don't know what happened but for the first time in the history of cosplay, I took longer than Shiro Samurai! by at least two minutes? Oh well, Sairu-chan was with us as SSL!Senhime and Jäätynyt Enkeli was Ishida Matt from Digimon. Of course, Shiro Samurai was Okita, schoolboy version. Aaaah senpai why you so handsome? ;A;
Ehem. When we went outside, the hoppborg was standing tall and proud! But it was surrounded with kids, without the Skecon band of course. And parents who couldn't read the "Skecon attendants only" sign. I felt all the rage come back in me and if I had been a dragon, I would have breathed fire on the FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU kids.  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
But we tried to ignore the rage for the time being and focused on photoshooting.

Cosplayers: Sairu-chan (SSL!Senhime), Hasakitsuki (SSL!Chizuru), Shiro Samurai (SSL!Okita)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai & Jäätynyt Enkeli

During our photoshoot, someone working for Skecon suddenly appeared (she came running, not teleporting) and said that Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli had won something. I was as surprised as them and I stayed with Sairu-chan while the guys ran inside to get their sur-prize. (I know my puns suck, okay. ;^; ) Meanwhile, Jordan and one of their friends found us but we didn't talk for very long. Some shady circumstances brought an incredibly sexy and fabulous picture in Sairu-chan's mind... must cosplay this one day. Huehuehue.
It didn't take long before Shiro Samurai and his brother came back, holding their prizes - trophies. Golden trophies. It was the prize for winning the MarioKart: Double Dash tournament! Along with present cards for a gaming store! Amazing! ;A; I was delighted to see them so happy about having a proof of their victory, they can be super proud of their skill! <3

Shiro Samurai's trophy! feat. Okita plushie ~
Caught in the trophy euphoria, we didn't realize that something terrible was going on - and when we turned around, it was too late. Fate had given its last sentence on us, taking advantage of our distraction. One second things were all right but the next second, it was all over. Our hope and joy vanished into thin air as we helplessly watched this destruction...

The hoppborg taken down. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!
For the next Skecon, remember: wear hoppborg-friendly cosplays. ;_; Poor thing... 
There was nothing we could do about it; the hoppborg couldn't be saved. With sad faces and remaining rage against the kids (who were the cause for the hoppborg deflated!), we went back inside. The con was drawing to an end, so before it closed we went to the cafeteria one last time. Shiro Samurai and I bought some rosehip soup, and the cafeteria people said we could take the whole bowl if we wanted. I guess they were trying to get rid of it before Skecon closes. Well, we shared our soup and took several free re-fills, awww yeah!

It's good okay. ;^;
But soon it was time for us to go get our luggage so we went to the checkroom before it closed. We packed our stuff, cramming as much as possible into the suitcase. Which lead to problems when we needed to close it.

Senpai, sit on the suitcase. >:
After quite the struggle, we managed to close it! We still had plenty of bags to carry so we tried to get one of the con workers to drive us to the bus station. But the guy seemingly forgot about it so we waited for him in like forever... meanwhile, Shiro Samurai went to photoshoot a Zabuza cosplayer (from Naruto). Dat sword he had. O_o
Eventually we left the building - and that was the end of Skecon for this year! I was sad it was over but I remember it as one of my absolute best cons. I want Skecon again next week please! Please? <3 If only...
Oh well, we got a ride to the bus station, generously offered by a friend of Jäätynyt Enkeli's. Yay! Once there, we checked the bus time, saw that we had more than one hour molding time before our bus comes... :') So we just crossed the street and went to eat in this Chinese restaurant that was miraculously placed here. We shared our food because one dish is a lot of food for just one person... and sharing is cheaper. And allows you to take a dessert because you aren't so full that you can only roll your way out of there, heheh.
Obligatory food picture feat. derp face:

Such gurka. Wow.
The food was very good, and soon enough we walked back to the bus station to mold for a while. I was very tired and I dozed off, to be woken up by my senpai (a.k.a Shiro Samurai) when the bus was about to come, oops. I'm sorry senpai!
Our bus was super-filled so we got to sit in first class, which we were kicked out of as soon as people left the bus. Hmm-mm. Our journey back went without problems, except that we were toasting to hell and back for half the trip at least. >: And when we walked back home we were eaten alive by mosquitos. As ever.

But Skecon was an amazing experience! I'm very happy about my first Swedish con, and I really want it again, please. <3 It was super comfy and very entertaining, and simply filled with awesome! A big thank you to everyone for a great con! :'D
I'll be rolling to Finland for Oulun Animeseminaari next, so see you guys there! Bye-bye! <3


You thought you'd get away like this?


Random con pic, because I forgot to put it somewhere else. :')
...I like climbing okay? and flying skirts
Glowsticks leekspin! 8'D Yeah I cracked in the end.